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We call each other usually by our first names. However, I'm with the poster that didn't really have a preference. I don't like being called honey, sweetie or anything else like that!!

Our doctors are very good actually referring to us by first names, since we call them by first names also.

I will say the only word that absolutely makes my blood boil is to be called a c*&t by my clientele (er).


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Just ask your coworkers. If they know you care enough to ask, they probably won't be offended by what you call them.


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I too prefer the collective term "guys".

Women sounds standoffish, Ladies can be nice, but often it tends to add to sexism.

Personally, I prefer to be addressed as Brandy :) I HATE when someone calls me "Nurse Brandy", as it reminds me of some old black and white movie where nurses are depicted as handmaidens. and I also dont like to be called Ms. Leake (my last name). Ms. Leake is my grandmother, its not me :)

i applaud you for asking for opinions! Actually, I dont really care how I am refered to, because I will pay much more attention to the TONE OF VOICE that I am responding to rather than the word you used to refer to me :) As long as your vocal tone is appropriate and friendly, then you shouldnt have much to worry about :)


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I agree with Nurse4kids and BrandyBsn in that:

1. If they'll be offended (or offensive) they will be


2. The tone is more important than the term


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i would have to say "guys" is my favorite as well. however being from tx. i have to throw a ya'll in there every now and then.


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i call my coworkers chickies or chickie or i add "poo" at the end of their names...bobbypoo.. they know im just kidding. i dont care what they call me.

my favorite term of endearment for me by patients is...

"YOU ****ING *****"

i say

"yeah thats what they all say"


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We can call each other 'girls' you can't. :D

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I dont know. I just refer to everybody as Yall. I leave guys,gals,whatever out. Just plain old yall.

Yall hear what im Im saying

from deep in the heart of Texasss



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I really don't care, I'm young so girls is acceptable, but probably not if I was older & ladies sounds kind of old!

I work with an older man who always greets me with "hey girl" in a tone that makes me want to respond with "yo, what up" or something...but since he has a teenage son I think he's just trying to be "cool" to me since I'm younger, although not a teenager??! After a while it just makes me laugh. :rolleyes:

I usually use the safe "guys" around work.


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Hate to be called Honey, or sweetie by a man

Hate to be called "chick"

Hate to be called "girl"

Absolutely hate to be called Maam'!

Wouldn't mind, women, ladies, or even you guys


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I'm origionally from Delaware and tend towards y'all, too. When I was in school, one of the guys (see!), would call us gals. Any one else would have gotten clocked by most of us, but he was a great guy! I think it mostly depends on who's saying it and how. I, too, can't stand the "dear", "sweetie" stuff. There's only ONE person who can call me that and we've been together nearly 4 years now...

Oh, you know what's funny, tho? If a latino calls me "mami", I don't mind. That's just a generic thing and rolls off me now...

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Originally posted by blondie

I've been bit, scratched, thrown up on, told exactly where to shove my pills, etc. As long as you show up on time to relieve me, I'm not going to make a deal of it, either.


I am just one of those hey you kind of people.........learn my name and use it, but if you say hey, hey you, hey guys, gals, nurse and or Hi, I am from Publisher's Clearing House and you are a winner of our$$$$$$$$$$$$$

:p :p :p micro takin on the world

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