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Hi i know this is going to be a wierd question. I am a male asian and am looking to go into the nursing field. My parents heads are back in the 50's and once i told them that i wanted to do... Read More

  1. by   Nurse2bSandy
    I live in Hawaii... most nurses are asian... I'm the minority being caucasian. I'm currently in school and like has been said here, most students are women, but we do have some guys and none are caucasian.
    Why do you want to go into nursing? Do you feel a strong calling? If so, then I'd say that nursing is the place you need to be regardless of race or gender.
  2. by   Paprikat
    I work with several female Filipino RN's and many Filipino care aides. All I can say is these people are the most patient and kind caregivers I have ever worked with. They also keep me well fed with yummy Filipino food.....
  3. by   pinoyrn
    I am male, Asian and I am also a nurse. I work in surgery with two other male (Caucasian) nurses and the rest of the team are female nurses. There are several male nurses in PACU, 3 I believe. I am the only Asian nurse in my unit. My parents were thrilled when I told them I wanted to become a nurse.

    Good luck to you. Nursing is a great profession and I wish you the best.

  4. by   pinoyrn
    In San Francisco, where I used to live, I worked with two other male Asian nurses, one of whom is my best friend.
  5. by   JNJ
    Will the original poster please define exactly what he is thinking of when he states, 'Asian?' This may have different meanings according to what country/part of the country one comes from.

  6. by   Scavenger'sWife
    No Asians here, but for some weird reason, we seem to attract Africans. I have had 5 or 6 male LPN nursing students on my floor at the hospital.

    Go for it.......you will love it and hopefully your parents will change their minds when they see how happy YOU are doing important work that is fulfilling. Good luck.
  7. by   MJ-12
    Originally posted by JNJ
    Will the original poster please define exactly what he is thinking of when he states, 'Asian?' This may have different meanings according to what country/part of the country one comes from.


    When i stated Asian i guess i should have stated "chinese, japanese, and koren"

    But so far reading from this BB it seems that most the asians that are nurses are Filipino.
    Oh yea and if you could please state that city and state you live at, that would help me get a better picture.

    I'm from New York and am chinese
  8. by   happystar
    I understand how you feel. I'm an Asian too (chinese to be precise and living in Australia) and i went straight from high school in nursing. Parents can be difficult, i understand that. Had heaps of fights with my dad before i started the degree and even after i started studying, there was still no agreement between us. It just sort of became a taboo subject but at least we're at peace now. I'm a chinese female so i can imagine how difficult your circumstances are being an asian male.

    I've actually just started studying nursing and i can tell you that out of the 150 or so nursing students in my university. About 25 of them are asians, most of which are predominantly chinese (me being one of them). Out of these 25 people, 3 of them are males.

    Hope that helps.
  9. by   happystar
    I should add that, the 150 nursing students are the ones in first year, not the whole university.
  10. by   JNJ
    Thanks for the clarification; it was worth asking you because as an ex UK RN I am thinking ?indian when you wrote 'asian.' Most of the male RNs I have known have been indian - rare enough given the culture many of these came from, but I suspect they had similar background issues to the ones you are facing.

    I've worked three continents and three states (IL, WI, CA) but do not recall a chinese/korean/japanese male RN, although quite a few female of each over the past 15 years.

    Go for it if that is where your heart is leading you. When your family see you making a good living, doing something kind and ethical, I suspect they will change their approach to you. Don't waste time fighting with them now; show them later how you were right. Good Luck.
  11. by   nurseygrrl
    I think you should do what you want regardless of your age or race...who cares? You only have one life to live!
  12. by   dawngloves
    I live in Philadelphia and I work with two Asian women, Korean I think. I have worked with countless Fillipino RNs.
    You are in a tough place my friend and I wish you all the luck in the world!
  13. by   pinoyrn
    Filipino, West Palm Beach, Florida. The two male Asian nurses I worked with in San Francisco, California are of Chinese and Burmese descent.