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Yesterday, I had lunch (Yes! actually sat down and had lunch for a full 30-min!) with my manager, who had just returned from a 2-day manager's retreat at a luxury resort a 2-hour chartered bus ride... Read More

  1. by   CHATSDALE
    squeaky wheel gets the grease

    start squeaking
  2. by   Simplepleasures
    Quote from Angie O'Plasty, RN
    Trudy, I disagree that "we did it to ourselves."

    Sadly, we're the last ones to realize that we really are the employees; they are the employers.

    In other words, as long as we work for them, they can continue to do whatever they want.

    Since this thread was started in 2001, yes, it's still relevant--the raise I got last year was wasted on my health insurance costs as our hospital changed providers--but the fact of the matter is, because we are not our own employers, we are not really autonomous.

    We work for them; they call the shots. The End.
    NO, NO, NO, Its NOT the end! Only if you are complacent or too scared its the end. Isnt this what UNIONS were created for, that we should not be victims of someones GREED?If something is not worth fighting for its not worth having.
  3. by   Batman24
    Not a nurse but in the process os prereqs. Just curious if most nurses are in a union. If not, would you want to be in one?! I am not too clear on how they work, but thought perhaps they would help some of you out. My guess would be that hospitals frown upon them, but that isn't based on any knowledge on my part just gut.
  4. by   CraigB-RN
    At one point in my career I actually thought about getting an MBA/MS Hosp Admin. I remember getting told that in the medical world, salaries are sometimes based on how much reimbursment people get. Nurses dont' generate remibursment. PT', OT, Resp, and others actually generate measureble revenue, hence the increased pay for them and the relativly low amount that nurses get.
  5. by   sister--*
    Yep, saw that one first hand.

    Filled-in at a very sm. off-site clinic owned by our facility when an unscheduled D.O.T. exam came through the doors. Okay, so where are the forms? No one knew. Turned-out there were none at this site. Consequently, the Doc had to turn the D.O.T. exam down.

    Oh, the moaning that was heard for days. Poor guy kept going on and on about the lost revenue that would have been put toward his yearly total and how it would affect his next yrs. contract negotiations.

    What an eye opener that was for me!

    Let's see...an in-patient with an assigned nurse=$$$$ An in-patient with NO nurse. Hmmm, "POOF", bye, bye revenue!
  6. by   anouk
    I've often thought about this very topic, seeing that I am a nursing student as well as a former teacher. I think that the reason why nurses aren't payed more is because it is a female dominated occupation. Fields that have a lot of women, traditionally make less money than male dominated careers. Hince the fact that bus drivers in NY make about 60,000.00 a year, while beginning teachers make about 39,000.00. (I'm not saying that bus drivers don't have a hard job !)
    Because women are seen as nurturing by nature (and we know that is not always true), fields that women tradtionally enter, are seen as a natural extention of women's abilities. The question becomes how do we get society to monetarily value what is traditionally seen as women's work?
  7. by   HealingHands327
    :roll By injecting more men into a women dominated profession !