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Ok this is not a cut down in any way, shape or form on the site. I think Brian has done an excellent job with it, and I like it alot. This is just a curiousity question? I have a few reasons, but... Read More

  1. by   Ted
    I see that this thread has been around for several months.

    I come to this site to keep up to date with nursing and healthcare issues, to vent, to have fun, and occassionally to share an opinion.

    Ted Fiebke
  2. by   enemaplus2
    i came to learn. When i cease to learn, i should give up nursing. love sandy
  3. by   Dplear
    gee...I came for the free food and stayed for the show....LOL

    I actually come here several times a day to see what people are saying. I am a vouyer at heart I guess. I originally came here to see the sight after seeing a banner on another sight. I beiong a very conservative person in a "liberal" field ( I use this term as a generality) often find amusing some of the posts and views of some nurses that do not share my beliefs. BUT I DO RESPECT their views, and I will always defend to the last drop of my blood thier right to have those views (even if I think they are wrong) Plus the humor section is GREAT
  4. by   BBnurse34
    I come to this site because, it is starting to feel like home.... But since joining I get mega perverted adds in my email.. Any one else notice that?
  5. by   P_RN
    All of the above.

    I also go to the Mass. General Neurology boards for my "little neuro problem."

    It's nice, however, to be able to say in one sentence to another nurse what would take a paragraph or two to say to a "layman."

    I think Brian Short has done a teriffic job here. I like being able to read/participate in discussions with differing opinions and having folks say they respect what *I* feel with no bashing and flaming.

    You guys are pretty darned great.

  6. by   Goofball
    Originally posted by BBnurse34
    I come to this site because, it is starting to feel like home.... But since joining I get mega perverted adds in my email.. Any one else notice that?
    YES, BBNurse34, I HAVE noticed! But I never would have connected it with this site. It just started happening..
  7. by   Brian
    Just for the record, allnurses.com has no connection with perverted e-mails or any form of SPAM or unsolicited commercial e-mails. We pride ourselves in respecting our users privacy and keeping their e-mail addresses private.

    These days, it is next to impossible to avoid getting SPAM e-mails and it is even more impossible to isolate or associate the e-mail with any particular website.

  8. by   P_RN
    There are (evil) programs out there that surf the web and collect e-mail addresses for the SPAM-meisters.

    If for ANY reason you feel you have to post your e-address then put something in the middle with instructions to remove it in order to send.

    comment: remove the NOSPAM to e-mail me

    And use a filter on your email program. I like the outlook express program for my hotmail address. They both have excellent filters. I get very little SPAM.
  9. by   debbyed

    To talk with other nurses, share up's and down's

    To Vent

    To learn of new policies, bills and laws that might affect my practice


    To both give and receive suggestions

    To Vent

    To feel confortable

    When I Vent

    This site just feels like home
  10. by   CEN35
    Based on the last post...........too vent clearly wins!!!!!
  11. by   NinaC
    I come to this site because I sometimes find it amusing...some of the spats that the nurses get into are the same spats I notice happening in my workplace....The best thing I have noticed is that some of the members here have the same exact personality that my co-workers have.........
  12. by   nursenel
    I come here because it's difficult to talk with a lay person re: nursing issues. I don't want to scare them away!!! LOL I get info and ideas and find out what's going on in other parts of the world in nursing. I also vent , at times. Nice place.
  13. by   debbyed
    Is having the exact personality of your co-workers a good thing, or a bad thing???