Why do some nurses hate it in others pump at work? - page 9

I was working tonight, when a traveler nurse literally walked off the floor when she was asked to watch out for another nurse while she stepped away to pump. There were words exchanged and pretty... Read More

  1. by   JBudd
    Quote from TruvyNurse
    I'm 100 percent pro breastfeeding. I understand the nurse was frustrated but to walk off the floor is a little dramatic. I had pumping issues and always warned my nurses I'd pump 3 times in a 12.5 hour shift every 4 hours. It would take 30 minutes. Obviously I'd adjust my schedule to help out if we got admits etc. Also I would run errands for my coworkers patients in appreciation for their understanding of my need to pump. I also pumped in an office right off the floor so if I heard a code or whatever I could quickly stop and run to help.
    Yes, but you see, people like you aren't the problem. People who refuse to consider the needs of the unit or their coworkers are.