why are you a nurse?

  1. I'm filling out my application right now for January of 04 and one of the questions on it is "Why do you want to be a nurse". There are sooo many reasons why I want to be a nurse, but I can't put all of them in a small paragraph (2 to 3 sentences). Can you guys give me some reasons why you are a nurse. What did you put on your application or say at your interview or write on your essay. Thanks a bunch!!!!

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  3. by   luvbug
    you will probably want to try something that will sum up the million reasons in just a few sentences. something like how gratifying it is to take care of people who need you, who appreciate you and look to you for guidance, etc. Mostly, though, that it is self-fulfilling to do the best you can for your patients. I hope that helps
  4. by   PJMommy
    Check out the school's mission or value statement. Lots of schools and hospitals are looking for tidbits which ascribe to their mission (whether they actually follow their own or not). This may give you an idea on what idea to focus on.
  5. by   live4today
    Initially, I went into the nursing program on a whim because my best girlfriend enticed me into signing up for it. After I got started, I found it very educational and interesting to learn about my body for the first time in my life, and I was a mother of three by the time I started the program.

    I loved what nursing was teaching me about human beings, about being a caregiver, about being a mom, and about all the scientific biological psycho babble that one has to learn to be in the health profession. I LOVED being a student! I was growing in leaps and bounds as a student, and learning things I never thought I could learn before, and I was making excellent grades on top of that so THAT helped! :chuckle

    Then, I graduated and the next challenge was "could I pass the boards?".........First time, yep I did!

    Then came my first job as a REAL NURSE!

    Today, I still find joy and new growth opportunities as a nurse so why quit learning now. I'm sixteen plus years into the biz, and I aint quittin' until it quits me. :chuckle
  6. by   Chrislynn2003
    To me, nursing is a profession that is rewarding and gratifying. Each day brings with it something different and lets you rise to the challenge, not only for yourself, but knowing that you are the person the patient relies on to be trusting, caring and supportive to promote wellness in that patient and their family.

  7. by   Dixen81
    Although I'm presently a student, I am going into nursing because I absolutely truly love people; all sizes, shapes, and colors. For years I have prayed for God to use me to help others in my daily life. I also ask Him to love people through me. I don't have big professional ambitions; being "just a bedside nurse" (as I've heard some people say) is exactly what I want to be. Best wishes!
  8. by   redshiloh
    Tell'em we do it for the fabulous salaries, great benefits and job security!
  9. by   purplemania
    Because I am daily challenged to be the best "me" I am capable of being.
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    Thanks a bunch you guys for all of your post. I really appreciate it. (this is my other sign in name)
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    Originally posted by "Doll"
    Thanks a bunch you guys for all of your post. I really appreciate it. (this is my other sign in name)
    I will remind everyone that using a dual identity is a breach of the Terms of Service. Please read the TOS again if you have any questions.
  12. by   Dinith88
    I wanted to be a nurse so that i could work with a whole lotta chicks!

    (as my wife whips a shoe in my direction... OUCH!... )
  13. by   debralynn
    I have always wanted to be able to help people. It was actually a nurses aide(thats what they use to be called) that inspired me. When I was in the hospital with my hysterectomy, I had an older vetern aide. She was the best. She did things for me, before I even asked. When I decided to go to nursing school after my divorce, I wanted to be just like her. I think I am to some degree. I treat my patients as if I am there room service. I believe I am there just for their comfort. When they leave the hospital, I hope they believe I was one of the best nurses they have ever had. I want to make their stay in the hospital as pleasant as it possible can be. I want to be able to do my best to take away their pain if it is in my scope of ablility.
    Sorry for rambling! But this is what I really try to do.
  14. by   laurasc
    Because I've wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl and can't see myself doing anything else.