Why are nurses the only profession that cannot accept gifts? - page 6

So, the other day, I had a family member who gave me a card as a thank you from the patient, as a sign of appreciation, especially since they knew it would likely be my last time working with her.... Read More

  1. by   Daisy Joyce
    We're not allowed to accept individual gifts, but we can accept something for the floor, like a box of chocolates...
  2. by   hppygr8ful
    When I was doing L&D years ago I had a dad from an ethnicity that highly values boys walk up to me in the parking lot hand me a check for a thousand dollar's saying "Today you have given me a son!" I struggled but ultimately choose not to accept it.

  3. by   OyWithThePoodles
    Become a school nurse, you get ALL THE GIFTS

    When I worked in the hospital I think we could accept gifts that totaled no more than $75 (but I honestly can't be sure). Families would occasionally buy us food/candy for the unit. Sometimes flowers.