Who Is Your Mentor?

  1. Not just in your nursing career but in life. Who is the one person who has mentored or motivated you to do better in life. Who is the one person you can count on to always give you words of encouragement or who can give you an optimistic outlook on things. And what do you do if you don't have anyone like that?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Any person who has a mentor should feel pleasantly blessed. Unfortunately, I do not have anyone as a mentor. Therefore, I remain self-sufficient, and I must continue to stand up on my own two feet. I can honestly say that I have had many obstructionists in my life, but no real mentors. Sometimes I feel cheated, because I was born to a family who generally believes that a college education is purely optional.
  4. by   GingerSue
    I would have to say that there have been several for me, over the years.

    Friends, a sister, a supervisor, a brother.

    When there is no one, I remind myself, that I never used to need one anyway.
  5. by   DaughteroftheKing
    I am absolutely blessed..

    I have the Lord no matter what happens ..

    and he has given me the most AMAZING family .. They actually asked me to live with them while Im in school.. Just to be a blessing to me..

    He is a minister at our church, along with his wife and beautiful children.. and those two I can always seek to find a word of encouragement..

    I truly hope every one of you can have someone as great or better than the mentors I have.. :1luvu:
  6. by   Learning More
    My parents have always believed in me and I have a husband who believes I can do anything. I have also been a mentor for others, helping them choose to see that there are always options and to keep looking for the ones he/she is most comfortable with. Most importantly has been a relationship with Jesus. He has sustained me in the push points in life.
  7. by   nurturing_angel
    First and foremost, I have Jesus who meets my every need.
    Secondly, I have a very large group of siblings and we are all so close its like having a support group for whatever problem comes up. Out of that group of siblings, I have a sister that I can share any secret with and we support each other in all ways. I also have a brother who will help me out every time I need anything.
    Thirdly, my wonderful, sweet, amazing husband. What a lucky streak I was on when I met him.
    I do feel lucky to have the family I have. It makes all the difference in my life.

  8. by   prowlingMA
    Definately my mom- raise 3 kids on her own while going to school and holding down a job, so we could have a better life. She graduated and moved us to a new state on her own where she is now a teacher. Eventually remarried and took on 3 step kids. Has lost 1 step child to suicide, and still has faith , love, and compassion.
  9. by   NurseRotten
    Whenever my feet are pounding as I end a busy 12-hour shift spend continously standing, I am reminded of my older brother who lived through a nearly-fatal motorcycle accident two years ago that resulted in a T4 vertebral fracture that severed his spinal cord taking with it, not only the ability to walk, but his continence, fertility, and a host of other everyday things I previously took for granted. Despite all that, he returned to his full-time career as an engineer just six months later, and has resumed a seeminly "normal" life.

    Everyday he overcomes new challenges presented to him because of his spinal cord injury, and rises above them to live a very active life. In December, he modified a 4-wheeled ATV with a leg strap, hand controls, and additional padding to prevent leg burns so that he can satisfy his need for speed. Last week, when I needed carpentry help, we hoisted him up a flight of stairs so he could help me remodel my master bathroom.

    So, when I feel that a challenges is more than I can ever accomplish, I think of him. He is my inspiration, and he reminds me that my mind is the only thing that will stop me from realizing my dreams.
  10. by   RNrural
    My son is my inspiration. Just like Nurserotten's brother he was injured in a pickup rollover at 21 and broke his neck at the C 6-7 and has been a quad for 6 years. He never says never and goes through every day with a smile on his face even when he is not feeling well. He lives alone and has his Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. He works for a non profit group and helps people with mental disabilities find employment. When I think things are really tough, I remember how hard the simple things are for him yet he never complains. I smile and go on because I have it easy. My son is my inspiration and my biggest cheerleader!
  11. by   anonymurse
    I had one true mentor in the military. They don't make many like that, and of course the chemistry has to be there. I had four when I ran a civic org, one crowd and individual behavior expert, one who knew everything that had ever been done in that org and the results, one legal expert, and one overall heavy hitter. Now I'm trying to identify and cultivate potential nursing mentors. I have one GP in mind who is a magician at quickly and memorably explaining pathophys, how comorbidities interact, and generally what he's thinking, all the possibilities, all the therapies. I need a cardiologist, that will be tough. A pharmacist. An expert in nursecraft (there are three nursing supervisors I'd go to for that kind of wisdom, but I need an everyday one). And I need a crusty old nurse administrator who knows all the tricks and traps in navigating this particular bureaucracy, someone who knows everyone and how they think or react.
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