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  1. NurseRotten

    Song lyrics that remind you of nursing...

    Lately two new songs have been reminding me of nursing: Jordan Sparks' No Air - Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air, no air, no air.... and Leona Lewis' Keep Bleeding You cut me open and I Keep bleeding Keep, keep bleeding love I keep bleeding I keep, keep bleeding love Keep bleeding Keep, keep bleeding love You cut me open For the patient with the highest INR I have ever seen personally, it was 38. No surprise her hemoglobin was 4.2
  2. NurseRotten

    Song lyrics that remind you of nursing...

    Van Morrison - How Long Has This Been Going On
  3. NurseRotten

    Pay in Houston at Baylor Medical Center

    Memorial Hermann Southeast which is located about 7 miles from Bayshore starts Nurse Interns at $22.50 per hour.
  4. NurseRotten

    Any info on west houston medical center.

    If you are seeking a Nurse Internship consider some of the hospitals in the Texas Medical Center in Houston. A number of the hospitals have magnet designation, so you can trust that they are dedicated to nursing. I would also try to interview with Methodist, St. Luke's, and Memorial Hermann before making a final decision. Each of the mentioned hospitals have fantastic internship programs. Don't be so quick to look down on Ben Taub either. The Harris County Hospital District offers excellent learning opportunities for new nurses and have excellent benefits packages.
  5. NurseRotten

    Song lyrics that remind you of nursing...

    For the AMA patients, and those who have had unfortunate complications that made their hospitalization lengthy. Daughtry "Home" I'm staring out into the night, Trying to hide the pain. I'm going to the place where love And feeling good don't ever cost a thing. And the pain you feel's a different kind of pain. Well I'm going home, Back to the place where I belong, And where your love has always been enough for me. I'm not running from. No, I think you got me all wrong. I don't regret this life I chose for me. But these places and these faces are getting old, So I'm going home. Well I'm going home. It reminds me of my brother. He was hospitalized for 3 months after a near-fatal motorcycle accident two years ago. It reminds me of his attitute at the time.
  6. NurseRotten

    Doctors! Rudeness does it go hand and hand?

    Tylenol does not interfere with the culture result. If you have antibiotics to give, the culture should be drawn. I have never heard of withholding Tylenol for pending blood cultures. If you can't get an order for Tylenol, ice packs with do the trick.
  7. NurseRotten

    What is YOUR surgical floor like?

    My Med/Surg Unit 40 beds Ratio 6:1, free charge on days Telemetry We are the catch-all for the whole hospital. Whatever doesn't fit somewhere else gets dumped on us. Bariatrics, ortho-spine surg, COPD, CHF, Pneumonia, AIDS, Sickle-cell, lap choles, drug and etoh detox, post-cath obs, post Pacemakers, uncontrolled diabetes, wounds, hypertensive emergencies, GI bleeds, gyn surgery, you name it, I have cared for it. And, all our nurses float everywhere, including ICU (which I disagree with). Average length of stay is 4.3 days. Most of ours are ambulatory because the high number of drug detoxers and bariatric pts. Which really sucks because then they can walk up to the nurses station to b!tch instead of just staying on the call light. I almost prefer more total care pts because they complain less. Nothing is worse than a drug detoxer that is so sick they are constantly vomiting up their anti-psychotic meds!!!!!!!!!!
  8. NurseRotten

    Song lyrics that remind you of nursing...

    Night Fever by the BeeGees. Or another one that reminds me of Viagra Jump, by VanHalen "I get up... and nothing gets me down."
  9. NurseRotten

    TPAPN:a Four Letter Word?

    That's probably because the Texas BNE was established to protect public health, not the nurses. The orginization's mission is to make sure that each person with a license to practice nursing is competent and safe.
  10. NurseRotten

    the houston dilemma-need your help!!

    I live 26 miles south of downtown Houston and 23 miles North of Houston. Although I live in a the 'burbs, I experience a nice mix of family oriented fun. But there is also plenty of singles nightlife. The Clear Lake area hosts a number of nightclubs and hundreds of restaurants. I am close enough to Galveston that I can go and enjoy the water, and I am just a twenty-five minute car ride from Houston's greatest shopping area, the Galleria. The midtown area (inside Beltway 8 on the West side) is great for singles, but it has more of an urban appeal than the suburbs. Katy is great, but the traffic is a nightmare. Forget the I-10 corridor! Galveston has alot of beach life, but the native population can be a challenge. The crime is high, the housing is poor (especially apartment living), and the only hospital on the island is UTMB which specializes in indigent and correctional care. I completed my student rotations on Galveston Island, and I found that commuting over the causeway bridge to be a nightmare during Spring Break and the long (8 month) summer tourist season. The island hosts Kappa Beach Party each year which paralyzes the police force and forces the closure of businesses due to excessive drunkeness and lude behavior. In addition, Mardi Gras is celebrated for several weeks on the island, Dicken on the Stand during December, Lone Star Motorcycle Rally, and a host of other "attractions" add to the problem of increase travel time to work. Additionally, the hospital census jumps during any of the festivities. I love to play in Galveston, but I would not want to live there. As a matter of fact, three UTMB docs live on my street just 23 miles North on I-45. I large number of the professional staff of UTMB live off the island and commute due to the shortage of housing on the island. For example, many homes built prior to the 1900 hurricane still stand in all their splendor, with Section 8 housing (Govt projects) just next door. Google the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce for a better overview of the Clear Lake area. The Woodlands is a beautiful community nestled in tall pine trees. And it is home of the Cynthia Woods-Mitchell Pavilion where all the big concerts are held. The city has great shopping at the Woodlands Mall, and Memorial Hermann-The Woodlands Hospital and Methodist Hospital Woodlands. If you decide to live in Houston and commute to the Texas Medical Center (a few city blocks lined with 7 or 8 large highly-acclaimed teaching Hospitals), the drive would take about 1 hr during rush-hour (which may or may not be a problem depending on your shift). Oh yea, rush hour in Houston starts around 3:30 pm. Another idea, if you want a small town appeal in the heart of the city, try looking at West University. It is located just blocks from the Texas Medical Center and Rice University. Historic homes are a staple, and you are close enough to everything that matters. A few blocks from West U is the Village which is a cluster of restaurants, boutiques, and night venues like the Gingerman Bar and the Baker Street Pub. Plus, with Rice nearby, there are plenty of young singles.
  11. In rounds an MD asked me for ideas on how our hospital can implement a process for notifying Medicare patients of thier right to appeal their upcoming discharge. We are struggling to get physicians on-board to provide us with notification of the anticipated discharge (48 hrs prior) and how we can insure that all the Medicare patients are notified. What have you tried that made the process easy? Are the case managers responsible for the notifications or is the responsibility placed on the staff nurses?
  12. NurseRotten

    Song lyrics that remind you of nursing...

    Stone Temple Pilots' Creep "Take time with a wounded hand cause it likes to heal... I'm half the man I used to be."
  13. NurseRotten

    Sopranos Finale - How well was nursing portrayed?

    http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/520714 This article is titled "What Do Nurses Really Do?" It was written by Suzanne Gordon. You have to register to use the site, but it is a fabulous read. This article helped to formulate my own opinion about nursing advocacy.
  14. NurseRotten

    Sopranos Finale - How well was nursing portrayed?

    My husband is a funeral director. I think that the series Six Feet Under did an awesome job of portraying life in a funeral home. And what about ER??? Although sensationalized, ER does a pretty good job. Anyway, I am a nurse. I care about nursing. I want to be seen as more than just a handmaiden to the physician. Nurses use evidence-based practice to intervene everyday and save patient's lives. I think nursing should be shown for what it really is. So if you are sick of hearing about it, why did you read the thread?
  15. NurseRotten

    Sopranos Finale - How well was nursing portrayed?

    I am not inferring anything. I was just describing the situation. People were asking if nurses were portrayed in the Sopranos, so I was just jogging the memory from some scenes that I remember. And about the ICU nurse comment, Um, unless you have a fresh trauma and have a 1:1 because the patient is that critical, the nurse will not always be in the room. And, that's what the glass doors are for, so you can sit and chart but still have an eye on both your patients. I actually think that the medical scenes in the Sopranos were more realistic than some scenes than I have seen on other shows.
  16. NurseRotten

    Sopranos Finale - How well was nursing portrayed?

    About the ending, supposedly, three endings were created for the series so that even the production crew would not know how the series would end. I estimate that the three alternate endings will all be available when the final series is released on DVD in a few months. It's all about marketing. Or perhaps the ambiguous ending was to leave room to create the full-length movie that critics speculated about. But when I think about other series endings, I think the mystery was a nice way to cut it off. I think back about the ending of Seinfeld. It was so silly, and a huge disappointment. I am glad that the Sopranos didn't end that cheesy. And, if Tony was wacked - we would all be thinking, what happened to Carmella, AJ, Mead, the wedding, etc, etc, etc. Six Feet Under's season finale showed about 20 minutes of vinettes about where all the characters ended up. That was interesting.