Which nursing skills do you dread?

  1. What nursing skills do you absolutely hate doing? Even if it is super easy and not time consuming? Which orders do you read and just think to yourself, aw man! I hate doing that!! I'm just curious!

    I hate doing dressing changes. (I think b/c we get a lot of gangrene wounds... and they stink!)

    I also loathe hanging blood! I don't know why... it isn't difficult

    And of course enemas and disimpactions aren't too fun either!

    I also hate giving eye and ear drops. I don't know why...

    I also hate having to collect stool samples... ewwww the idea of scooping up the poop into the little cup... gross
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  3. by   everthesame
    Placing an NG on anyone over the age of about 6 weeks.
  4. by   Medic/Nurse
    Hmmm, there TigerGalLE - I wish I had some great advice for you.

    Personally - the one thing that gets to me is suctioning of a trach and cleaning out the goo! Yep, that is the worst for me. Goobers! Yuck!

    Also, anything colostomy. But, a GI bleed through the colostomy is the absolute worst. Add C. Diff anywhere and ewwww.

    Also, that post arrest poo has left an impression a time or two!

    And decubs - with any variety of stuff in 'em.

    I think that I am kinda lucky in that if I have to do anything to save the life of a patient - I can generally get through it without a problem. It is the routine that is more difficult to get past - but, it has to be done.

    Anyone have any tips???

    For me, strong smells -

    1. Altoids
    2. Mask
    3. Grapefruit oil/mint oil
    4. Fresh air! Thankfully that big spinning thing on the top of the helicopter can be used as a fan at times.

    Also, generally -

    I always gown, glove, shoe protection. Also, I always remove my jacket, stethoscope and pin my hair up IF I just KNOW that I am gonna be in the s&#^.

    I always try and remember that most patients that are aware are somewhat horrified during these "skills" that we "dread" - so I NEVER ever FORGET that what is difficult for me - is also DIFFICULT for the patient and their families too. Helps keep your perspective!
  5. by   Indy
    trach suctioning, packing tunnelling wounds, disimpactions.

    I've never disimpacted anyone and it is a career goal to not do that for as long as possible. And normally I like dressing changes. Each one is different, so you can be creative and they're always educational. Tunnelling things and stuff way up in the perineal area is just not fun though. Someone will always wanna roll back on your hand while you're trying to pack that thing.
  6. by   VivaRN
    Quote from NREMT-P/RN

    Also, anything colostomy. But, a GI bleed through the colostomy is the absolute worst. Add C. Diff anywhere and ewwww.
    Oh, that is nasty!
  7. by   Ms Kylee
    Anything with poop... I know, everyone says I'm in the wrong business, but I keep hoping I will get over this. C Diff will have me gagging all the way into the next county. I also hate to assess. I think it's cause I'm not all that good at it yet.
  8. by   Tangerine Lipgloss
    Inserting foleys/catheterizing female patients.

    Hanging blood.

    Changing trachs and trach ties.
  9. by   leslie :-D
    i disimpact on a frequent basis.
    it's just something i have to do or my pts will be miserable.

    i have come to dread cathing male pts.
    i don't think i've had any with a normal size prostate, and i almost always meet obstxn.
    the coude isn't even helpful.

  10. by   It's Alisa
    Quote from NREMT-P/RN
    Also, anything colostomy. But, a GI bleed through the colostomy is the absolute worst. Add C. Diff anywhere and ewwww.

    C. Diff?? what the heck is a C. Diff?
  11. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from It's Alisa
    C. Diff?? what the heck is a C. Diff?
    clostridium difficile.
    a highly infectious diarrhea.

  12. by   steelcityrn
    I would have to say a new colostomy. Dealing with the leaking and skin breakdown that can occur. Not my favorite nursing task, but I would never refuse of course.
  13. by   Megsd
    Least favorite so far is suctioning. My first experience as a student I observed and it was almost unbearable. I did find that it's more bearable when you DO the suctioning rather than watch because my least favorite part is watching the stuff go through the tubing. I also hate the sound of it. My friend is an RT and always says she could never do my job -- I always say I could never do hers either!
  14. by   indigo girl
    Trachs, I am just not happy with anything that will expose me to respiratory
    secretions unless I am masked. If I have patients that do not cover their
    coughs, and this happens often enough in LTC, these days,
    I will always wear a mask. I am an asthmatic, and this is just basic self
    protection. When I worked in ICU, I was often sick during the first 6 month
    from working with intubated patients, and their secretions.

    I am not crazy about colostomy changes or burping their bags either.
    There is simply no way to avoid the flatus that is released. I end up checking
    them twice per shift, and try to deal with them as soon as possible.
    It is easier to deal with unpleasant procedures early in the shift rather
    than later when I am pressed for time. On nights, I will have all of this
    done by 4 am if I can.

    Not much else, bothers me.