Which do you think is better?

  1. For those who work nights which do you think is better. To do nights in a row or have them stretched out. I just talked to the nurse manager today about my schedule which is not ready yet but she asked me would I prefer to have it in a row or stretch out. She told me she is REALLY open with opening scheduling because she is REALLY short staff on nights. I start in mid-June.
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  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    Are we talking 12's or 8's?
  4. by   Kimburly
    All in a row, definately all in a row! If you will be trying to have a "daytime life" on your off days it is much easier to do your nights all in a row, then try to switch back to the world of daylight. There are VERY few people I work with at nights that like to have their shifts split (not all in a row). I recommend trying them all together first, then if you find it doesn't feel right to you, switch.
  5. by   bellehill
    Absolutely go all in a row, you will be more tired and cranky splitting it up. Some people have trouble with all three in a row but try it and see how you do, at least stick with two in a row for your own sanity!
  6. by   peaceful2100
    It is 12 hour shifts on a med-surg type floor (Post-OP Surgical care)
  7. by   P_RN
    I'd say no more than 3 12s in a row. At least my circadian clock can't take more.
  8. by   Nurse Ratched
    I personally can't hack more than 2 12's in a row, but give it a whirl for one schedule and see how you fare. If you're taking into account family and little ones, that throws another wrench into the works. Generally speaking, you're going to have a recovery day regardless, but it's a question of how much you want to/have to be conscious during off hours on your stretch of shifts.

    Might also take into account your natural proclivity (or not) for nights and how far you have to drive. Don't want too many nights in a row if you have a long haul.
  9. by   HARN
    I have worked night shift for over 10 yrs & I like my days all together. I love my job but my life is not my job so I can work nights & have a life working the days in a row works good for me. Most night shifters I know feel the same.
  10. by   nimbex
    On one, off one, on one equals exhaustion for most people. Only knew one nurse that did that Tues, Thurs and Sun. 12 hr. shifts. Did this because she never slept during the day after working !!!

    now I've picked up OT during a stretch off and ended up not being able to sleep on nights off with a husband on a day shift schedule.... didn't work well.

    everyone is different, a coworker and his wife both are on night schedules, they stay up all night together....

    good luck
  11. by   angelbear
    No matter how you slice it you will need at leaste 2 days off in a row. For most 3rd shifters the first one doesnt count cause it is recovery time. My scheduel is 2 on 2 off the 2 on and 3 off Works great for me. Good luck
  12. by   Tweety
    I work similar to angelbear 2 on/2 off, 2 on/3 off 2 on then 3 off again and start over. I have two 3-day stretches off and one 2-day stretch off in a two week cycle and that works marvelously.

    I can't hack more than two 12 hour shifts in a row. It's not worth killing myself just to have 4 or 5 days off in a row.

    To each is own. Guess, which one you think you'd like, based on your lifestyle of need for sleep, etc. Then ask for that. Then if it doesn't work out, since they are flexible ask them to change it.
  13. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Originally posted by peaceful2100
    For those who work nights which do you think is better.
    Hi there, Peaceful!

    Cool name!

    I have worked nites most of my work life, other shifts don't work well for me.

    For me, 2 in a row is my comfort zone, 3 is max (I'm doing 4 this w.e. so watch out for the bear, LOL!)

    Some like to do as many as will fit together in a row on, then a big clump off. It's easier for them to reset their "clock".

    Where I'm older, and also when I became a parent, those long stretches don't work well. It is like being an "absent parent" every other week!

    You'll figure it out. I'd go easy starting out if you're not used to it.

    Good luck!
  14. by   zambezi
    Right now I work two on, two off, four on, six off and really really like it...the two gets me warmed up, the four gets me in a rhythm and who can complain about six off???Good luck...