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  1. by   juliaguliaRN
    Psych, ick! Talk about totally out of my element, afraid of saying the wrong thing and not being "therapeutic".
  2. by   Lostdiver
    I worked psych for 18 years. Those who say they would not like psych do not understand the dynamics of a psych nurse. First you have to have a good sense of who you are. You are not empathising with people, but instead setting loving limits and teaching the value of a healthy life on medication that sometimes have unhealthy side effects. My psych patients taught me alot about myself. Currently I work as an ER nurse. I feel my psych background has made me a well rounded nurse.
  3. by   bluemorningglory
    Labor and delivery...boring
  4. by   bluemorningglory
    Quote from enchantmentdis
    ; CNAs hide and/or are used as sitters; .
    I work on a CCU/telemetry as an aide and only wish I could hide..now if I had a dollar for every time a nurse sat chatting with friends while I was cleaning up one of her dirty patients and the callbells were going crazy, I would be rich
  5. by   tiredstudentmom
    I'm not in nursing just yet (although I was a medical asst in a geriatric/adult internist's office for 5 yrs) but I had to choose peds. I don't think I could hack it sticking kids all the time, plus knowing that some are neglected, abused, etc. I have a very tender heart for kids and babies. Don't want to do L/D or OB either or oncology. Not sure where that will leave me, but in this economy, when I graduate I will take on what is out there.
  6. by   sevensonnets
    I absolutely could not work in a burn unit.
  7. by   WendyBensonRN
    Ok, so I voted OR. Admire you guys and gals that can do it. I passed out cold during my clinical rotation! I can't believe that psych ranked so high! I was born to be a psych nurse! It is so much fun, challenging, yet rewarding at the same time! Love it!
  8. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Psych is my least favorite. I found myself afraid.