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They only reason I'm starting this thread is b/c where I was on this date will forever be memoriable to my nursing career. Just 1 or 2 phrases to tell where u were at the time of the attacks.... I... Read More

  1. by   BORI-BSNRN
    i was watching the news at "despierta america" i can not believed what i was watching...my husband was working in sarasota. i remember he called me telling me that he saw the air force one take off from there and told me something terrible must be happend...and i told him about the news.
  2. by   BGgirl
    I was in my first semester of nursing school. We were all in the skill/learning lab when we heard the news. They cancelled class for the rest of the day and let us go home.
  3. by   all4schwa
    i didn't know anything about it untill 4:30 in the afternoon. i had been sleeping after night shift, i didn't get up untill almost time to leave for work. i flipped the tv on and all channels were off. i couldn't figure out what anyone was talking about. i just knew that something big had happened. i called a friend who was baffled that i didn't know, because they had been clued to the t.v. al day.
  4. by   CuriousMe
    I was still living down in SW GA. I was in the process of moving and had been up late the night before packing, I had no cable TV (it had already been turned off) and in that rural part of the world, you don't get TV reception at all. My sister woke me up (she was home with my niece who was about two months old). She told me someone crashed into one of the twin towers....at the time, they were thinking it was a small plane. While we were on the phone, the second plane hit. I hung up with her and went to my Mom's house around the corner to watch the news.

    Our biggest concern was that the company my Dad worked for had two floors near the top of each tower....the whole family was trying to get in touch with him, but all the phone service was out. Thankfully, we heard from my Dad at about 4:00pm (he was able to call a family friend in Queens and she was able to call me).

    He was just leaving his midtown office when the first plane hit, he was late for a meeting down in the Trade Center. It was a long and horrible day. Thankfully my Dad wasn't there at the time, but it's hard to feel grateful (although I am grateful for my Dad)....so many were lost, folks I went to school with, colleges of my Dad's....so many.

  5. by   Kirsti1181
    I was in my first semester of nursing school, but had the day off. My first patho/pharm test was the next day so I had been up late studying. I had just gotten out of bed when my mom called and told me to turn on the TV. I turned it on just in time to see the second tower collapse. Needless to say, none of us did well on that test.
  6. by   Noahm
    I was at work thinking the same thing that day that I am thinking now. 9/11 was an inside special ops job. It is so obvious to anyone who takes the official story of what happened that day apart, piece by piece and analyzes it all. My heartbreaks for all the victims of 9/11, and I am saddened because I feel that the real perps will never be brought to justice.
  7. by   prmenrs
    I was off that day, so woke up when the alarm went off about 9am Pacific time. I heard the DJ say something about "the events of the day", so I turned on the TV and just sat there horrified. They were replaying everything @ that point, so it felt like I was watching it live, including Katie Couric saying, "there's something happening over @ the World Trade Center", and switching over there.

    After a little while, I realized I should check on my son, who was @ school, so I called, they said they were watching TV, but doing quiet assignments, not to worry, he'd be home on the bus, maybe early. Which turned out to be correct. Since these were all spec ed students, they just tried to keep everything as normal as possible. Obviously, they did know something big was happening, but they were fairly calm about it.
  8. by   Hoping LVN2BSN
    I was in the Navy then, so I was baking under the hot Guam sun in full DELTA gear. A while after 9/11, I was looking in the logbooks we had to meticulously log all activity in and noticed that from 9/12 (which it was for us) to about a week and a half later, there was nothing written. It was llike the world collectively stopped in it's tracks. A weird feeling.
  9. by   charebec65
    I was in the midst of a CNA course. One of the other teachers walked into our classroom in the middle of a quiz and told us what had happened.

    My cousin is an Air Force nurse and was at work at Andrews Air Force Base Hospital when it happened. Her husband is a now retired Air Force officer but was at work, in the Pentagon. He was 200 feet from where the plane crashed into it when it crashed into it. It was after 4pm before he was able to get word to her that he was okay and that was through someone else.

    It's amazing what an impact it still has this many years later...
  10. by   CseMgr1
    I was out sick from work that day and went back to bed after calling in. I awoke around 10:30 AM and turned on the T.V. in the living room. I can't remember which network I was watching, but by then they were rolling the tape of the Twin Towers on fire shortly after the attack. I just sank down into a recliner, numb all over. My Dad walked in a few minutes later, and I asked him if he had heard what had happened. He replied, disgusted: "Yep. And we ought to drop the bomb on them, like we did on Hiroshima and Nagasaki". "That'll never happen, Daddy", I responded sadly.
  11. by   MuddaMia
    Quote from CseMgr1
    : "Yep. And we ought to drop the bomb on them, like we did on Hiroshima and Nagasaki". "That'll never happen, Daddy", I responded sadly.
    On who?


    You are sad we will not "drop" a nuclear weapon??

    Sorry, but I found this response disturbing
  12. by   banditrn
    I was sleeping, of course! I had had the nite before off, but was sleeping in. My son on the East coast called, assumed I knew what was going on, and was ranting and raving about it.
  13. by   perfectbluebuildings
    I was a freshman in college, did not have class that morning and was sleeping late when I heard someone's voice outside my door whom I knew was usually in class at the time. I got up and she told me what had happened and at first I thought it was a joke. I then spent the rest of the morning watching the TV in the dorm lounge, then at noon went to the college chapel with a friend, there was always a service there at that time on Tuesdays and needless to say it was very different that day. I will never forget it. And how quiet it was and the sky so blue. And the service that night in the community chapel with so many people from the college and the city communities all coming together, the huge conversation in the dorm about it... So many things, a day none of us will likely forget. As well as the first time I saw a plane flying again after that day, just after an outdoor prayer vigil on campus... do you remember that moment too?

    It is hard to believe it's been five years ago.