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BGgirl has 15 years experience and specializes in Stepdown progressive care.

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  1. I'm relocating from Ohio to the Detroit area and am wondering if anyone can give some insight into the hospitals around Detroit. I'm leaning towards Henry Ford but I don't know anyone that currently works there. I've been at the same level 1 trauma center for the past 14 years as a SD/progressive care nurse, so the move is daunting to me. Anything good or bad would be helpful to know. Who are the best employers and would you recommend working there?
  2. We are ALWAYS putting nurses on call now. I'm a charge nurse and even after a call in and taking our float to another floor I had to put one nurse off and 3 on call. It's not fun but they have an hour to come into work and then get time and a half. PLus if you're just on call you get $2/hr. Nothing more you can do when census is so low. They either have to take on call or get forced off.
  3. BGgirl

    discharged a patient wearing telemetry

    I know ours cost a few thousand dollars. We had a pt leave AMA with one of our tele boxes and didn't seem inclined to return it. We told out security dept about it and they have a unit that will actually go out to people's houses or wherever to get our tele boxes. I was told if the tele box wasn't found, the pt would be charged with theft.
  4. BGgirl


    I think with experience comes assertiveness and confidence. At least with me that's how it is. I was very timid in nursing school but I really can't say that about me anymore in regards to nursing.
  5. BGgirl

    Floor nursing without techs/aides

    1. What kind of floor? tele step-down and m/s pulmonary 2. Ratio patient:nurse?4:1 on nights on tele and 5:1 on m/s 3. Is it functional? depends on what day you're talking about. Both floors can be super busy. 4. Have you worked in an environment that had aides/techs before? How did it compare? When we did have aides we were teamed and the aide was assigned to us. We then took 8 patients and an aide and it could be bad or good depending on your patients and the aide you're with 5. What other support staff do you have, that those of us with techs/aides might not?none
  6. BGgirl

    switching to bedside report

    We call ours bedside handoff and we basically still do a written/verbal report at the nurses station and then both the oncoming and outgoing nurse go to the pts room and introduce the new nurse, and make sure the room isn't a wreck or your pt isn't. It doesn't take that long to do but we've only been doing it about a month.
  7. We can be held for a max of 45 days which is usually how long everyone is held for. My manager takes every transfer personally so she likes to keep holding onto you as long as she can.
  8. BGgirl

    Colour-coded hospital bracelets

  9. BGgirl

    We need visiting hours!! Does anybody have them?

    We have visiting hours that usually end at 8p and they are announced overhead. I normally let people stay a little longer if they are not in my way and are not being overbearing. Otherwise I tend to mention that visiting hours are over. Some visitors do get to stay the night but that's on a case by case situation. We frequently have people head over to the hospital at 2-3am wanting to visit their family memeber. That's when we normally put our foot down and don't let them upstairs to see the pt. (security stops them at the front desk) I just don't like the though of random people wandering around the hospital at night when we're not a locked unit.
  10. Thanks so much for the info. It's only a dream of mine to work there but very interesting how they operate compared to here. I miss how absolutely green it is there. Can't wait to travel again. :)
  11. Aww. I had the pleasure of visiting Ireland when I graduated from nursing school and I loved it there. They were so very nice and accomodating. I've always wondered what it would be like to work there.
  12. BGgirl

    Home Med Documentation?

    We usually encourage pts to either have their families take home their meds or we lock them up with security if they're controlled.
  13. BGgirl

    Nursing Unions

    I agree. I'm a union nurse and I feel at least some security with my job having a union in place. Some of the bad things include union dues every pay and it is MUCH harder to fire bad nurses. They are protected and you have to document, document, document their bad behavior in order to do anything about it. And even then it can take many months for anything to do done ie firing. We learned that the hard way and now we cut our losses during the probationary period.
  14. BGgirl

    Working the Holiday

    We work either the holiday or the eve. I worked Christmas Day and had the eve off. I work New Year's eve but get New Years Day off. I also had to work the day after Christmas. My night at work was so horrible though, that I took on call. Also, if we call in the scheduled day before our holiday or after, we don't get holiday pay. You really can't go anywhere around the Christmas holidays.
  15. Do we work at the same place? We have this same exact problem. In fact, it has come down to people on days assigning baths to the night shift. It's rediculous. I'm a nurse, I can tell when someone need to be bathed and when they don't. Some people during report only ask if the pt was bathed. That's all the care about. Our policy on nights is to bathe confused pts and those going for tests early in the am. I've had dayshifters though say we should bathe people that need to be fed because they're just so busy on days. I'm sorry but they get one less pt and sometimes we're staffed with 8 pts and 2 nurses. Plus I agree we get a lot of admissions. I find this subject is just a never ending battle between the shifts.
  16. BGgirl

    When should I start applying for jobs?

    I would apply early because by the time I started applying, the only jobs left were med-surg jobs. If you want a specific area, do it before everyone else. I was hired before I graduated. Of course our manager has gotten burned a few times by people who haven't taken boards, so she no longer hires new grads that aren't licensed.