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Hoping LVN2BSN has 1 years experience and specializes in Registry, all over the place.

I'm still looking!

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  1. Hoping LVN2BSN

    No She/he Did Not!!!

    I know this is old, but wth?!
  2. Hoping LVN2BSN

    Pre Lpn Program

    I think it's a very good idea to do all the things you mentioned. The more you know going in can't hurt. Hang in there once you get in, it'll be hard, but you can do it. I graduated in February, I had a 9 month old then and my husband was deployed, you'll make a way. Congratulations on your decision, best of luck to you! April
  3. Hoping LVN2BSN

    ? about Pt. ratios and Registry LVN's

    I'm a new grad, working registry in California. I've been working registry now for three months with no problems until last night. I arrived at a facility I worked many times for on a unit I've worked on twice. This facility is a Psych LTC, most people on this unit are pretty stable, however they are more frail, and needy with G-tubes and much more confused and many treatments than the other floors with the exception of Sub-acute which has trach's. Anyway, the first time I worked there with another LVN 11p-7a, I had 18 patients (one of which kept crawling out of his bed and under his roommates bed) and fell really behind and it took me almost 2 1/2 hours to finish 6am med pass because there was so much to do, but I did it, the second time was similar. Last night, I worked there with an RN BSN (I say that because she let it be known she was a BSN immediately upon arrival.) I was receiving report from off going and she finished with her patients and she asked the RN where she wanted to split and she said I'll start at 19. Well this left me with with 18 rooms. 18 ROOMS WITH 31 PATIENTS and 1.5 CNA's:angryfire!!!! Now I've worked other units at this facility with 30-50 patients, but those pts. were only with psych issues with med pass and had little to no treatments. I told her politely what happened in earlier shifts and she told me well I'm the RN and I'm the House Sup. tonight so you have to do it, that's how it is always split (not true because I've worked there.) I told her once again politely, I think it is a safety issue for the patients and myself for me to have 31 patients on this unit, however if you would like to have one of the facilities regular employees take this unit and I will go to another, or I will split the patients in a more manageable load with you. She said now that's how it has to be, I have to make my rounds at night (rounds consists of picking up census sheets at the beginning of shift and asking everyone if they are ok at the end of shift.) At this point I called my registry and explained the entire situation to her and why I felt it unsafe, she was surprised and called the BSN back and asked her what was going on, and she told her that I didn't want to work because I had more patients than she did, and she offered to register mine and my registry's complaint with the DON on Monday. As I was looking through the facilities numbers on the wall, I found the DON's home number and gave it to staffing, while she was calling, the BSN offered me to work Sub-acute, now I have specific instructions form my registry not to work sub-acute, I can work any other floor, but not the sub-acute. I told her I can't do that I have instructions from my registry not to work on sub-acute. She says, you're registry you can do anything you have 10 seconds take it or leave it!!!!!! I said I will not take either of these assignments until the load is more manageable. She said we can't do that and I want a note from you saying you won't work to give to the DON, I said I will not write you anything for the DON my registry is speaking with her now. At this time the DON called her and miraculousy she decided to take 22 residents and I would take the other 22, I thought she couldn't do that?!!? Although I felt better about my load, she made me feel like such a whiny baby by the end of this entire fiasco, I just wanted to get your take on this situation, did I handle myself appropriately or should I have just taken the assignment? Has this happened to any of you that are registry and how did you handle it? In the event that something like this happens and the site refuses to adjust your load, what do you do? I didn't mind having more patients, I just felt it unsafe on this unit, especially since one of her patients which would have been mine was found unresponsive during the shift. Thanks for listening to my question/vent, April Disclaimer: I have nothing against RN's or RN's with BSN's. In fact I am working towards becoming an RN, so please don't flame me because I refer to her as the "BSN," seriously, she likes it. lol, I'm going to bed!
  4. Hoping LVN2BSN

    Does this end my nursing path??.(grades)

    If you want to be a nurse, I don't think you should take your sights off that because you've had a hiccup. If this is really what you want to do, you'll regret going another way later on. Do you know if any of your classes are old enough to retake? If your classes are still in progress, can you bust it enough until semesters end to get a B (beg for extra credit, perfect final?)How are your science prereq. grades? There are alternate routes, if after you've tried you still can't get in, you could become an LVN/PN do well there and step-up, or get a job at a facility that has an onsite step-up program. Best of luck to you, but please if this is what you want, don't give up on it yet unless you will be completely happy with your decision. It's not always easy to go back and pursue a dream.
  5. Hoping LVN2BSN

    LPN to BSN at UOP.....

    www.phoenix.edu has all of the campuses, you can scroll through and see what programs are offered where. I'm not sure about your area, but according to an admission advisor, the campus in California that offers LVN-BSN, it is a campus based program.
  6. Hoping LVN2BSN

    Refresher Course in the San Diego area

    congratulations!:balloons: (i love your screenname) grossmont has lvn refresher, the other's probably don't, but they may be able to point you in the right direction. here are a few: rn and lvn refresher grossmont health occupations ctr nurse refresher/re-entry update education for nurses 9368 oakbourne rd. santee, ca 92071-2314 b. patricia twyman, rn, director (619) 596-3690 cal state san marcos general refresher office of extended studies 333 s. twin oaks valley rd san marcos, ca 92096 debbie bennett, rn (760) 750-4020 uc san diego extension general refresher 9500 gilman drive, dept 0170e la jolla, ca 92093-0170 michelle brenholdt, rn (858) 964-1010 hth, april
  7. Hoping LVN2BSN

    Waiting on my LPN license

    If you mailed it on 4/9, it should have been up for a while now. I would call them to see what's up!
  8. I know it's early, I just got my LVN license, but I like to be prepared and plan ahead as much as I can. My next step is to complete requirements for my BSN, I currently have a 3.8 GPA and will be applying to LVN-BSN programs as soon as spring transcripts are ready. The only schools that would really be feasible for me to attend because they are close to a Navy installation to which my husband could get orders are ODU, and U of N. Fl. Anyone attend these schools have thoughts or a preference between these two. Just on basic research, I'm leaning towards ODU, but your thoughts and insights are very much appreciated. Thank you! April
  9. Hoping LVN2BSN

    Erikson and the stage of integrity vs despair

    Hi Meloney, I remember being taught that sometimes people this age usually remember much earlier memories (childhood) than adult memories. Though they spent much more time with their children during adulthood, their childhood memories have been with them much longer than their children and spouses. This has something to do with their episodic memory, the longer time they have to encode that memory the longer they remember it. It may be much more difficult to recall specific detail filled memories of children because in adult life your working to remember everything and in childhood fewer things and memories came easier. And when they forget, the later memories start to go because they're freshest. I know I can recall my very first home phone number when I was little much faster than I can my cell phone number now. Maybe it's not as sad as it seems, she could be resorting to what she remembers most, instead of the time when her life probably had so many roles and so much to remember. Hope that makes sense!!! http://groups.ucanr.org/elderly/documents/Aging_Issues5831.pdf
  10. Hoping LVN2BSN

    RN student - can I challenge the LVN/LPN NCLEX?

  11. Hoping LVN2BSN

    Do you think she weighed my child wrong?

    I think that's okay, my daughter weighed 19 pounds when she was 1 (5 pounds at birth), she turned 2 yesterday and weighs in at a whooping 27 pounds. She eats plenty and is developing normally, I think that's what matters, it's all relative. Her cousin weighs 27 pounds also, but he's 10 months old. But according to growth charts, your daughter is right in the 50th percentile, I wouldn't worry about it.
  12. Hoping LVN2BSN

    Lpn License

    Nope, you won't. I mailed mine on May 2nd, the day I got my results, they still haven't cashiered my MONEY ORDER! I sent them that instead of a check because I thought it would be faster. Anyway, I had a tracking number for it, it was received awhile ago, and guess what I still have no name or license number online. When I called them about it, "we haven't received it in our system yet, but we'll get to it real soon we're backed up!" 1 month for ATT + 1 month for results + 1 month for a number = Me in anger management!:angryfire :angryfire :angryfire
  13. Hoping LVN2BSN

    Getting Nervous

    I think everyone feels that way, once you get closer and closer we get to being on our own the more apprehensive we are. I started to feel it a little when I graduated, now that I'm waiting on a license number, even more so. But you're never ALONE, there will alwys be someone there to help you (hopefully), and you can always come here or to your instructors at school. I think you'll be okay, I would be more worried about the OVER confident graduate! Good luck!
  14. Hoping LVN2BSN

    RN student - can I challenge the LVN/LPN NCLEX?

    CA BRN allows students that haven't graduated to take the NCLEX-RN. National University allows you to take the RN exam without graduating, only problem with that is when you do that you'll be a non-grad RN even after you graduate (verified with the CA BRN.) Similar to the LVN-RN 30 unit option, you'll only be able to work in your state and your license most likely won't transfer to any other state. Some schools do it, I guess not all because it's not very wise. But you have to finish all the nursing portion first.
  15. Hoping LVN2BSN

    Waiting On Nclex Pn Results!

    Hopefully you'll have a surprise in your mailbox today! Don't scream to loud!!!!
  16. Hoping LVN2BSN

    Who's still on the NCLEX-PN results waitlist?

    Thanks Gingerbell!