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Hello, any CRNA/SRNA got to ODU in VA U of N. Florida?

Hoping LVN2BSN specializes in Registry, all over the place.

I know it's early, I just got my LVN license, but I like to be prepared and plan ahead as much as I can. My next step is to complete requirements for my BSN, I currently have a 3.8 GPA and will be applying to LVN-BSN programs as soon as spring transcripts are ready. The only schools that would really be feasible for me to attend because they are close to a Navy installation to which my husband could get orders are ODU, and U of N. Fl. Anyone attend these schools have thoughts or a preference between these two. Just on basic research, I'm leaning towards ODU, but your thoughts and insights are very much appreciated.

Thank you!


If you go to ODU you will get a great clinical experience. They will teach you to practice independently. I have heard (though not experienced) of clinical sites that want the CRNA's to be a trained monkey....never really thinking, just doing. I had the time of my life there.

ODU is a great school. I cant speak for U of N. Fl.

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