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I have a question for the polls I haven't seen here yet. Where do you nurse, hospital/homehealth/hospice/nursing home/ clinic? Second question what is your speciality? Me, I work in a clinic... Read More

  1. by   extremebean
    i work in an ed. 3p-3a. med-surg with renal focus before that. been in ed a bit over a year now. don't think i'll ever go back to the floor, but can never let myself forget how it is up there.
  2. by   Enabled
    Becky, I have had my share of positions. First, a med/surg staff nurse then added home care to it. Then I went full time homecare and then back to medsurg until a disability happened.
    I believe every nurse no matter what the level is needs to be aware of the changing laws.
    nurecheryl, you certainly have a diversified CV. I also believe that managed care is one of the major culprits of the shortage. Also, with being in case management how often or what percentage of patients stay outside the limits? I think that managed care has had a negative effect on the entire health of the nation. I have a gal in my class for BSN who has been a nurse for just three years and she is making decisions on who gets what kind of care. She, in my opinion does not have enough experience and to make those situations which could be life threatning. I think all newbies should be required to do a year of med/surg before speicalizing. It may actually cause the nurse to give better care as on med/'surg you see just about everything.
  3. by   WashYaHands
    I work in a health clinic/10 bed infirmary at a co-ed boarding school for grades 9-12. Myself and another nurse run the health clinic 50 hours a week and we're on call 24/7. I also run a foot care clinic at a senior center 2-3 days a month. Prior to this, I worked at a rehab hospital as a staff nurse.

    I am also having trouble voting.

  4. by   oldgirl
    280 bed hospital-Med-Surg, with heavy emphasis on the Med.
  5. by   renerian
    HOme health and soon to start rehab at a SNF

  6. by   MikeRN111
    My main job is in a 300 bed med center on a 9 bed step down unit. I work in an outpatient endoscopy unit cross town per diem also along with per diem at 2 psych facilities. I do get to see my wife and kids every night also.
  7. by   BadBird
    ICU/CCU/CTICU Love the ICU's
  8. by   LoisJean
    EFMBholder: my son was stationed at Ft. Polk up until two years ago. He has many 'fond' memories of Louisiana-especially field training in the swamps! He's in Germany now headed for, (let's vote on this): Bosnia for the second time or Iraq for the second time.

    Anyway, I am a self employed home health care nurse specializing in foot care as a nursing service.

  9. by   karenelizabeth
    once you've done any kind of ICU its hard to do anything else 'ant it

  10. by   stressedlpn
    I float the house so I get to work everywhere, resp. is my favorite,
  11. by   RNforLongTime
    I work in a 487 bed hospital. I work SICU/HU (Heart Unit) same staff different units. So one day you could be on the SICU side and the next day you could be on the HU side.
  12. by   Audreyfay
    Jail RN: I tried prison nursing while I was living in Hawaii. Honolulu. I had a rough time because I couldn't pronounce the names and couldn't understand their names when they said them. Imagine how I was able to pass meds! I only went a few times. My hats off to you, Jail RN!
  13. by   Fgr8Out
    I work in a 400 bed hospital... Charge nurse on a Med-Surg Unit with emphasis on post-op surgical patients... primarily gyn/lap chole/appys... traumas who don't require ICU (although they very often NEED ICU) and the more complex surgical cases. I also float to practically anywhere I'm needed within the Med/Surg module.