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I thought it might be nice if we all posted the web addresses of the places where we work. Here's mine www.stv.org :cool: Wendy :cool:... Read More

  1. by   petiteflower
    We don't have a website--but I have enjoyed looking at all of yours!!!!
  2. by   KeniRN
    Here's my other home


    This June I will be here 9 years.
  3. by   arlnurse
    good idea.....here is mine

  4. by   LilgirlRN
    It works just fine NannaNurse
  5. by   Mary Dover
    My new job that I LOVE! (did I mention that already?)
  6. by   vc124
  7. by   Tiiki
    Originally posted by talaxandra
    Great idea! Does this make me the first non-American nurse to reply? http://www.alfred.org.au/
    Talaxandra..I am in Canada, visit my "second home" I posted it earlier but shall post it again! www.ottawahospital.on.ca

  8. by   RNforLongTime
    Here's where I work

  9. by   sloddesol
    A multi campus community hospital system in Northern California
  10. by   aj1973
    here's my work - the Womens and Childrens hospital, Adelaide, South Australia
  11. by   zudy
    Hey, MoghraRN my sister went to nursing school at Abbottnorthwestern many moons ago! It was a great school. Thanks for this visit! I live way down in Arkansas so I never got to see her school. She was also a tech there and got her first RN job there. thanks again! Zudy rn:kiss
  12. by   ICU-RN
    i work at www.aurorahealthcare.com
    on the page you go to hospitals..
    it is listed as memorial hospital of burlington..
  13. by   bungies
    This is a great thread! Here's mine: