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    Your most amazing wounds and gore!!!! Anyone care to share?

    took care of an elderly lady that had forgotten to put hercar in park when she went to check her mail. Her car, a early 70's buick very large ran over her. point of impact was mid thigh and it rolled over her head. she was lucky it was soft ground. Was asked by the surgeon to clean her up and prep for surgery. touched her face it was like touching a jello mold, face just quivered called the surgeon over without saying any thing touched her face again he just shook his head rushed her to surgery managed to survive with a 3 month stay in ICU. not quite as bad but more personally traumatic was trying to stand up after a cycling accident and looking down to see my tibia on the outside instead of where it belonged Scott
  2. sloddesol

    Nurse fantasies

    just like to work some where not staffed by monkeys where they respond to being educated in some other manner then flinging feces
  3. sloddesol

    C'mon brag a little!!!!!

    Been in the cathlab for the past 15 years with a critical care background enjoy both excel in cardiac procedures more time in grade than most of the docs working with me
  4. sloddesol

    Where do you work?

    http://www.frhg.org A multi campus community hospital system in Northern California