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Why haven't more men entered the field of nursing over the years? Nursing remains at 94.6% female.... Read More

  1. by   karenG
    have to say I agree with medicine man- htere is a distinct lack of unity within our ranks! I spent many years as an ophthalmic nurse- and was always treated with distain by other nurses because they thought we did nothing (thats why my hands were so red they used to bleed!) Even now I am working in the community, hospital nurses seem to think that I work in general practice because its an easy option (I wish!) I am now an asthma specialist- so why is the newly appointed asthma liason nurse trying to set up asthma training day for me?? she hasnt actually spoken to me to find out at what level I am working- she has assumed that I know nothing! grrrrr sorry - this has turned into a vent, didnt mean it to!

    what I am trying to say is that nursing is a female dominated profession- for what ever reason. I welcome men- they bring a new dimension and I think there is less in fighing when there are men around. But until nursing is taken seriously as a profession and we are paid accordinly with all the working conditions that go with it, men will remain a minority. lets face it, nurses are seen to be angels with a vocation who dont need to eat/pay bills ect(tongue firmly in cheek) so if we united as a profession and stopped all the in fighing maybe we might get that recogition. Then maybe we might get more men in the profession. We might also have more nurses of whatever shape, form, sex, colour! Over here, the last cohort of nurses to qualify locally was in June. Half the group have left the profession to join the police. Why? Because they can earn 10000/year more as a policeman! Plus the police get housing allowances, dental care, eye care. sadly it was mostly the men who left and I dont blame them. Just wish it didnt happen!

    ok off the soap box!

  2. by   funnygirl_rn
    Great posts MedicineMan & KarenG. My sentiments exactly!