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I'm going into my second year of my BSN program in the fall, and have been working as a manager at a coffee shop. And here is my rant, My store is close to a hopital and many nurses (I can see it... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    It's like that here too Jnette. At least that's the way I see it.
    The other day I was at the recycling center (used to be called the "dump" till we got ecologicaly minded, etc ) Anyway I was having trouble getting papers and cans up into the bin. Two men from two different pickups came over to help me. I knew neither one. It didn't matter. Maybe it's just different in the country...or maybe....
  2. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from jnette
    Yep ! Right here in Appalachia. Blue Ridge Mtns. of SW Va. bordering NC.
    Moved down here from New England some 20 years ago and never looked back.

    Ppl throw up their hand and wave at you as they drive by... whether they know you or not. If you're stranded with a flat, you can bet your last $$ it won't be but minutes before someone will stop and help you out, drive you to a tire shop... what ever the need might be.

    Our patients are kind and grateful, always complementing... and bringing us homemade pies, cakes, cobblers, and other goodies !

    Granted, the wages in this area are not as generous as the smiles.. but hey... remember Scrooge? Who wants to live like THAT?
    Me too Jnette . . . love the waving part!! I've been stranded with a flat and a newborn and two cars stopped to help change the tire. Lots of good stories.

    I drove up to a coffee place the other day, ordered a breva latte, smiled and said thank you and I'm a nurse

    I noticed the "bong" too . . . . I'd break it first too

    Generalizing about a group of people never works. There may definitely be a general breakdown in manners across all groups but you can't say nurses in general are more rude in coffee shops than anyone else.

  3. by   Nurse GOODNIGHT
    Just my two cents....At my hosp. job there is no excuse for not being "cheerful". We have decreased our turnover rate by attempting to change people into team players and realizing even our co-workers are our "customers". We are constantly being told that we DO NOT bring our personal problems to work and the bedside. I think a point that was originally missed in the OP's msg. was the name badge issue. We are told to remove it but if it is accidently left on to REMEMBER we represent the facility and our profession. I do understand and see both sides of the issue as I have worked customer service for the facility. IMHO, I think removing the name badge is a good idea once you leave. In the hospital district though, some business eateries offer discounts to employees with name badges and uniforms on.
  4. by   laurakoko
    I agree with the rudeness in society today, that is why I make a HUGE effort to compliment when I do get good service. You would be amazed what it can do for a waiter/waitress, or ANYONE who deals with customers, when you tell them just how good you were treated, or how you appreciate what they do. I have actually gotten preferential treatment for complimenting. I think it is very important, people alot of the time, focus on just the negative.
  5. by   fab4fan
    Quote from Still Riding
    I'm not asking for a smile but just not nasty comments, I think my mood was mainly arose from 2 nurses that came in and I personally served them and they were rude, impolite and just out nasty. But on the other hand I am in a better mood today, and there are many nice poeple that come in, with several nurses that are regulars that are the nicest poeple ever.

    I hate that saying, because most often they are not, they are jsut comfused, and pushy.

    just my thought on that saying.
    Would you be kvetching the same if the people that came in had ID badges that identified them as computer analysts?

    I agree with the poster who said there is this expectation that we be "Stepford Nurses." Gee, walk a mile in our shoes, then you'll see why some days we don't feel like smiling.

    Unless you are a mind reader, you have no way of knowing if the reason someone is not so friendly has anything to do with you.

    ETA: Posts like this are one of the main reasons I make darned sure to take my badge off or turn it around if I go somewhere as a "civilian." I get so tired of being expected to be "on duty" 24/7...and I am one of those people who goes out of her way to acknowledge everyone.
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  6. by   hypnotic_nurse
    When I smile I feel good, and my face is made for it. So I smile a lot (but that doesn't make it fake or stupid; it's just the way I am).

    My patients often characterize me as "the smiley nurse". And one of my coworkers (who suffers from PMS and is often cranky) asked me once, "Do you really feel like smiling all the time?".

    Not all the time, no. But most of the time. And people usually respond very nicely to it, even the rude and cranky ones.

    At one time I worked in a large area of a university where everyone was really busy and people barely looked at each other in the halls...and I kept running into the same people, day after day as I'd go from one end to the other. One thing I've always remembered from the bombing coverage here was one gentleman who'd smoke outside the Murrah building every day with the same group...he didn't always know their names, but he called them "face friends" because he'd see their friendly faces every day. Well...that phrase stuck with me...and when I'd see these people in the halls, caught up in their own little worlds, I decided to make face friends of them. So I started out by smiling. Then a little wave. If that didn't work I went to one of those really big full arm waves from waaay down the hall. By the time I left that job, EVERYONE I saw every day would light up and give me at least a teeny wave and most of 'em the big arm wave.

    So I'm a dork. I know I made a little teeny difference there...even if it just meant they went back to their cubicles to say "I waved at that psycho in the hall today!"
  7. by   boggle
    Hypnotic friend, I love the idea of "face friends", especially since I can't remember names to save my life!

    Back to the OP. Two things come to mind:

    First, Displacement- the old 'boss yelled at you so you kick the dog' routine. It isn't right or fair, but it happens.

    Second, It doesn't cost a nickel to be nice.

    Hope you have better days ahead. Come work with me, I'll smile at you.
  8. by   hypnotic_nurse
    Quote from boggle
    Hypnotic friend, I love the idea of "face friends", especially since I can't remember names to save my life!
    I can't either -- maybe that's why I like the concept so much!
  9. by   CHATSDALE
    Some People Are Going To Be Rude No Matter What,,,and Some People Just Plain Have Aching Feet, Nasty Husbands, Ungrateful Kids, Etc Etc
    I Was On Vacation In Las Vegas And The Service People Were Horrible....other Vacationer Said That The Companies Knew That The Customers Would Be Back Home Next Week And Employees Were Hard To Get And Keep...
  10. by   mtnmom
    Quote from Nurse GOODNIGHT
    I think a point that was originally missed in the OP's msg. was the name badge issue. We are told to remove it but if it is accidently left on to REMEMBER we represent the facility and our profession. .
    I was just beginning to think as I scrolled through that I was the only one who picked up on this! Anytime we are in uniform with badge on, we represent not only ourselves but our whole profession...who knows, maybe one of those coffeeshop employees currently in high school may be considering a career in nursing one day.
    Whether its a cup of coffee, filling up the gas tank, or buying a gallon of milk, doesnt matter...remember those on the other end are human beings just trying to make it in this world.
  11. by   nursebedlam
    being rude is a low form of whit
  12. by   1BlessedRN
    I just want to say as the previous posts true we are in uniform but we are also human, our mind may be elsewhere sometimes and we are not thinking of smiling and going all out in a conversation, especially if we have had a bad day, pt. die etc. and do you and (coffee service staff) go out of your way to speak and smile, if not why do you expect me to act a certain way due to the fact I'm in a uniform, this post is very judgemental on how nurses are looked upon, yes we strived to be professionals but WE are still human and I am so tired of these posts that think because we are nurses we should act a certain way that THEY think we ought to act, if next time you see a nurse not smiling why don't you try and be the first to interact by saying "it's not that bad" or something positive, remember negative attitudes brings reciprocal actions and positive attitudes brings reciprocal actions and a great ending, and try not to think that all nurses have a negative behavior, WE DON'T. I go in Peace
  13. by   Tweety
    Quote from jnette
    And that's exactly why I'm not leaving these mountains and GENUINELY friendly folk !!!

    Here we still get smiled at, and not a cheshire cat grin, either. The smiles come from the heart, as does the small talk at the coffeeshop counter or the grocerie store or the gas station.

    I notice the lack of HEART in other places, too. How ppl have become totally self focused.
    When family comes to visit us, they can't get over how genuinely friendly ppl are here. And I choose to reside in the Land of Smiles !
    jnette, when I visited the NC mountains several years ago I noticed the waving too when I went on walks. I'd be walking down the road cars would pass and wave.

    I miss the Southern hospitality that isn't prevalent here. Would be nice if a cashier would look at you and say, "thank you have a nice day". Even if it's insincere, just a little manners would be nice. I had a cashier the other day and we conducted the entire transaction in silence. He didn't even give me the total amount, didn't look at me. I ran to the bathroom to see if I smelled or had a booger out my noise. No just no manners like they have back home.

    But that's o.k. One cashier out of 1000s of good ones isn't going to ruin my day. But I just love hearing "Have a nice day". sigh........