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As long as I've been a nurse, I have NEVER been embarrassed by much until last night... We had a resident who prior to our shift coming on duty was yelling and demanding to see a Doctor to take care... Read More

  1. by   KRVRN
    A little beside the point, but still funny...

    Regarding the organism/orgasm slip-up that colleen10 mentioned... I had the most upppity, prim, proper, etc etc english teacher in high school and she made that exact organism/orgasm slip up during class. It was waaayyy funnier coming from her than anyone else I can think of!
  2. by   finallyRN
    Talking to a patient who only speaks spanish, i was holding a piece of trash in my hand and asked the patient what her name was. Her husband must of seen the trash in my hand and misunderstood me and said "basura" I thought he was telling me her name. (Basura means Trash) For the rest of the night i proceed to call her basura. They didn't correct me until several hours and several "basuras" later, when her husband asked me in his best english why are you calling my wife trash, basura means trash. Boy was i mortified. Now i know spanish a lot better.
  3. by   Fervous
    In my second year of nursing school, I was doing my maternity rotation. I got to the hospital early and was asked if I wanted to watch a c-section of twins. I jumped at the chance. Only I didn't make quite make it. right as the Dr. started to make his cut, I blacked out. I vaguely remember someone lifting me. I woke up to the sound of babies crying...
    Then went to watch a circumcision, about hit the floor again.
    A couple days later, same thing with the circumcision again.
    Next day, was watching the Dr. do an epidural. I was doing good until he started moving that needle around in her back. He took one look at me and said, " I'm not hurting her." I said, "No sir, but you're killing me." And slipped out before I went out.
    The sad thing is... all of these episodes was the same Dr.! At least he was a good sport about it. He thought it was funny. My instructor sure didn't though.

    I was doing an admission soon after orientation was over. So, thank God I was doing it alone. On our admit form there's a question about ever being hit, kicked, slapped, or forced into sexual activity. The man looked at his wife with a big grin and said, " I wish!" I felt my face turn red, as well as his wife's. thank heaven's the questions were almost finished.
  4. by   nightmoves
    When I was rotated back Stateside to the OR of a military hospital which shall remain nameless I was assigned to the GYN room for a little while. Having worked primarily trauma while in country (not much GYN on a battlefield in those days) I was not totally familiar with a total abdominal hysterectomy.

    Samples are identified verbally as they are handed off to the circulator, who labels them and packages them for pathology, bacteriology, or wherever. As anyone who has ever been in an OR knows, masks muffle conversation.

    The scrub nurse handed me some tissue in an emesis basin and said what sounded like "left over." And I said, "Well, put it back!"

    And the operating team roared with laughter--they had just excised a left ovary!
  5. by   Cooker93
    My most embarassing moment was years ago and I remember it well, to this day......... I had a patient just out of surgery-hemorrhoidectomy. the orders were to cath him if he doesn't void by 7pm. We tried everything, hand in warm water, running water in the bathroom, etc... Well, the moment of truth arrived and I had to cath him. Mind you , he was a black man about 6 ft. tall and around 30 years old. I was 29 and had been a nurse about 2 years. When I cleaned the end of the penis and started to put the catheter in, it started growing, and growing and growing, and growing. I had a hard time keeping my jaw from dropping, so I could finish and get out of the room quick. I know I had to have turned red.
  6. by   SandyLV
    I had one that really caught me off guard...
    I am a first year student and was cathing a older male during my clinical...He was very cooperative and quiet and I thanked him afterwards...
    But then he said to me in front of about 8 people in the room...
    Now that you played with my penis, Can I play with your vagina???
    The nerve.....
  7. by   mattsmom81
    Sandy, that was very innapropriate of him to have said that to you and I would have been very upset and would have had trouble keeping my cool in your situation.

    When I was young, sexual innuendos were common and almost accepted by young female nurses....I had hoped things had changed today for the young nurses. I'm disgusted to hear it still happens.
    Sick old ba**ard

    You should have replied, "No, because you didn't give me much to play with"

  9. by   hoolahan
    OMG, I am ROTFLMAO, esp with your petite flower, that was sooooo funny, and then he hands you Gas X!

    Now I forget who was feeling themselves up, can't scroll to it, on the other page, and that BJ was pretty funny too. I can't top any of these!

    Once I was turning a pt who had diarrhea, she was on the vent, as we turned her, she coughed and instead of just passing gas, liquid stool shot out at me like a bullet! The one time I decide to wear a white shirt. I couldn't help it, I screamed, which brought about six nurses running thinking my pt was coding or had fallen or worse, only to have them burst into hysterical laughter. Bless them, they got me out of there asap, as I gagged on my way to the BR, and they called the sup for a scrub top. Got home, and my 3 yr old dtr noticed my "new shirt" I said Mommy got pooped on. She said one of the babies pooped on you? I said no, a grown up pooped on me. You should have seen that confused little innocent face!

    Speaking of replacement scrubs, so many were being stolen, the hosp decided to buy paper scrubs for emergencies. So, turning a fresh post op, the NG tube had become unclamped, and green ooze slimed down my leg. I was only able to get paper scrub pants, which was bad enough, but I stopped for milk on the way home. Kept getting the guys looking at me and smiling. I thought, boy I must be having a good hair day today or something, until I got home, and my husband asked me if I went to 7-11 with my pants completely split up the back like that.

    Note to self, put spare uniform in locker!
    Originally posted by hoolahan
    Note to self, put spare uniform in locker!
    It only took me 1 meconium shower to come to that conclusion too, hoolahan!

  11. by   sasseynurse
    With my wacky sense of humor, I found HappeeWendy's mishaps too amusing. Perhaps I could see myself being wacked by some object in my path. (has happened on many occasions). Everyone had something funny to contribute.

    Here's a story from one of my long time ago jobs. I was new to the "hair transplanting" field and as an assistant, I was learning the tricks of the trade. The client was sitting in the chair (you know, the kind you see in beauty salons), my supervisor was standing beside the doctor in back of the chair, and I was on the other side of the doctor.
    We were working in cramped quarters with no room behind to walk past to get to the other side of the room. My supervisor innocently asked me o do something (I forget now what her request was) but it involved me being next to her rather than the doctor. So I took the shortest route that I could to comply with her request--In my mind, I was going to simply step over the client's legs (male, of course) and get to the other side. What I was not prepared for, in my haste, was to trip over the wires that operated the chair. It gave the client quite a startle as I almost landed on his lap and the nurse and doctor broke into laughter as I continued across the room trying to maintain my composure. That moment sure did wonders for the client, as his transplant was without further incident.

    Another time, still in same job, I tried to practice infection control while assisting a rather speedy doctor. The goggles I was wearing kept steaming up and I could not really fix them, as I was wearing sterile gloves-so I had to keep blowing the steam off so I could see what was going on with the top of the client's head. The doctor was magnificent, but didn't tell me until the procedure was over that I had my goggles on upside down--the seroius doctor had a good laugh on me that day!

    All in a day's work!
  12. by   peter73
    When I was A student I was performing incont. care on a elderly woman who had soiled herself with loose. Under the watchful eyes of my instructor I was trying to do it by the book. Needless to say, my little lady was having to good a time...she started to moan, gasp and shake.
    I dropped the wash clothe saying all done. And almost knocked the instructor down getting out of the room. I was laughed at all year for that.

    The the time I was working as a CNA in a nursing home. I got pulled to the young adult unit (16-60y/os). I was happily starting my tioleting when I found what was a big problem upstairs, vaginal bleeding. I went right to the nurse, who happened to be a good friend of mine and reported the large amount of bleeding and clots...as I talked in my concerned i found a problem vioce she smiled then laughed. I was like what??? what's so funny?
    in between the laughing she said, Peter, you moron it's her period.
    I thought I was going to die
    This was also the resident that I asked to roll towards me. She replied "I would but I'm a quad" Which color shirt do you wnat?, replied, "I'm blind what color are they" and the best in the shower...Gee, You have a big indent in the top of your head...replied "yeh, that's from the gun when I tried to off myself"

    Or the time as a charge nurse when I was helping a CNA transfer a REsident to bed and tripped. The resident and I fell on the bed and the resident proclaimed "I finally got you in bed with me, I hope you don't break my hip":imbar :imbar

    the list is endless
  13. by   l.rae
    Oh what is it about seeing someone fall that just makes me loose my composure???? This isn't my most embarrassing...but... one night late in the ER we needed a drug that was not in the pyxis, pharmacy was not there for whatever reason, sooooo....our house supervisor was going to go to the main hospital and get it....shortly befor she left, the family decided it would be better to just get a RX filled at an all night pharm.. one of the nurses started running sown the hall and out to the triage area to try and catch the super before she left. Thought she saw her walking in the parking lot she ran even faster, caught her toe n the rug in front of the sliding doors and fell into them so hard they broke away open. She fell back on her a$$$ rolled head over heels twice and landed with her feet strait up in the air. Security's office is there by the front doors, one of the officers heard the crash stood up and said "l think a car just hit the building." then he looked out and all he saw were ______'s feet in the air and went out to help her but couldn't assist her because he was laughing so hard.

    Another time we were tidying up a room after a code so the family could come back. My co-worker was bent over getting patient's clothes out from under the cart when the deceased's hand dropped off the cart and hit her on the top of the head...she screamed bloody murder jumped back and fell on the floor.........LOL
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