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I was wondering what irritates you experience nurses out there. Since I'll be getting into clinics soon enough, I was wondering what students do that frustrates you the most.... Read More

  1. by   canoehead
    I like students but I am a poor teacher- it's hard to verbalize all the things that are going through my head to assess/do.

    My peeves are when students have completed all their work and sit at the nurses station pretending to look at charts, there's no space for the rest of us to work, and the charts are all out. I suggest you grab a textbook and a vacant room instead.

    I also hate it when students are assigned to a patient and they see something out of the ordinary, but don't know what it means so they ignore it. No pee all shift? Just tell the RN, but please don't leave it for us to figure out all by ourselves a few hours later. It isn't usual for the students to give report where I worked- and I could have really used it, or a heads up that they were leaving.
  2. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    We have to give report about our pt. Our "assigned" nurse (the one who is actually in charge of the pt. we're caring for) is quiet about that pt., then adds whatever we left out, and we make notes about it to remember the next time. Works out well.

    When we are looking at charts, we are to take that chart to the "work room" (it has tables and 2 computers, plenty of room for 10 students) to get our info about our pt., so we aren't crowding the nurse's desk. Actually the only times we're allowed at the desk are when we are getting the chart or getting supplies. We leave a card with the school name and student's first name in the slot where the borrowed chart goes, this way the nurse isn't searching everywhere looking Room # Whoever's chart.
  3. by   asil
    I do not like it when student nurses are lazy!! Be assertive, ask questions and be prepared.
  4. by   TenderTee2
    I don't hate students......I was one at one time....I like the ones that are eager to learn.....The ones that aren't afraid to ask questions and want to do different procedures.....What irritates me are the students that are lazy and dont want to do anything and also the ones that "know it all"...........
  5. by   RN~in~CT
    Know your patients diagnosis, medical history, medications and potential side effects.... and be sure to ask questions
  6. by   shirleyTX
    Thanks again to everyone thats responded. I start clinicals in a few weeks and hopefully a work study program in a couple of months, and will really use your suggestions. I can't image being anything but excited and willing to learn but I will make sure I never start to slack and become LAzy or "a know it all"... To all nurses "thank you"
  7. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Originally posted by Good_Queen_Bess
    There is nothing I particularly hate about students. I have peeves about co-workers in general, which can include students, such as lateness/laziness etc. Nothing that is aimed at students particularly.

    Same here.

    I really enjoy students who want to be there, and are really interested in nursing, nurses and the pts.

    The know-it-alls, the lazy ones, and the ones who are just waiting to be a nurse to "make the big bucks, and wear cool-looking scrubs" drive me crazy.
  8. by   Dave ARNP
    Speak as a Nurse Practitioner, who has been a NSG student for several years prior to going into practice, I know where you are comming from!

    I don't really know any nurses who "hate" students. I personally love students, and act a preceptor to MSN/ARNP's who are doing their clinicals for their NP.

    It is really fun to watch that book knowlege evolve into actual clincal knowlege. Beleive me when I say, that everythign you learned in your texts, and nothing you learned in your texts actually applies to taking care of people.

    Basically, what I mean, is that without "knowing" everythign their is to know about procedues, pharmacology, pathology, disease, and different clincal specialites, you have nothing to implement into your practice.

    But what does know that Morphine is a vasodilator mean? You know it lowers blood pressure, right? However, until you actually give it a few times, and see how patients blood pressure actually drops, and how much it drops; dependent on the dosage, you really cannot implement your clinical knowledege.

    Your nurses are there to help you learn. When one of them appears to be a bit stern with you, understand that in todays world, nurses are under paid, over worked, and da*n right not thought much of! They know what it is like to be in your shoes, and want to make you one of what they are today.

    You have to remember, that they are juggling the lives of several people, and when it comes to making sure Joey gets his Norvasc or Tina gets her Lortab; vs- thoroughly explaing somethign... you might occasionaly get short changed.

    Just try not to take it personally.
    -You might just need to approach them later.

    -David Adams, ACNP, FNP

    P.S. Always remember!
    Nunns are lucky, they only have to serve one God! Nurses... well... They get the pleasure of MD & DO!
  9. by   askater11
    That most are younger then me...to be young again!!!!!! he he he/ j/k.

    I love working with students.

    The only thing I haven't liked....has nothing to do with the students themselves.


    I worked a med surg unit that was staffed with 6 RN's....our supervisor would send 3 R.N.'s home. The supervisor said, "you can go home...these are senior nursing students we'll be all set." I elected to go home because it's an unsafe environment.
  10. by   brenzgrove
    as a recent student, I came across several co-students who were so concerned with looking smarter than the other students and went to great lengths to suck up. They sometimes fool the teachers, and their preceptors might like the constant attention and willingness to do any task at any time, but underneath they and I realize that People who do that kind of stuff are screaming for attention and praise. they actually make themselves look insecure.