What specialties have you tried? Did you end up where you thought you would?

  1. I've worked in Med-Surg, Home Health, OB, Surgery, and School Nursing. I've thought about trying the ER. My favorite so far has been OB but I left it for School Nursing which I've spent the most time in. I'm back in med-surg to get my foot back in the hospital door but know I don't want to stay in med-surg. I was always interested in surgery but ended up hating that. I swore I'd never return to med-surg but it's not been nearly as bad this time around. Just curious what everyone else has tried and is planning on trying.
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  3. by   cn2007rn
    I worked in Telemetry as a new grad, that was very overwhelming and too fast paced for me as a new grad. I spent a small amount of time in psych, I didn't like it, boring but somehow mentally exhausting, I just didn't have the patiences for psych issues. Then I spend a few years in med-surg, I liked it and learned so much but started to burn-out. Now I work in home dialysis, which I really like, it's nice working w/ chronic patients that can have some complicated issues. I am looking for a per-diem in med-surg because sometimes I do miss the challenge of it and always learning something new. I feel like there are a lot of options open when you have current med-surg experience.
  4. by   lovinlife11
    Med-surg, tele, utilization review and hospice triage. Love utilization review, no weekends or holidays and I work from home. It fits my needs for now.
  5. by   Dee_RN
    In my short 2 yrs. as a nurse I've done Geriatrics, pediatrics, psych, school nursing. And now I'm trying travel nursing (as a peds nurse.) Lol, I'm never satisfied! I've always wanted to do OB, but I've never had the chance to do it!!! Something to look forward to in my near future though!!
  6. by   Ivanna_Nurse
    Totally thought I wanted to do ob while I was in school.... Got to the ob rotation and hated it! Did ER as my last clinical.. Thought I loved it. Wound up in medical icu and now rapid response. I've always been fascinated with pregnancy, and wanted to be a clc... I was surprised by my own self when I hated ob!! Ivanna
  7. by   LDRNMOMMY
    I worked 5 years in L&D and I currently work in an outpatient wound care clinic. I never thought I would work wound care. I don't love it, but the hours work for my family right now and I work with some amazing people. I am a military spouse and we move every couple of years so who knows where I'll go next.
  8. by   westieluv
    When I was a student, I always dreamed of working Peds. I started out on Med/Surg and they asked me if I wanted to cross train to work Peds, which I was thrilled about. Then I actually ended up hating Peds. Parents were either not present at all, leaving the nurses to carry around crying babies and toddlers the entire shift, or they were hovering over me, seemingly double checking and questioning everything that I did. I also hated, hated, HATED inflicting pain on kids who were too young to understand why. It was stressful! Then back to several years on and off of Med/Surg, seven years off to stay home with our kids, then when I tried to get back into nursing after the seven years off, the only place I could get hired was an inpatient hospice unit, which then turned into two years of hospice field nursing, and a position as a hospice intake nurse in an office. Recently, I returned to Med/Surg. I have now been an RN for over 22 years, and I see my career being finished out in Med/Surg. I don't hate it like a lot of nurses do, and it feels good to help new grads get their sea legs.
  9. by   Kristinurse
    My first job out of school was in OB, I worked there 2 years and loved the job but hated the hours. I found a day shift job working out patient recovery room in a surgery center, I did that for four years and wasn't feeling challenged enough so I got on at a state prison working as an ER nurse, I have to say that working at the prison was the most fun and exciting nursing job ever but it has a lot of bad parts. I left there and went back to outpatient recovery room but this time at a children's hospital. I absolutely hated working peds, it was awful, I only did it for a few months. When I left there I started working in an Acute Psychiatric Hospital, this is where I am now. We have clients starting at age 3 up to 17 and age 55 and up. I ended up on the geriatric wing which I never anticipated liking but surprisingly have completely fallen in love with. So, no, I am not where I expected to be.
  10. by   tvmw
    I worked strictly peds, critical care, ER, and med surg for 18 years. Now in adult endoscopy lab. Never believed I would be here or like it. But 3 years later, don't have any plans to leave. My advice, don't be afraid to try new things.
  11. by   echoRNC711
    I started in Med /Surg 20yrs ago. Per diemed in oncology, psych, detox, nursery, PP peds, PACU , pain mgmt, ED and all the units. Did Tele nursing then onto CVRU. ASU,OR. Currently in cardiac rehab and teach pt in house. Everyone assumed I would be a psych nurse. I have loved all of it. Change is good and keeps you fresh.The area I loved most was end of life care. I precept nursing students in community nursing rotations and I am looking forward down the line to finishing my career in hospice visiting nurse. It has been a great adventure. I am grateful
  12. by   dreamingofbeing
    Started out in Oncology and thought that was my dream job, got assaulted by a patient and left. I went to a telemetry/ICU stepdown unit and hated every single day the 2 years I was there. My next job was Interventional Radiology and I loved it but the environment was extremely toxic and I left it for a job in pediatric psych. I worked that job for 3 months and while I loved pediatric psych I hated the politics of working a state facility and evening shifts were awful. This all leads to my current position as a pediatric sedation nurse in MRI. I love my job and hope to stay here for a long time. It's the first time in my nursing career I'm not thinking I made a bad decision in becoming a nurse.
  13. by   KelRN215
    Yes and No. I ended up exactly where I thought I would be as a new grad. Stayed there 5 years and then left this past spring. Now I am doing pediatric home care and per diem school nursing. I LOVE what I'm doing now.
  14. by   nrsang97
    I started out in med/surg, did neuro ICU for 6 years and now I am rapid response. I am really liking rapid response. Love the fact it is totally self scheduling.