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She said, in 1985 she started as an LPN, and when she was in school, they were told they would Graduate without a job! That was 1985, she is now an RN. She said "LPN's are licensed by the state!!... Read More

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    Very interesting reading. About 10 years ago our place when throught a "redesign" and in the process, everybody's Job description delineator changed. RN's were now Patient Care Coordinators, Aides were now Clinical Care Partners, Unit secretaries were now Asp's and I don't know what that stood for. Smoke screen, if you ask me, so the patients and families didn't know who anybody was or what their job descriptions were.
    i know i will be ticked off if after i work my butt off to put RN after my name, some facility tells me i am a Patient Care Coordinator or some other bulls**t title! :angryfire I am in school so that i can be a nurse and i expect to be called that. (if i were going to LPN school would be ticked ALSO about them trying to hire me on as an aide!)
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    Okay, look. I have not the time, the will, nor the desire to argue

    Yet, I find hilarious the number of LPNs who THINK they have what it takes to be an RN. Everyone wants to be considered a professional, BUT VERY FEW are willing to put forth the effort to reach that level. There are DISTINCT DIFFEERNCES in the education of an LPN vs. an ADN. And the BSN? The differences in education are incomparable. Okay, okay.....so you are better at making beds, inserting foleys, or other "technical" duties. So is a highly trained monkey. But can you think critically? Let me answer that for you....NO. 90% of LPNs don't know the meaning of critical thinking, much less have the ability to apply it. I think that it is safe to say that 99.9% of LPNs CANNOT take a critical situation and apply knowledge learned from physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology etc. and apply it to that situation. It's possible to memorize a ton of information, but NOT UNDERSTAND ANY OF IT. That is precisely the reason why your scope of practice is limited, as well as why advanced practice nursing requires the BSN as a prerequisite.

    Yet, as always, nursing continues to seek the least common denominator - that which is easiest. What is the easiest and fastest way I can obtain my AND? That is no different than me stating, "How many classes can I skip in medical school? After all, I have eight years of full-time college education (and every prerequisite for medical school). I hold a BSN (4.0 G.P.A.) as well as a Masc. (3.95 G.P.A), in conjunction to years of VALUBLE experience. Don't forget!!! I already have prescriptive privileges, and I've tutored many of your medical students over the past two years in physical assessment skills! That should count for something!!!!! Pu-leeeaassseeee. Do you think they give a damn? Of course not. It is called S-T-A-N-D-A-R-D-S. Get it? One more time...
    S-T-A-N-D-A-R-D-S. By all means...pursue an AND (or whatever) in the fast track, but please...PLEASE - don't whine and moan because you aren't deemed a professional.

    Furthermore, the longstanding conviction that the BSN should be the entry level into nursing will never be adhered to. Thus, I am an advocate of having LPNs join the ANA in a limited capacity. There clearly needs to be unity within this field. But make no mistake. While unity is imperative for nursing to progress, there is a reason for the hierarchy. All nurses ARE NOT the same.

    As always, this is not meant to be construed as insensitive or rude. However, the issue has apparently become cloudy, and the need for clarification is quite evident. I am done with this issue. Take care.

    :angryfire Is anyone here as completely shocked by this post as I am? First of all, you cannot make the comments that you made without being "insensitive" and "rude". As a BSN, I agree that, yes, there is a "hierarchy" and that there is a reason for that. Yes, the education is completely different. However, your point is completely overshadowed by your ridiculous attitude and defensiveness. Second, LPNs may not all be LPNs because they dont want to put in the effort! Many LPNs I have worked with have either time, financial, or family constraints that keep them from pursuing the further education that they desire. Also, many LPNs are very happy being where they are. I am a new grad from a BSN program and I look to my colleagues for support and guidance. I would expect someone with such a "superior" academic background to be supportive of their colleagues and want to help the profession of nursing. On the day you wrote these comments, where were your critical thinking skills? Any common sense would tell you that your attitude is terrible and your maturity is lacking. How many times have you felt put down by a physician when he refuses to listen to your advice about a patient, because the physician thinks he is superior? Didnt feel so good, did it? I am sure that more than 0.1% of LPNs are able to think critically...they're not idiots for Gods sake!

    Oh, and for the record, I've never see a monkey insert a foley. I dont think thats been scientifically proven yet.

    Just a few comments from a BSN who is not willing to degrade her colleagues to look superior.
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