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  1. by   ceann
    I do not appreciate it when nurses describe body secretions in food terms such as "creamy" or "pudding like consistency" . Gross!!!
  2. by   firstyearstudent
    I hear you about the whole BSN think. Personally, I think BSN should be the minimum qualification but only because ADN nurses are getting ripped off. They know just about everything a BSN nurse knows but don't have an equal credential. It's stupid. And BSN nurses who "lord it over" ADN nurses are just buying into the ******** hierarchical structure that is healthcare.

    I'm a second career nurse with a B.A. from an Ivy League school (in an unrelated discipline) and ADN equivalent from a community college and a massive amount of life experience and I in no way feel inferior to a BSN nurse.
  3. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from heogog53
    let's see now- i'm an old nurse who has not one penny to her name.....i can't retire. i was ill for five years, lost everything i had, bankrupt and foreclosed, and came back to work at age 51. i'm sure not the barrel of fire i was when i was in my 20's or 30's, but i have kept up.
    hmmm. fat. gee whiz. i used to weigh a reasonable amount of weight and work out. then apatient who weighed twice as much as me took me out by falling on me. i haven't been able to walk the dog or work out in a gym ever since. could be one reason why i'm fat.
    do i wipe butts? yup.
    pet peeve; opinionated people who have horrible attitudes, pre-judge others without knowing their stories and too cold to get to know them.
    if you'd like to fund my retirement, please< by all means let me know. i hurt like hell, day and night, try to do my therapy anyway and don't seem to get anywhere. lord knows i'd love to retire these painful bones.
    but until there is enough money in the till, old fat, slow and experienced is hanging in there.
    i wouldn't wish what happened to me on anyone else, but you are tempting me.....
    [font="comic sans ms"]and one of my biggest nursing pet peeves is the newbie who thinks all the "old dog nurses" ought to just retire and get out of her way so she can get permanent day shift, charge, seniority or whatever!
  4. by   conrnmof2
    Getting a great blood return and almost have it all capped off and ready to flush and the patients moves and you lose your site.......................
  5. by   purple08
    when patients/families do not use the call light and come out of their room to find you. however, they cannot find you because you are busy with another patient. so they grab the first person they see.

    nurses who leave work for you to do...

    charge nurses not caring that you have multiple busy patients, and it's 3 pm (or 3 am for that matter) and you still haven't had lunch yet, and still give you that new admission.

  6. by   StayLost
    When a pt's family members, who is currently in some sort of medical program, try to flaunt their "extensive" medical skills by questioning everything I do in an attempt to impress their family. That bothers me to death.
  7. by   kool-aide, RN
    Quote from Tweety
    The nurses that feel the need to inform me when they are menstrating. Had a tech today "don't mess with me today, I've got PMS".....ummm....thank you very much, I'll walk on eggshells, allow you do be lazy and short-tempered, appreciate the info.

    I love this sooo much! lol
  8. by   kool-aide, RN
    I hate it when someone uses the dynamaps and then leaves it in a tangled mess afterward. so annoying.

    or when the CNA before me tells me in report that she "didn't get a chance to pass waters, take out the trash and linen, etc before she left." well, then you should probably stay and finish your work! I don't leave work for the next shift. I refuse to do it. :grn:
  9. by   BlessedMomRN
    Any doctor that sits at my work station the moment I stand up to answer a call light; logs me off in the middle of what every I'm doing and pushes my stuff to the side so they can log on. There is a doctor's office complete with computer and printers about 15 steps away from the nurses station. Then, they leave without logging off.
  10. by   carolmaccas66
    NM who give you certain duties to do when you float, another NM comes along & says no we want Carol doing such & such, they don't communicate with each other and I get in the s**t because I'm not doing the first set of duties!! I feel like yelling: TALK TO EACH OTHER! It ain't that hard...
  11. by   jlcole45
    The previous shift leaving the Pts room in a mess. Unless they had emergencies all shift long. I hate it when I walk in and there's trash, empty cups, a litter filled bedside tray, etc ...
  12. by   SaltyNurse
    Dealing with the miserable Rotorest bed!
  13. by   StayAtHomeNurseMom
    I am a LVN of 15 years and my husband and I have a medical group home in our home. We have 10 nurses on staff. I have been labeled the psycho ***** mom because I expect them to: actually follow the plan of care for each child and do their job (I have had to make a daily schedule for each of my kids just so I know my kids are getting the care they need and deserve!!

    I can't tell you how many nurses I have fired over the last 5 years for standing around while their child layed in the bed, or just wandered around the house while the nurses congregated and were gossiping!

    Not to mention the amount of poop, meds, milk, snot and puke I have cleaned up off the floor, ceiling, beds, walls and everywhere else because they were too lazy to do it themselves.

    As a mom this pisses me off. As a nurse it REALLY pisses me off!