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sicushells has 3 years experience as a RN and specializes in SICU, Peds CVICU.

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  1. sicushells

    Peds CVICU

    Hey Janfrn! I just wanted to give you a quick update. I've been in the peds CVICU for a few months now, and I like it a lot! It's taked some time to get used to how different things are in adults versus peds, but I love my patients (mostly :) ). Thanks again for all you encouragement!
  2. sicushells

    Uniforms and dress codes

    We wear navy blue scrubs. The hospital does not offer us an allowance, but roughly once a year we're given a scrub top with the hospital name on it as a present. The hospital does not launder them for us. In this economy I'm really surprised how many people are expecting the hospital to provide or launder scrubs for the staff. OR and L&D nurses do get OR scrubs, but that's for sanitation purposes (I doubt it's evidence-based, but it's "what we do", so you know it's what we'll always do). Also, I don't know about your laundry services, but our laundry sends us "clean" sheets with blood/puke/rips all the time. I'd hate to see what they'd do to my scrubs.
  3. sicushells

    Did I handle this incorrectly?

    Some people are never going to be happy with the care you give. They can always find something they would have done differently. Sometimes they're right, sometimes it's an ego trip. You have to learn from the first and shrug off the second. It sounds like what you did was totally appropriate. Also, I LOVE BluegrassRN's idea. That sounds perfect!
  4. sicushells

    Peds CVICU

  5. sicushells

    Peds CVICU

    I just wanted to let you know that I got the job! I'll be starting in a few weeks.
  6. sicushells

    Met with supervisor today....

    Maybe the culture where I work is completely different, but being "intimidating" is more of an assest than a negative. How on Earth are you supposed to get anything done unless people are a little scared of you and ask "how high?" when you say "jump"? It would be different if you were new, but you've been there for three years now. The new onset "Jekyll/Hyde" syndrome sounds very suspicious to me too. Good luck getting through the next few weeks. The phrase "When God closes a door, He opens a window" comes to mind.
  7. Has anyone used a nurse recruiter to find a job? What was good/bad about it? Any pointers for what to look for in an agency/recruiter? Thanks.
  8. sicushells

    Peds CVICU

    Do you have any suggestions for how I might reaquaint myself with the peds world? I would defiantely like to brush up before any interviews, and I really don't remember that much from my peds rotation in nursing school.
  9. sicushells

    Anyone else studying for CCRN exam?

    How long does it take after you apply to take the exam to get permission to test? I applied in early August. I was sure it was in the mail today, but it was just my notification to renew my AACN membership. Argg.... I'm getting so impatient, even though there's still a lot of studying i want to do.
  10. What?! At my facility they cost maybe $10.
  11. sicushells

    Peds CVICU

    :) I love your confidence in me. I still have to apply and get a job offer. I'll post with an update though.
  12. sicushells

    Peds CVICU

    lol, I try to empathetic to the 50 years old with a carepath CABG, but I often have some comment like, "Every day is a blessing, isn't it?" slip out of my mouth. I'm going to apply for the CVICU that I've been looking at. Thank you for giving me some more information.
  13. ... I don't really see where's she's coming from. If I made DOUBLE what I made now I still wouldn't make too much considering the nonsense we have to put up with just to TRY to help people reach an optimal state of health. but I think it's nice of you to try to see the world through some one else's eyes.
  14. sicushells

    Peds CVICU

    Hey everyone! I've been working in an adult SICU/CVICU for a few years, and am going to be moving and switching jobs soon. The more I evaluate my job, the more I realize I need something different, but I'm honestly not quite sure what. There's a few Peds CVICU openings at a hospital in the new city, which peaked my interest. What do you like/hate/love/find extremely challenging about CV surgery patients? (In adults it's usually 50 y/o executive-types who know some higher-up in the hospital but are crying to their mom when you ask them to get out of bed to a chair for the first time.)
  15. sicushells

    Tele/Vascular=Critical Care?

    CTICU can be really intense, but exciting. You can have patients that you're sure will be dead by morning, make it and do well. Tech experience can be really helpful, you'll see more than you would in school and it's a great opportunity to network and get a feel for nursing before graduating. When you do graduate you should look for a new grad program of some sort. Many ICU orientations are 20 weeks, and even with tech exp. you want the time to figure out what you're doing as The Nurse. Good luck with your interviews!
  16. sicushells

    Nurses providing good "service"?

    Our facility has a had a really big push for required educational "offerings" (read: non-clinical nurses who want to keep their jobs so they're making busy work for the rest of us). One class was about customer satisfaction, keeping people happy, blah blah blah. The educator said that, maybe ten years ago, we had managers for dietary that would round on each floor and make sure everything was okay, and pharmacy would round, and make sure they didn't miss any meds, and managers from housekeeping would make sure everything was cleaned. Then hospitals started becoming more 'cost-conscious' (translation: the nurse can do it!) and eliminated those positions because it's more effective to have the nurse do everything. So now we're responsible for trays being on time, rooms being cleaned appropriately, meds being delivered on time. The bottom-line of the class? We're also responsible to make sure that the customer... oops, I meant patient, since they have healthcare needs and all, gets whatever they want. The stellar example from the "nurse" educator? ... "The patient wanted a Pepsi, and I asked the charge nurse what the chances of her getting that Pepsi were. The response was "It depends on the nurse", but People, it shouldn't! We should all be giving great care!!" Umm.... hello? My hospital only serves Coca-Cola.

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