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sicushells has 3 years experience as a RN and specializes in SICU, Peds CVICU.

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  1. sicushells

    Recording output from a CTT drainage

    What does the second "t" stand for? (Chest Tube T...ube?)
  2. sicushells

    Nursing Student, ADN or BSN? im about to quit

    1) You have to go to LVN school to be an LVN. 2) Money is always going to be tight, don't use that as an excuse not to get your BSN. It's incredibly difficult to get a job as a new grad with your BSN, not impossible, but difficult. Things might turn...
  3. First of all- Great Job! It sounds like you gave a really solid interview. That's awesome! Second of all- no, not necessarily. It's unlikely they'll spend money to give you a drug screen if they're not really really interested in you. However, you on...
  4. sicushells

    Applied to two jobs

    1) It's possible that they'll be interested in you. Whether you hear from them or not depends on several factors (how much they need someone, how strong your resume is, how relevant your experience is, etc.) Make sure that your resume is good. Have c...
  5. sicushells


    Hopefully your internship offers the ECCO program through AACN. Joining AACN, if you haven't already, is also good- they have tons of info available. for hemodynamic education is awesome and very...very detailed. Good luck!
  6. sicushells

    VS standards- Am I Wrong?

    Ruby: Thank you, sincerely. I posted on here because I was frustrated and trying to figure out if I was being an ICU know-it-all diva or if I had legitimate safety complaints. So far, I think my answer is: a little of both. I was concerned because th...
  7. sicushells

    Part 2, Not that I want to go back to nursing but......

    Ehh... employers LEGALLY can say anything truthful they want about why/how you left a job. SOME companies have decided they will only confirm dates employed. There's a huge difference. It's also not a good idea to say you left because of a difficult ...
  8. sicushells

    ICU to Floor?

    I probably could have clarified- I'm not looking at changing to floor nursing. I am curious as to whether the transition would be easier because of ICU experience. I am switching jobs soon to a hospital that keeps their patients in one room throughou...
  9. sicushells

    ICU to Floor?

    Just out of curiosity, did the ICU nurses get floated to step down often, or was it an occasional situation? I've been floated a few times, and holy cow- I respect float pool nurses! I hate being out of my comfort zone. It takes so much longer to get...
  10. sicushells

    Advice for a new grad!

    It's not such a big deal to accept a job, and then change your mind. As long as you give the clinic notice, they should be understanding and it shouldn't affect your ability to get hired there in the future. And that's only if you like the residency ...
  11. sicushells

    ICU to Floor?

    There are many threads about the merits of going the Nursing School -> Med Surg -> ICU route vs. Nursing School -> ICU route. However, I've never seen on here or met anyone who has gone from the ICU to floor. I'm wondering if it could be don...
  12. sicushells

    Vent: MD visitors who are NOT intensivists

    I wish there was a "Shut Up" button- like an "Easy" button, y'know? And when the 75 year old physician tells me my chronically critically ill patient can't possibly be adrenally insufficient I could hit the button and finish working, and then teach h...
  13. sicushells

    New grad/bad economy, bend over and take it?

    I love AAM!! She's hysterical, and brings up excellent points about not feeling like you're begging for a job everytime you interview. However. You have a choice to make. You can Choose to wait for a dayshift position, or accept a nights position. Th...
  14. Just out of curiosity, but how do you hook up multiple gtts if you don't use a manifold? And don't you always label your lines? (unless it's just IVF or something) I tried to find a picture of the ones we use, and couldn't -but- they have one-way val...
  15. I hope your preceptor is available for you to talk with about these "procedural" sort of things. I'm not sure what your hospital policy is, so I'll hold off on telling you exactly what to do, but you absolutely should talk with your preceptor about i...