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I thought I had seen some AH orders but yesterday took the all time win! I had a 97 year old man admitted from ER with impaction and the order said---- "Give oil retention enema and have pt. hold ... Read More

  1. by   EmmaG
    "Move patient to a room with a view"

  2. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from Emmanuel Goldstein
    "Move patient to a room with a view"

    view this.

  3. by   Ivanna_Nurse
    Hey all... Orders for a non responsive vent pt.. OOB with assistance only. Huh?
  4. by   David's Harp
    This newbie says this thread is lots of these:

    Thanks for the laughs, all!

  5. by   harley007
    I love this thread it made my on call weekend fun. The thought of "dangling" a baby with it's little legs out of each port hole or sitting on the side of an isolette is just too cute and will keep me smiling all day. I hope whom ever wrote this order was a resident MD fresh from a surgical floor rotation. Oh well, no brain no pain! :spin::spin:
  6. by   lpnstudentin2010
    more aquardly written then anything else...I injured my tailbone and in my choir we lay on the floor to do breathing excersises I got an order from the ortho resedent "patient has been advesed to refrain from activities while laying on the floor"
  7. by   ElvishDNP
    Worked with a doc (community health/family practice) who referred a female pt of his to the optometrist for her yearly mammogram. I razzed him about that for a long time.
  8. by   pfongk
    shown to me by an RN.
    elocon cream to be applied to eczema by Sr A and Sr B B.D. for 3/52.
    Now these 2 RNs only work mornings and the work the same 4 mornings a week.
  9. by   CoCo_low
    My all-time favorite extra-smart and quiet eccentric old school Doc is notorious for crazy orders.

    "Crepe myrtle stick dipped in cinnamon for nicotine withdrawal"

    Crepe Myrtle trees were easily reached outside the pt window. No I did not give...:uhoh21:

    "one beer with supper"
    She was 90ish and indignant, she had "never drank whiskey in her whole life!"
  10. by   melpn
    Pt OOB when ambulating. Okaaayy...
  11. by   RainDreamer
    Just had an order last night that read:

    "Minimum feeds: 50 cc Q4 hours."

    Then that whole line was CROSSED out and had "error" written next to it.

    Then below it, it said "Minimum feeds: 25 cc Q2 hours"

    HUH?!?! Seriously?! I really want to know what's going on in these residents' minds sometimes. A lot of times I think to myself "ok, that musta made sense to someone at some point". But this one I'm just not seeing :uhoh21:
  12. by   Alois Wolf
    Well this one is not so much dumb as it is redundant:

    15mg Benadryl for aggression and 50mg sominex for insomnia... my issue is, as you have probably already guessed is that this = 65mg Diphenhydramine the same exact anti-histamine.

    (At my facility whenever an individual becomes violent and other techniques have failed to calm him down he/she is usually given a cocktail of haldol, benadryl and ativan IM... but when I read the med list and saw the above... I just scratched my head and turned the page.)
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  13. by   JaredCNA
    I was reading a doctor's admission notes when unit clerking once and it said "Pt smokes 1 pack per day but does not inhale." As a smoker, I just had to bust out laughing.