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nurse grace RN has 15 years experience as a BSN and specializes in med/surg, TELE,CM, clinica[ documentation.

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  1. nurse grace RN

    Nurses secretive about getting another job

    Some people like to keep their business private and don't appreciate people nosing around their business. The information could cause problems when schedulers hear about and make assumptions.
  2. nurse grace RN

    Online classes: Who? What? Where? Why?

    I am in my last class for my RN-BSN on line and it has been great. I have had to stay very motivated to do it but it has been worth it. I am considering an on line Masters but wonder how much more difficult the classes are.
  3. nurse grace RN

    How old is too old to become an APRN? I am 57. is that too old?

    Wow, there is hope for me then I will see how I feel after I finish this BSN program. I would love to do an MSN and then be a FNP. I am 53.
  4. nurse grace RN

    The Patient I Failed

    Beautifully written and this happens more often than it should. And yes , this is the type of family that will "sue". The poor patient, when my parents became too ill to have a meaningful quality of life we followed their wishes and their . "living Wills'.
  5. nurse grace RN

    One RN alone on Unit

    We are exeriencing low census now and have similar situation but not tele patients. I still think it is unsafe practice for only one nurse on a unit no matter the census.
  6. nurse grace RN

    From a single candle: Words from an RN Pinning Ceremony

    Wonderful articl brought tears to my eyes. I find it inspiring also and it reminds me of why I also became a second career RN.
  7. nurse grace RN

    What Precepting Means to Me

    I was asked to be a preceptor by my manager and at first I was unsure of whether to take on such a responsibility. Did I have the skill? Was I proficient enough? Did I have the patience to do this job? Could I be successful in this new task? Preceptor Qualities A preceptor is an exemplary person who can teach but also sit back and review new grads as they progress through training. A preceptor will always be available whenever needed. Preceptors should follow and adhere to a learning contract to insure that the preceptee has successfully learned all of the tasks. Preceptors also must meet a certain criteria to be allowed to precept other nurses. They should attend inservices and be knowledgeable about personality types and the different phases of reality shock for the new nurse. The preceptor should feel a strong sense of accomplishment and pride whenever the preceptee graduates. I did a lot of soul searching and decided that I would accept the challenge. I became a preceptor and jumped in with both feet because I wanted to be the best preceptor possible. I wanted to be a preceptor that any new grad would want to have and to be very different from what I received as a preceptee. I knew that to be a brand new grad on a med-surg floor could be an extremely scary thing and my first task was to have my preceptee trust me. I knew trust was key in a successful relationship. I began by developing an open and honest communication style with my preceptee. I stressed that she could come to me with anything and that "no question was stupid". I also was not afraid to praise her when she did well and to never criticize her in front of others. I also emphasized that I was always there to help her out if or when she needed it. My preceptee soon blossomed into an eager, caring nurse and she was enjoying her days as a med-surg nurse. She started out with one patient and soon was able to handle two and then three. I could see her growing into the confident nurse that she would be. She began to develop her critical thinking skills and to learn to listen to her intuition and know what " the hair standing up on the back of her neck', was telling her. She soon was drawing blood like a pro and began starting IVs with ease. She was rapidly progressing from novice to beginner. I watched her as her confidence grew in her interactions with doctors and residents. She soon felt confident enough to make suggestions about patient care. She also started to question medications and procedures and if they were appropriate for the patient. She also took on more and more difficult assignments because " she wanted the challenge". The weeks went on and she continued to grow and become more confident everyday. Soon she was handling the entire assignment of six patients on her own. She had also learned to delegate appropriately and to prioritize her care. She also was eager to take a new admission when they came to the floor and to even help if she was caught up. It was soon ten weeks into the program and soon she would be on her own. I wanted to be sure that she was ready. We reviewed all of her documents, we discussed -"what if" scenarios. We had practice codes and practice METS, we had skill tests and talked about medications and interactions. We had covered it all. And now my preceptee was ready to go on her own. I had watched this young nurse as she went through all of the phases of reality shock during her orientation from the honeymoon phase through resolution and she was soon going to experience it all over again as a new nurse. I watched her as she began her first day on her own. She was a bit scared as she started out but soon a resident came to the desk and asked- " who is the nurse for 456 bed a"? She stood and said " that would be me, how can I help you? I knew she was going to be fine, she was spreading her wings and flying solo and I was proud of her and also thankful to have such a noble opportunity.
  8. nurse grace RN

    Losing patients you are close to...vent

    Thank you for all that you did for the souls you lost and for what you continue to do. I know your compassion and caring for these very special patients is a wonderful gift from you to them. You are doing God's work, I admire you! You make me proud of our profession. I know it hurts very much to lose a patient that you have grown close to, but remember what wonderful care you provided and the difference you made in their life and hopefully that can give you some comfort.
  9. nurse grace RN

    Medicare Observation vs Inpatient

    The observation vs admission problem causes a great deal of problems where I work. It is a constant battle to get it right. And "RAC" audits are dreaded, and we are expecting to have to pay money back, We are instructed "not to force anyone under InterquAL". We send alot of PA referrals to our advisor.
  10. nurse grace RN

    Helene Fuld School of Nursing Closing

    Many people have expressed their opinions on the subject of Helene Fuld closing. Yes, it is true that the phila/SJ area does say "BSN" preferred in their ads but do you really think all of the ADN and and Associate degree RNS are unemployable? If that were the case, why do the community colleges continue to graduate classes each spring? I am a proud graduate of Helene Fuld, class of 2005. I got a fabulous education and yes it was very expensive, but I was well prepared to be a graduate nurse and enter orientation. I already have a BS in another filed so I don't feel the desperate need to get a BSN , right this very second! Yes, I will get one,in due time, not immediately. I don't know what happened at HF to cause the school to close, probably a number of things: cost, competition, problems internally?, one can only wonder. I still think it is a shame because it was a great school, with excellent instructors , that provided a fabulous nursing education and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to get my education from such a valued program.
  11. nurse grace RN

    The Paws That Refresh Us: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    What a great story! Animals do make such a difference in our daily lives, I know first hand because I have a trio of my own. I have seen the way faces brighten at the sight of therapy animals and always look forward to their visit to the floor.
  12. nurse grace RN

    Who's in violation of Hipaa?

    Sounds like homework to me.................
  13. nurse grace RN

    Bedside reporting

    Patients due tend to feel more involved in their care and more satisfied as a result. We have been seeing more positive results when patients are more involved. :)
  14. nurse grace RN

    Was This a HIPAA Violation?

    If she did it where I work she would be suspended or even at risk of losing her job, it is a Hippa violation . and should not be brought up in a public situation.
  15. nurse grace RN

    Would you question this order?

    WHere I work we are written up if we do not call critical labs to the doc even if he writes an order not to call! He of course can say to leave the patient go without any type of intervention as long as the info is passed on and documented.
  16. nurse grace RN

    Would you question this order?

    Question the order, and defend your license! If it is policy to call all critical values call them. You are the RN, if the MD gets mad, he will get over it. He had poor judgement in not ordering a repeat study. You are on your way to being an excellent nurse because you already have critical thinking skills and care about your patient. Good job!:)

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