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Several years ago we had an elderly intubated woman admitted from the ER. She had resp. distress at home and ended up vented. They brought her up to us minus her post intubation film so x-ray came... Read More

  1. by   shannonRN
    i think if my hubby to be was planning on giving me a "golden wedding ring" on our honeymoon....it would be THE shortage marriage ever!!!! that is filthy!!!!:imbar
  2. by   colleen10
    OMG! The megma story literally made me gag.
  3. by   dawngloves
    Little old lady, CVA, NPO, Oriented x 0, been sat-ing low, 70's-80's, since late afternoon. No idea why. Put her on nasal cannula.
    Next morning, am presented with the COMMUNIUN WAFER that was found in the back of her throat, found while getting mouth care on night shift!!! Seems the priest came to see her yesterday afternoon and was not a good one!
    Sat-ing 97% on roon air after extracting said wafer.
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  4. by   JeannieM
    We had the sweetest little resident in the nursing home where I worded many years ago as an aide. Anna had a trach. A LONG term trach... Well, there wasn't much amusement there, so Anna got a kick out of "hiding" her trach tube! Sometimes a confused resident would come up and hold it out, saying this lady gave it to him...once we found it hidden in another resident's diaper. It might be in a shower, a toilet, anywhere. We always knew that when Anna came up to us without her trach, it was going to be an interesting day. She would laugh and laugh (silently) watching us hunt for it.:chuckle
  5. by   fedupnurse
    Gotta love patients like Anna.
    Speaking of glass stuff up the butt, a friend at work was doing AGency near her home and got a patient who shoved a glass mustard bottle up his poop chute. They had to break it (guess it must have been that family size ones!) and this young guy ended up with a colosotmy-probably permanently. Can't stick ANYTHING up there now!!!
  6. by   kittyw
    I'm not in the ER... so most of the pts we get are pretty "bland" but we had this pt on our floor with a Jpeg and wound drain (med/surg floor) and the nurse hooks up the tube feeding to the wound drain and suctions the Jpeg for three hours! Not a pretty sight.
  7. by   CATHYW
    Originally posted by OrphanAnnie
    Had a femal patient admitted with necrosis from the waist down..took more than an hour to do her treatment daily and two nurses...if you moved her LE too much you could see the black tissues start separating. Bless her heart..she was so sweet..it just killed us...she lived 3 - 4 more weeks this way.
    Orphan Annie, what caused the necrosis?
  8. by   CATHYW
    originally posted by fedupnurse
    smegma, what a wonderful word! we use it to describe suits and doc we can't stand.
    from webster's, read out loud by an emt i worked with: smegma-"a cheesy, lacquer-like, odoriferous substance."

    i guess that about covers it! what kind of gift is that for a wife? a "foretaste" of what is to come?
  9. by   LasVegasRN
    ........I guess that about covers it! What kind of gift is that for a wife? A "foretaste" of what is to come?..........(Cathy W)

    ::::: HURLING :::::::

    ya got me on that one.......whew.
  10. by   KaraLea
    I once had a female patient with UNTREATED Breast CA. OMG! The smell alone was enough to gag a maggot. It had eaten all the way to the outside and was just one big open, oozing, stinking hole in this woman's chest. I got my first mammogram done the next week.
  11. by   caroladybelle
    I took care of a sinus cancer pt where the necrosis had eaten a hole through into the brain and basically performed a prefrontal lobotomy. The smell was very bad and we did dressing changes - you could see the pulsing of the blood vessels. Necrosing tumors are the worst.

    Tumors in the neck or groin, invading the major blood vessels - with the slow bleeds - worrying about exsaunganation - that's always freaky.
  12. by   RNinICU
    Had a woman come in with an old mercury thermometer in her bladder. She and hubby had been using it for foreplay, and it "slipped" into her bladder. Had to have a cysto to remove it.
    Also had a 45 year old man come in with gangrene of both legs, open areas full of maggots. I have actually seen maggots in wounds several times.
    When I worked in the ED a woman came in who had fallen at home and was not found for secveral days. She had a houseful of cats and was covered in her own feces as well as cat feces. The cats had been licking her wounds, so she of course ended up septic with Pasteurella in her blood cultures. She apparently broke her finger when she fell, and then kept manipulating it until it was attached by only a flap of skin, and was mummified. Amazingly, she survived, but was in ICU for a long time
  13. by   MollyJ
    FB's in unnatural orifices rank right up there BUT within about 6 or 8 months my unit had 2 older men who stabbed their scrotum's with knives. One said he didn't need it anymore. Impressive swelling and oozing.

    Also, anyone here remember gerbiling. That was pretty gross.

    We had a psych patient that was a swallower and the local prison would occasionally send us swallowers. Patient A grabbed spinal needles off the cart and "snarfed" those. Patient B was into bed springs.

    Had a couple of guys who didn't believe in underwear come in with scrotum or penis entrapped in their pant's zippers. It would make me nervous to see the ED doc assemble pliers etc for the job and I don't even have a penis.

    Admit it--we're all people junkies!