What Is Life Like For An Rn In The Usa

  1. A certain agency is currently recruiting nurses from Kenya, with promises for riches as an inticement. Is there some one out there who can give us the true picture ?
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  3. by   charissa
    Nurses here hae widely varying pay rates some around 16 dollars per hour, some as much as 27 dollars per hour, and some agency nurses make even more. However, one must take into account the difference in the cost of living. You wouldnt be in a mansion with a swimming pool and tennis courts and fancy cars or anything, most of us a regular american middle class.
  4. by   Genista
    As an RN, I make about the same wage as a skilled tradesman (carpenter,painter, plumber). The extra money comes into play if I work a double (16+hrs) or have overtime, or come in my my day off to work extra.

    I can only speak for myself, and there is a point where the money doesn't matter as much. I work 10 hr days routinely, when it's supposed to be 8 hrs. I rarely can take a break. It's so busy & there's just not enough staff or time to do it all.

    My phone rings nearly every day I have off- my employer asking me to work an extra shift. We always seem to be working short.
    So, you might be able to earn some decent money, but after a point, you get so tired and burned out, you would rather stay at home.

    In the San Francisco Bay Area, $30/hr is standard day shift new grad pay (not including shift differential). But basic starter homes cost at least $440,000 or so in the suburbs, and a 1 BR apt. is about $1,000/mo (nothing fancy).

    You can look at average wages at www.salary.com
  5. by   Tweety
    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  6. by   passing thru
    I would come to America to see the country. If I were in Kenya, I would volunteer to work in America for the experience of visit another country, visit a different continent, and see a new people and culture.

    Americans are friendly and we help new people, especially new nurse. If you come here, you will be happy.
    When you return to Kenya, you will have many good memories .

    If you have a choice of places to work, or a choice of cities, post on Allnurses and tell us. Then, we will advise you
    of our favorites.... the most beautiful places.

    Please come and see America and American people. It is interesting place.
  7. by   passing thru
    I think the true picture is:
    You will earn enough money that you will save some to take home.
    The real enticement to come to our country and work is the experience of a new culture, the thrill of all the new things you can see.
    You can rent a car for two days pay and drive hundreds of kilometers and see new places...it does not cost much to travel on your day off.
    New people, new foods, new everything !

    Many Filipinos, Nigerians, Mexicans, English and Irish, India nurses are here.
    The Philipine, Nigeria , and India nurses come
    here and stay, do not want to return home. They bring sisters , brothers, parents, cousins, and friends here.

    Maybe you will want to stay.
  8. by   oneLoneNurse
    Come to Philadelphia !! There is a sign on bonus, money is in US dollars and you are close to NYC and DC.

    Seriously, I am from Canada. I can tell you life is very good here in the USA. The spread between what you make and what you have to spend is very good. I can save $1000.00 or so US per month. I mean save above my retirement plan and house payments( 15 year fixed mortgage ).

    Americans are generally pretty nice. However, I think prejudice is greater here than Canada.

    Good luck to you !
  9. by   passing thru
    Tmate, write us the name of the agency so we can check it for you and see if they are well known.
    Some agencies may promise things to you that they do not give you after you are here.

    You should be packing your bags now !
  10. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    There is a good reason that employers here go outside The US for nurses.
    The working conditions are poor.

    I have worked w/ Kenyans and so have other nurses I know. they do have problems working here because the nursing education in Kenya is far different than in The US.
  11. by   Teshiee
    You can earn a decent living as a nurse. There are some nurses who have made up to 150,000 because they work strikes and travel nursing. It depends on how much and where you want to work. I make usually around 65,000 and I am not working a fulltime job. I only do perdiem/ as needed basis. I pay for my own insurance and retirement. So many different options for you the best thing to do is to come here and work it out for your self.