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  1. by   Jen911
    Originally posted by kaycee

    I love your signature quote!!!!!
    Hehehe...thanks! Was hoping I wouldn't offend anyone, but I LOVE that little saying... it's just...so...ME! mwaahaaahaaaaa....

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the 18 rolls of tape that end up in my pockets at the end of the shift... I'm not sure how they get in my pockets, but they collect in my basket on my desk at home till the basket overflows, then I take them back to work... anyone else have that problem with just one specific item?? I swear it's obsessive!
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  2. by   Chuckie
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  3. by   Carer
    Pens, sweets [candy] that the old people have given me. And a few other things and some times the disposable gloves.
  4. by   Cubby
    Lets see... As I am at work right now (yes, it's a Q**T night) I have in my pockets;Cell phone (Supervisor),A copy of the thread "funny" re: Van Gogh-loved it- $1.15; keys; Listerene breath strips; pen (only one!) and my Nicotrol inhaler.
    I have found I don't carry as much now, as a supervisor, as I did when I was a REAL NURSE!!
    By the way the Nicotrol inhaler really does work.
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  5. by   RNforLongTime
    Let me see, since I work on a busy med surg unit...I usually have a bunch of stuff in my pockets at the end of my shift. 3 black ink pens, a red ink pen, at least two yellow highlighters, 5 to 10 alcohol wipes, a tissue, some gum, bandage scissors,hemostats, penlight, carpuject syringe holder and a few lever lock cannula's for IV tubing. I always clear out my pockets right before I leave the hospital so I don't end up taking keys home with me.
  6. by   funnynurse
    about 5-6 red and black ink pens, small yellow post it notes, one yellow marker, one black permanent ink marker, ekg calipers, tape, scissors, small calculator, money, alcohol pads, pager.....enough said
  7. by   RN-PA
    I agree-- This is a fun thread! I have two black pens, one red pen, one sharpie marker, one highliter, a pair of reading glasses, lipstick, sugar-free peppermint gum, a pair of scissors, a hemostat, emery board, carpuject, multiple alcohol wipes, a few "male sterile caps" (to cap IV tubing), and a scrap of paper with updates for my report to night shift. I also always empty my pockets at the end of my shift and put the contents in a bag to be used my next shift on so I don't carry the narc keys home.

    The worst thing I ever left in my pockets and laundered was a plastic packet of Pepto-Bismol tablets. I had washed around four sets of scrub tops and 4 white pairs of pants and discovered bright pink spots all over-- HORRIBLE! I think I was able to remove most of the stains with rubbing alcohol, thankfully.
  8. by   SharkLPN
    Let's see, I usually have my change bag, mints and lipbalm, at least two of those four-color ink pens, my penlight, bandage tape, spare 23g butterfly, vacutainer, SST and lavender top, oodles of alcohol wipes, cart keys if I'm unlucky (whoever posseses said keys at shift change gets to count narcs - my floor is slated to be the last in the hospital to get a SureMed ) Band-aids, stethoscope (hurts my neck after a few hours), and most important, my brain.
  9. by   egmillard
    Alcohol wipes, kleenex, a pen, pen light, forceps, scissors, calculator, pager, assignment notes, stethoscope, telemetry strip of my patients, lipstick or chapstick, on a usual day
    On the old day, chocolates, tampax, saline flush, green mill menu, bandaid, meds I forgot to credit, but dont tell no one, tourniquet, gauze, tape.
  10. by   bigred
    One can almost always count on Ducolax suppositories being in my pockets at the end of the shift.
  11. by   kellysue
    well lets see...the other morning when i got home i had my hiliter, green, red, and black pen, cigs and lighter, change, scissors, empty paper med cup, a straw, a residents eye drops(oops), and a peanut butter cookie wrapped up in a papertowel. It was stale by then.
  12. by   Agnus
    Pen (big fat ergononic one) yellow highlighter, calculator with phone numbers an my license number in the cover, Lsterine Pocket Pals, lipstick, hemostats, calipers, stethescope, sissors. alcohol pads, K-Y packet, gloves, narc keys, car keys, sometimes money (yippy), tape, your pen. not usually any "brains" (I spend the day looking where I left them)
  13. by   kimbsnrn
    how do you guys wind up with extra pens? On any given day/shift I average losing 1 or 2. Sometimes I find them later in the day, sometimes not.

    So whats in my pockets?...
    Alcohol wipes (usually lots), pens, highlighter, sharpie, penlight, scissors, hemostats, change, Chapstick and/or lipstick, my grandfathers WWII dogtag (he was a Navy medic and its my good luck charm), a memo pad, roll of tape, and peppermint!
    Also sometimes I carry a sparkly wand or finger puppet if needed to distract a child.
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