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  1. The public just doesn't get it.

    I love it when you get phone calls that say `is my mum there', can I speak to my dad?.. You try to explain that there are many mothers and fathers on the unit, but they just dont get it.............
  2. Cabg

    :) In our facility we concentrate mainly on ability post -op, cardiac rehab and the dieticians work with the patients pre and post op. All the post op open heart patients work with cardiac rehab, and 70% of the patients work with the dieticans if i...
  3. I take home about 1000 -1200 $ q 2weeks net. 4 years experience. I thought nursing in Minnesota was well paid, but from the sounds of the other posts I am not sure. 3000 q 2 weeks ?, sounds great......
  4. chest tube removal

    The NPs and CNS remove the chest tubes, there was an idea that a CT removal protocol was going to be devised, so that the staff RNS could do it, but have not seen it yet....:roll
  5. another jolly assignment

    I guess I was having a bad day when I wrote that note, and apologise. Yes we are allowd and should vent over the internet. Would'nt it be funny if patients actually read what we wrote about them though
  6. another jolly assignment

    When you are 80 years old and you no longer have your own place, and the only place you can call home is a nursing home, then I hope you come and go as you please and I hope that you do what you want. Life is short, and it sounds like you dont reall...
  7. What is in your pockets at shifts end?

    Alcohol wipes, kleenex, a pen, pen light, forceps, scissors, calculator, pager, assignment notes, stethoscope, telemetry strip of my patients, lipstick or chapstick, on a usual day On the old day, chocolates, tampax, saline flush, green mill menu, b...
  8. most and least favorite DX to care for?

    My fav patients are those having just had a heart transplant, a happy time, and pretty cool people, and patients with the LVAD heartmate, very interesting. People with electrophysiology problems also My worst, demanding and difficult patients and th...
  9. Need twin cities nurses input

    I have spent 1 year on station 41, previous to that I worked in England, so things were very different when I came here. The orientation program I had was excellent, and the staff very friendly. My time there has given me the experience and confide...
  10. Need twin cities nurses input

    Jenny, where do you work, I work on 41.
  11. Need twin cities nurses input

    I work at Abbott Northwestern on a telemetry unit, and on days and eves I have 3-4 patients, nights average is 6-8. Our orientation program lasts 8 weeks for new grad, and is plenty of time to learn everything. Abbott is an excellent place to work,...
  12. Yes or no?

    Unfortunately, and as you know, guilt can burn you out. I have worked many doubles, and your priority are you and your family, the patients will be ok, I HOPE.. GO HOME, the ER will be there in the morning, and with rest you will be ready for the n...
  13. BSN, RN...then what???

    The tone of your post is quite off putting. If you have become a nurse, with the intent of becoming more than a regular staff nurse, then you are going to be in for a long wait.....and if you work in a ICU setting you will find out that the staff ar...
  14. What do we do with an "Imperfect" nurse?

    Yes, we all do make mistakes, but it is what we learn from them that matters. I check all my drip rates, except NS with another nurse when I start an infusion, and I check all my insulin doses with another RN, if they are of a large amount. I work ...

    :) Thank you for all your replies. It is has been a year now since I posted this thread, and I guess I am not too bad at putting IV's in. I usually get about 60%, which is good, as most of the people are dehydrated and over 70.