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ability to share my knowlege with others so can help decrease someone's pain, suffering or prevent complications... helping to arrange services so a person can remain in their castle: HOME rather... Read More

  1. by   BebobthefrogFNP
    I'm a nursing student too and I will graduate May 2008. I'm so glad to see an encouraging post.

    I love helping patients and touching their lives.
    I love learning about the human body and teaching patients and even some of my friends.
    I love learning new procedures to treat patients.

    I always wanted to have a career in the medical profession and a few years ago I decided to become a nurse. I had no idea how much nurses do until I started nursing school. Now, I have 2 semesters left until I graduate and I'm so excited to become a RN. Thanks for posting the encouraging and touching stories. :smiletea2:
  2. by   Katkot
    Quote from NRSKarenRN
    ability to share my knowlege with others so can help decrease someone's pain, suffering or prevent complications...
    helping to arrange services so a person can remain in their castle: HOME rather than hospital ....
    networking with others......
    learning somthing new everyday so never ever bored!
    great woreds eh?
  3. by   martha joan
    ...learning something cool every day. AND
    ...Even though I'm packing their naked, unconscious, post-arrest family member in ice, they still hug me and say, "Thank-you so much for being so nice."
  4. by   JailRN
    When I started nursing school in 1970, the instructors used to say, "LADIES!!! Do not EVER do this, or you will kill your patient". We kept notes on these things, when we graduated, we made a booklet "100 Ways to kill a Patient"

    It is now, "100 ways to kill and not be caught"

    Just kidding about using it...it does exist (and my smiles aren't working, what's wrong here???)

    I knew from the time I was a little girl, that I wanted to be a nurse. I 'took care' all of my dolls and stuffed animals, my patients. I had a little cape, and a 'nurses bag' with candy 'pills' (remember them?)

    Nobody pushed me, there were no other nurses in the family.

    Been a nurse for 34 years and wouldn't change a thing...

    Even working in the jail..every time I think I've seen it all, something else happens and shows me I haven't.
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  5. by   swtgrl_bee
    i love helping my patients, alleviating their pain by simply listening to them.
  6. by   iluvivt
    I love to see the spirit and dedication of the other nurses---it still amazes me

    every day is different and exciting(though some days I admit I wish it was not)

    I love to see the look of relief in the doctors and nurses eyes when I arrive --they know it is me and they know I will not leave until I get the IV in

    I love the beauty of the human body and how it works

    I love my friends

    I love that I can comfort a patient with a kind touch, reassurance and knowledge and skill

    I love to talk with family and treat them with kindness and respect

    I love that I work in a hospital and not in a business office

    I love to make changes for the better in how work is done and kept track of

    I love to tell my daughter---mommy is a nurse----I will take care of you
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  7. by   brause
    every evening I have the good feeling made a good job.
  8. by   jodyangel
    Helping others and making someone smile. Thats it!
  9. by   DutchgirlRN
    The vast variety of jobs/areas/shifts you can pick from.
  10. by   nene_1217
    working with clients, sharing their feelings, and helping them to feel better are the things i love about nursing...
  11. by   kwamekat1984
    the very thing i like about nursing is the way u will be kept busy all the times.
    also to care for people of all ages and sex;.
  12. by   peridotgirl
    the ability to heal, comfort, restore hope, and communicate with pts and their families. :spin:

    the fascination with the human body and how it works

    the ability to gross people out with nursing stories (or my experiences in clinicals)

    the satisfaction I get from helping people and knowing that I made a difference in someone's day even if they don't thank me

    the smell of alcohol wipes. :wink2:

    I get to "play" with needles.

    that I have one thing in life that will always keep me happy. Tis' better to give than to recieve.
  13. by   jlcole45
    That I can go home at the end of most days from the hospital and feel good about my work - unlike many other types of jobs such as management, sales, or marketing.

    I love the flexible schedule, the face pace, and the fact that I can work only 3 days a week (and have a life outside of work) and make decent money.