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I work for the second smalles hospital in Massachusetts. Total Potential bed population: around 32 patients. Lately, I've been taking care of 50% of the hospital population . . . two people. ... Read More

  1. by   fedupnurse
    In a 24 bed unit, 3 was the lowest. Beauty of it is they can't force us to take time off. They cancel agency and anyone on OT but regularly scheduled people are not forced to not come in. Of course they'll float you in a heart beat. One time I'd love to see all the staff who are not required to float be on a shift together and have a census of 4! They don't have to float or take off so they'd be paid for sitting on their butts all day! Would sure make up for all those shifts our butts never saw a chair!!! Plenty of those!!
  2. by   imenid37
    we've had zero pt's a number of times in ob. 13 pp/gyn beds and 6 ldrp's. lowest # forour approx. 100 bed hospital 7 pt's!
  3. by   Cherry Soda
    I dunno, I'd rather stay home than float.
  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    We had two on our unit sometime around Christmas. Very bizarre feeling. But as others said, it never lasts long lol.
  5. by   biscuit_007
    I work in a small Picu and we are closed all the time. We have been closed about 50% of the time recently. Tonight we are open but have 2 RN's with 2 patients. When we are closed I have to be in house so i task in children's service. Since I am the only full time night staff in our unit I still make my 60 hours a week so i stay happy.
  6. by   Dplear
    One hospital I worked at I ws the night shift Pedi unit staff...me myself and I. I worked 7p to 7a and I discharged the last pt about 8 pm. I had the choice of sticking around there and seeing if any kids would be admitted or going home and being on call. I chose to stay there and just found an empty room and went to sleep. I told the house supervisor that i would not float and take any adult pt's and then if I got a kid have to hand off those patients to some other nurse...he agreed with me. I told him to wake me if any kids came in. I slept till about 5:30 am and said to hell with it and went home then. Got paid to sleep basically the whole shift

  7. by   stressedlpn
    I work @ a 94 bed facility MDs and adm. having problems so as a result pt load down, once oly pts we had were in er. LPNs got call and RNShad to be there just in case. We all take call if there are no pts. couple mos ago I got to work only 2 days out of 2 wks
  8. by   labornurse
    Went for 1 week last year with 0 on the OB unit.
  9. by   RNIAM
    As a ICU nurse, in my rural hospital (42 bed & 4 ICU) it is not unusal for ICU to not have a pt. But we still stay on and watch tele's. Currently I have no pts, & one tele to watch..Not always this way sometimes we are the only RN caring for 2 pts. So you never know day to day...
  10. by   deespoohbear
    On our 32 bed M/S unit, I have seen as low as three. They will keep 2 nurses though, and send home the CNA's. We got administration convinced that there needs to be two nurses on the floor for safety's sake. Our census has been pretty low this summer. The administrator is getting nervous.
  11. by   P_RN
    four on easter sunday 1993.

    capacity 30. hsp size 600+beds.

    this was during the hillary debacle of changing health care funding, and folks were just waiting to book elective surgery.

    it was also at a time the administration decided to close one of our units (total of 65 beds) so they were leaning towards closing us.

    what saved us was we had more certified rns (9) than they did (3). the other unit was closed and the doors actually padlocked with a chain! so it paid to be certified!

    it was also the year i had shelled out $4000 for a trip to europe and had like no income because of the short census cancelling.
  12. by   rdhdnrs
    We've had zero before for a short time, but in the old days when we could still keep a "board", we always had a name up there. If there were no patients, we put the charge nurse's name and crossed our fingers that we would ward off evil spirits that way. You never let the board be blank.
  13. by   CashewLPN
    wow.... I've never seen that few patients...
    um... then again... I dont work in a rural hosp..