What does your hospital do that is really FIRST RATE-FIRST CLASS ?

  1. I thought of this thread when I was posting on the TPN thread.
    I thought this could be a place to teach and to share. Nurses can see what other hospitals have implemented that "greases the wheels" for a patients recovery.

    I travel and work in a lot of hospitals. I have worked in the best in the nation, and I have worked in some that the locals say, ""I wouldn't take my dog to that hospital.""

    It set me to some serious thinking and reflecting....trying to figure out what makes some hospitals first rate?

    Besides the obvious - - $$$ and size.....which can help, but a large hospital can still be the pits....so, these two factors , let's drop for our consideration.

    I have determined that EFFICIENCY is a determining factor.
    In first rate hospitals, whatever it is,
    it is done in a way that has been well thought out and well planned. From the admission procedure, to labs, to transportation, to pre-op, to pharmacy,

    nothing is left to chance. Say a patient is waiting to be transported to radiology;
    in a first rate hospital, when you put it in the computer, the transporters will be there WITH the stretcher, WITH the oxygen, WITH the IV pole, WITHIN 15 minutes. No Nurse will be heard to say, '''Well, I called them, they will be here soon," THEY SAID.

    and eventually, after a couple of phone calls, they arrive with a stretcher when a wheel chair would do...or they failed to bring the oxygen, or they don't have one with a IV pole or they forgot the chart.............

    and the stafff and respiratory is running around looking for a oxygen tank or an IV pole.....

    Sound familiar???


    In a first-rate hospital....these comic routines do not happen.

    Efficiency Rules.... efficiency=professionalism
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    where is that place, exactly, passing thru? I want a job there.
  4. by   Tweety
    I'd have to say that our ER trauma is top notch. As super I have been witness to the trauma team. We are alerted by EMS of an incoming trauma, respiratory, radiology, nursing are right there. It's one thing our hospital does well, being on of three trauma centers in a population of over two million. We have the business helicopters in the country.
  5. by   Nurse_RaRa
    I wanna know too! - Passing Thru - Sounds like you answered yer own question!! Future Managers Take NOTE!!!! Geeze - if I was in charge of a HOSP - I'd make sure that the public's perception of the hospital was #1 - Efficient. friendly, clean....
  6. by   meandragonbrett
    What we do best is surgery. We average 600 cases a day. Our OR is run like a perfectly orchestrated symphony. Being the largest hospital in the area it has to be run that way.

  7. by   lindalee
    How many OR's do you have to do 600 cases a day? That is an impressive number.
  8. by   corks
    we have just lost one of our star ratings. Ultimately poor management is too blame. Running the NHS like a business means that the most basic and most important element of caring for people has been forgotten, that is, the most important person in the hospital is the patient. Am I old fashioned, bring back schools of nursing and matrons
  9. by   fedupnurse
    Me too!! I want to know where it is. In my hospital STAT means SomeTime After Tomorrow (or Tuesday or Thursday-whichever is farthest away!!!) Can you list some of the better places you have worked. They should get recognition.
  10. by   gwenith
    My criteria, although it sounds like pushing the "usual usual" is committment to quality improvement. Any place that is willing to say "we aren't perfect but we will try to get there"

    I have worked in hospitals that continually tell the staff that they have this reputation or that kudos and sometimes all that is is a way of saying "There are only two ways of doing someithng our way and the wrong way." In other words they become caught in thier own self importance and refuse to change. Thus leading to outdated practices i.e. second hourly dressings and use of Eusol.

    I know that QI has become a catch phrase used so often that people have become sick of it but it is true when it is believed in, it does work.

    I am also a fan of evidence based practice. Research has become too convoluted for the average Joe/Josey to critque. So, we have to rely on research reviews. Unfortunately these are fewer than we would like but in being a colaborating center with an EBD institute it helps us to identify and guide our own areas of research.
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    Originally posted by fedupnurse
    Me too!! I want to know where it is. In my hospital STAT means SomeTime After Tomorrow (or Tuesday or Thursday-whichever is farthest away!!!)
    :chuckle :roll :chuckle :roll :chuckle

    And.......a NOW order means:

    Not On Weekdays.........and...........Not On Weekends
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  12. by   Texagain
    My hospital can deliver some kids! We deliver between 650 and 800 babies a month. We get a ton of high risk patients (30 beds just for them), and have a 100 bed NICU. We do kiddos right!