What do you think about people calling you "honey"?

  1. I am in my forties, but a lot of people (such as waitresses, sales clerks, cashiers) call me "honey" and "sweetheart" all the time. I think this is fine, when the person is older than me, but I get annoyed when someone who is young enough to be my daughter calls me "honey." Males never call me by these names (with the exception of my husband!)
    Occasionally, a subordinate at work will call me "honey. " I tell them immediately not to refer to me that way. But when a waitress does it, I let it go. I'd like to ask them not to, however.

    I have only rarely referred to anyone as "sweetheart," and when I have, it's been a child, or a pt in a very vulnerable, hurt state, who is seeking reassurance and protection.

    What's your opinion on this?
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  3. by   nuangel1
    it doesnot matter to me .but there is always an exception .it depends on the context and who says it.
  4. by   p_hawk
    to some extent i think it's regional... when i lived up north (northwest, not "yankee" north ) i got funny looks when i'd "honey" people... but now that i'm back down south it doesn't seem to be noticed as much. but i don't use "sweetheart" on anyone...

    my hubby's from the northwest and it was something he really had to adjust to. when we were first dating he'd freak when i'd 'honey' somebody, lol! now he's used to it, i guess.

    i'm in agreement with you re: if they're older than you... i can't imagine calling someone older than me 'honey'. in that instance it's almost demeaning, imho. unless you're close friends or something similar. other than that, what happened to "ma'am"?
  5. by   zenman
    Depends on whether they're wearing Victoria Secret's or not.
  6. by   leslymill
    I have never liked it. I was taught in nursing school to never call a pt honey, but I heard it all the time. Darling...oddly doesn't bother me. I work retail and a new cashier called me GIRLIE. I introduced myself so she wouldn't have to do that. (it really bothered me).
    I like working with her a lot but, a customer came up with their purchases and she said,
    "You find everything you need GIRLIE". Me and this other girlie are in our 40's. Is sthis sa new word by young folks? By the way those 1960 gawdy colorful print polyester dresses are back
  7. by   elizabells
    If another RN calls me honey, I don't mind. They call all of us young girls "Katie" half the time, as there are so many on my unit. But if a doc called me "honey", I'd flip my lid. I occasionally get people cranky because I call everyone "ma'am" and "sir", but to me that's just respectful.
  8. by   lilcajunnurse
    I'm from the South and we call people "honey" all the time. So, I have no problems with being called "honey" by anyone.
  9. by   Tweety
    Depends on the tone used. If it's just casual or with endearment I don't have a problem with it. Around here a lot of people call each other "baby". Again, it depends on the the tone the intent whether it bothers me or not.
  10. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Honey doesn't bother me...ma'm does!!!!
  11. by   Sabby_NC
    My hubster and I had this very discussion just recently.
    I do use honey sometimes but only if it is a situation that I need to be extra sensitive and gentle.
    Most of the time I use the person's name but at work well anything flies in our little outreach office. hahahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa That is what I love so much about us all there 12 in all. We give each other up the merry go round at times!!!
    I really do not mind what I get called as long as it is not an expletive. LOL
    I have to agree with Sarasota I do not like being called Ma'am. Makes me feel like I already have one foot in the ground LOL
  12. by   PRESLA
    ]Live in NC and "honey" is aways used I don't mind because "bless their heart" they can't help it.

  13. by   agent66
    I would really have to agree with Sarasota, I cannot stand being called maam at the grocery store, OMG, am I like 100 years old?? Pretty sure I am only turning 41 this year. When I went down to New York to shop last month, all the girls and I thought it nice that all the waitresses called us "hon" or "honey". They made us feel really welcome, and it was the women our age as well as the younger girls. We gave them a hefty tip just because they made us feel so special. Now "darling" I don't think I would stand from a patient or otherwise, just not an endearment I have ever warmed up to. As for "baby", yikes that reminds me of bad pick up lines from college, no thanks then and no thanks now.
  14. by   meownsmile
    I also was taught you dont call patients or others those "endearing" terms.
    They arent endearing they are patronizing. Unless you are my husband, mother or father it is NOT appropriate for people to call a patient or other person those names. If you look up patronize in the dictionary you will see if you arent trading with the person it means "to behave in a offensively condescending manner toward".
    Please use your patients name when speaking with them. Unless they give you permission to call them "honey" or "dear".