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  1. 3 weeks into nsg program, he wants to quit...

    Hey 2008BSNGRAD, Wasn't sure that if you caught it or not, but the OP was from 2005.
  2. Sooooooooo........(Slightly Ranty, Slightly Long)

    Look at it as a challenge to be the best that you can be. My class is separated into 3 clinical groups. My clinical instructor (who is also my lecture professor) is probably the tougher one, but you know...I definitely think that I will gain so muc...
  3. Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC

    Where in NY is HSS??
  4. Name the hospital and its Starting Salary!!!

    Do a search and look for any postings from billythekid. I believe, he was accepted into the program awhile back. I've heard more favorable postings from NS than I had of LIJ's critical care program. I used to work at NS-Manhasset years back as a me...
  5. *:.Advice Needed:RN Newbie in NYC.:*

    I think the idea is for the more popular hospitals, there is going to be great competition for their new grad programs and not everyone applying will be able to get in. Just think about the # of people on this forum who are looking at hospitals like...
  6. on SATA type questions

    Hi Paula, Breathe! Don't get all stressed about it. I know it is hard but don't put so much emphasis on just the SATA. You did well in nursing school, and you will do fine on the test. Instead of looking at the answers which would fit, look at wh...
  7. Making ends meet in NYC

    One other thing to consider is that in California you really need to have a car...not the case with Manhattan. That alone can save you the cost of a car payment, insurance, maintenance and fuel. That being said, don't have a car in NY as you will h...
  8. Clinical Math

    Totally agree with Melinurse. Before I started my first semester, I went through a number of sources that Daytonite provided and it really helped me. Also, I always look on this thread for other math questions and complete them on my own, and then ...
  9. Butterflies ~ Anxiety

    Yes! and that's an emphatic yes! I start semester 2 and I still have some butterflies fluttering about. I find that if I take it just one day at a time, it helps. Whenever you feel a bit overwhelmed...take a deep breath...think of what is most imp...
  10. Help on understanding

    This will be something as you go through your schooling that you will better be able to answer. The big thing is that it is patient centered, and as a nurse, you'll know they will understand the teaching by what they confirm to you. One of the thi...
  11. mcg/kg/min

    Exactly! Something is missing.
  12. Nursing School Graduation Percentages

    Actually, I do have to say that even though my class had a high attrition rate (15/43 withdrew or didn't pass), it wasn't lack of support from the school. I think the school realized that they needed to raise their entrance requirements in the prere...
  13. Grading Scale

    They just changed ours: 94 - 100 = A 87 - 93 = B 80 - 86 = C No rounding either, even if someone has a 93.99, they would still get a B...
  14. Nursing School Graduation Percentages

    Unfortunately it appears that within the last couple of classes, the NCLEX pass rate has also suffered. I believe that is another reason why they are changing the requirements both to get into the program and to stay in. My first semester I had a 9...
  15. Quiet Places To Study Late ?

    Is that possible?