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  1. SarasotaRN2b

    Sooooooooo........(Slightly Ranty, Slightly Long)

    Look at it as a challenge to be the best that you can be. My class is separated into 3 clinical groups. My clinical instructor (who is also my lecture professor) is probably the tougher one, but you know...I definitely think that I will gain so much more than my classmates with the other instructors who seem more easy going. And yet, she is very pro student, wanting us to do the best that we can do in clinicals while we maintain the high standards needed to be a good nurse. You may surprise yourself...you may actually find that you enjoy your time learning from this instructor. Stop listening to the grumblers.
  2. SarasotaRN2b

    Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC

    Where in NY is HSS??
  3. SarasotaRN2b

    Name the hospital and its Starting Salary!!!

    Do a search and look for any postings from billythekid. I believe, he was accepted into the program awhile back. I've heard more favorable postings from NS than I had of LIJ's critical care program. I used to work at NS-Manhasset years back as a medical secretary and enjoyed working there in general. Kris
  4. SarasotaRN2b

    *:.Advice Needed:RN Newbie in NYC.:*

    I think the idea is for the more popular hospitals, there is going to be great competition for their new grad programs and not everyone applying will be able to get in. Just think about the # of people on this forum who are looking at hospitals like NYP, Mount Sinai, NYU, etc, and there are a number of NY nursing schools graduating nurses every fall and spring. So apply broadly! For those who are completing nursing school outside of NY, I think it might be wiser to gain your experience more locally and then move to NY. Also, if you are going for your ADN, think about getting your BSN or at least be a good deal through the curriculum. The goal is to present the best application possible, and I think for outer staters, it is to gain that experience. Kris
  5. SarasotaRN2b

    on SATA type questions

    Hi Paula, Breathe! Don't get all stressed about it. I know it is hard but don't put so much emphasis on just the SATA. You did well in nursing school, and you will do fine on the test. Instead of looking at the answers which would fit, look at which ones definitely don't. Take it one answer at a time. You've got 6 hours for the test...don't rush the question. Trust in your instincts! I have faith in you, have faith in yourself!
  6. SarasotaRN2b

    What if I don't go to work?

    After reading the posts, I did notice something. Jbeau, you were asking for possibilities when you graduate next August (2009?) while both OctoberBride and Ladybugsea are looking now. A lot can happen in a year. At this point they may have a hiring freeze, but it can be totally open come the time you graduate. Kris
  7. SarasotaRN2b

    Combined NNP/PNP programs

    But I wasn't talking about a dual program. I was stating that if you received your masters for a NNP, after competing that go for a PNP. I totally understand about the dual program, but if you've taken all the courses you needed and pass the licensing exam for the NNP, why can't you work as a NNP while going back to school for more education? Kris
  8. SarasotaRN2b

    BSN grad: grad school or work?

    I guess in some ways it depends on what NP specialty you are looking for. A NNP program usually requires at least a year experience in a level 3 NICU, more preferably. Kris
  9. SarasotaRN2b

    Acute care PNP

    Did you look into Rush University? They have some good NP programs including an acute care PNP program. Kris
  10. SarasotaRN2b

    MUSC RN/MSN Program

    Bumping this for response. Hopefull, did you ever get any info? I've been looking at different schools, and MUSC is one of the ones I'm starting to look at. Kris
  11. SarasotaRN2b

    MUSC New Graduate RN pay/orientation?

    Wow, that's not bad! Here in FLA base for a new nurse is $20 and the diffs aren't much better either. The housing costs though are totally crazy. Kris
  12. SarasotaRN2b

    Attn: ADN peeps

    Location. The ADN allows me to go to school and clinicals locally, while the BSN would require me to travel at least an hour each way (assuming no traffic). Because I still need to work while I go to school, it is more doable...if I went to the other school, I think something will suffer. Also, with the high price of fuel, I can't justify it. I figure that I will finish my ADN, go to work as an RN and work on my BSN. Plus tuition reimbursement will help a lot. Kris
  13. SarasotaRN2b

    St. Petersburg online RN-BSN reviews.

    I know of 4 nurses that have either gone through the program or is currently going through the program, and they are quite enthused. I'm definitely leaning towards this school for my BSN. One thing I like is that you only take one class at a time. You are still finished within two years (about 5 semesters including summer). Kris
  14. SarasotaRN2b

    Just had to share with someone...

    My thoughts exactly!
  15. SarasotaRN2b

    UIC GEP - adding neonatology speciality??

    Also, keep in mind that most NNP programs are going to require some NICU experience. Kris
  16. SarasotaRN2b

    Managing my own apartment with BSN program, is it worth it?

    Definitely stay with your folks. As it is with school and work, you won't be home that much anyway, especially if you study at school. Believe me it is tough to go to school full-time and work full-time. I've had to cut down to two days a week for school and every check is stretched to the max. You'll have plenty of time to get your own place once you have your BSN and you'll be able to move into a nicer place than one you would probably be able to afford now. Kris