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Hi, I started my first night shift and all. My first one ever and it went pretty slow since I had a hard time staying awake? I was fine from 645pm until around 2am and then I got really sleepy. I... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    I always try to keep busy and usualy have no problem cuz we seem to be almost always short staffed on all shifts, and many basics get missed.

    Even if patients are sleeping and everyone is caught up, there are supplies to be ordered or lists of 'needs' to give to the day shift secretary, equipment to clean, drug stocks and crash carts to be checked for outdated supplies, check paperwork stock and make copies of originals, make chart packs...yada yada.

    And of course if we have nothing to do ER will want us to come down and help them.....which we do sometimes too (aren't we nice?)
  2. by   hapeewendy
    my body clock being all messed up like it is, I dont get a slump at 2am 3am or otherwise
    I love my nightshifts
    I would do them all the time if I could
    this flip flopping from days to nights and so on every two weeks kicks my butt!
    I've NEVER been a day person
    the only time on nights I'm really beyond tired and feeling a slump is about 0725 hrs when no one from days has arrived yet which gives me the daunting realization that I will not be leaving right on time at 0730hrs as I always hope and pray I will be!
    I used to show up half an hour early for my nightshift so i could get a detailed report and count narcotics until I saw that the same courtesy was not passed on to us from the day staffers
    at 2am I am usually doing my MAR recopies, or doing rounds, or first charting etc
    to all of you ppl who love day shift can you please please come work with lil old me so that I can do all your nights for all of you wonderful ppl?
  3. by   kewlnurse
    originally posted by canoehead

    what the heck is your avatar doing???

    this is a family board ya know. ewwwww.
    he's a little head banger dude, and those arn't drum stix, there his fingers in the satan/peace/surfer thing (depending on which concert you were at). so quoth dio "look out"

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    Ahhh I see now. I couldn't see the other finger through all the hair, so I thought it was a drumstick.

    But I guessed right on the other part! He's a headbanger, not a, ummm, banger of, other things...

  5. by   adrienurse
    adrienurse's tips:
    1. Do all your paperwork as early in the shift as you can. This "sharpens" your mind and makes you more alert.
    2. Take 0130 break to drink coffee and eat crunchy cereal.
    3. Put lots of lights on around the nursing station.
    4. Always be doing something.
    5. Get up and walk around a lot.
    6. Don't do anything at the desk for more than 45 minutes at a time. Take frequent breaks to do #5.

    These tips have worked well for me and made me a more productive nurse. Now can anyone tell me how to keep my brain from expiring at 0630? I can't get anything but complete nonsense to come out of my mouth at report time.
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  6. by   BadBird
    I always keep busy, cleaning, restocking rooms, bathing a patient if they are awake, passing linen, thinning charts, resheeting charts, cleaning up the med carts, helping other nurses, etc...

    good luck with school!
  7. by   stevie b
    I'm a night person so I rarely hit a 2 a.m. slump. Since I quit smoking, all those"I'm going downstairs" breaks have turned into walks around the campus. What radio stations do you guys listen to. Does anyone else do Delilah?
  8. by   sandstormsdust
    I like some of Delilahs songs.... But I haven't heard to many from her -
  9. by   RNforLongTime
    I thought that I had heard one evening that Delilah was gonna "retire" to pursue a different avenue. You're talking about the Delilah on the radio that plays Love Songs, right?
  10. by   hart
    We try to stay busy. Besides at 2am where I work we are going on our supper breaks. Our slump time is usually around 4am. But after that it seems that everyone decides they need to go to the bathroom, so you are running a marathon. Then the next thing you know its the end of the shift.
    Working in a Nursing home the residents keep you hopping.
  11. by   stevie b
    Yep, Delilah who does love songs. Its not really my favorite forum of music,but its one that most of us can agree on.I really like the retro/disco on Saturday nights. It keeps us all moving as we get slammed with chest painers from the e.r. who state they have been having pain for 2 days. Whats up with that anyway?
  12. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    My slump usually crashes down on me around 0400, especially on my first night. My tried and true method for getting through the rest of the shift is to run the stairs. Yeah, RUN the stairs. Our unit is on the third floor of a six floor building. I run up to the sixth floor two steps at a time, then run down to the tunnel level, turn around and head back up. By the time I hit the ground floor, I usually have to slow down and do the stairs one at a time. When I reach the unit again, my legs are like Jell-o, and I'm gasping, but the epi rush will hold me until I get home. I try to avoid caffeine during the last three hours of my shift so that my sleep is better. Plus, who needs to be getting up ten times to pee? :imbar Driving home can be tricky because I pass through several of the most dangerous intersections in the city; I put country music on the radio and sing along. Keeps the brain going, although it has been known to backfire when song gets "stuck" in my head and keeps replaying over and over and over while I'm trying to sleep.
  13. by   Ted
    Once the patients are all neatly tucked in their beds and safely asleep, and after all the initial paper and re-stocking of things. . . I go to



    p.s. I also hit a few other bulletin boards. . . . I've got a life outside of nursing, you know!