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What do wanna eat in Night shift?I always have something to eat(cheessecake or Mochi) :) I can eat everyday everytime.I have glucose powder in my bag.but I don't deabetes.I want eat Cheesecake in... Read More

  1. by   Zinnia
    I work the 7p to 7a shift and even if I eat supper with my family before I leave for work, I have to eat again!
    I try to bring leftovers to nuke later, but a lot of nights we order out. We have a special folder in a drawer in the nurses station with menus from all our favorite places and coupons.
    Alot of times it is just munching on chips or popcorn.
    Ever hear Laura Gaspauris speak? She has this thing about night shift nurses eating salty stuff to improve the brain barrier transfer thingy.
  2. by   sanakruz
    Is this a fact Zinnia? WOW! You mean the blood brain barrier?
    Refresh me. Doesnt this barrier prevent toxins from crossing and maintain a high oxygen concentration during trauma?
    I can see how night shift would reguire greater oxygen to stay alert... anyway this is reasoning used for Vegas casinos to pump o2 at intervals- allegedly to sober up customers so they gamble more...
    Oye! AM I making any sense today? I have a fever....
  3. by   I_Love_Donuts
    Do you think taking a bolus of O2 every hour on night shift would keep us awake?...I'm just curious...
  4. by   BadBird
    I decided to stop ordering out since I have gained some weight so I pack my lunch now. Last night I had eggsalad on crackers, fresh pear, diet coke. Ok, I confess I did bake brownies and I brought 3 with me but I shared, really I did, I only ate one of them, LOL
  5. by   Cynthiann
    Originally posted by sanakruz
    I worked with alot of folks from the Phollipines and they would always feed me lumpia and hollo-hollo!
    Do you mean halo-halo?

    Filipinos do love to feed people, don't they?
  6. by   mystc42
    Originally posted by rnnurse2b
    a few of you mentioned that you got sick from working nights...what exactly do you mean??

    For me getting sick I was going to school during the week first shift on tues wed and thur of the week. Then I would turn around and work 2 12 hr third shift on weekends, and work another 8 hr shift on monday so I could keep insurance. Istarted getting N/V when I would change my sched on weekends and stayed sick for a few months before they found it was my gal bladder. So I had it removed and the doctor told me that I had to stop doing the whole third shift change from where it messes with everyones sleep. But even still it is my favorite shift!!
  7. by   DRose
    what part of Japan are you from? I have friends living in Kitasouma Ibaraki
  8. by   allways_garnet
    Night shift and food seem to go hand in hand, we probably need to have glucose and salt fixes to keep our brains in gear, for me I get nauseous around 4 am if I dont eat at night, and I cant handle raw foods that much. Generally my intake is carbohydrate loaded and since I don't eat during the day following it seems to balance out a fair bit. I try and eat yoghurt and fruit before I go to bed to get the other stuff I need. I am overweight, and I believe that working permanent night shift for 20 yrs on and off has played a major part in that, sleep disturbances interfere with our hormone production and if we don't sleep right we don't metabolise properly.
    Once our sleep architecture is disturbed over a long period of time, our secretion of growth hormone is altered and this disturbs our metabolism, our appetite, our moods, and other hormone levels. So all I can say guys is that if cheesecake turns you on in the middle of the night go for it, but make sure you sleep at least 6 hours next day and have a break from night shift every so often, its good for the bod and good for the mind, gives you time to catch up on all the learning you tend to miss out on at night !!:roll :roll
  9. by   iliel
    sanakruz...the thing about O2 in vegas casinos....myth
  10. by   Flynurse
    Kenshi, cheesecake seems to be your favorite topic. Is it safe to assume that you LOVE cheesecake? Its my favorite treat as well. Can anyone believe that when I ate out the other night I refused an offer of cheesecake from the waitress? Someone please, take my temperature! I MUST be sick! LOL

  11. by   surgorthonurse