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What do wanna eat in Night shift?I always have something to eat(cheessecake or Mochi) :) I can eat everyday everytime.I have glucose powder in my bag.but I don't deabetes.I want eat Cheesecake in... Read More

  1. by   EmeraldNYL
    Originally posted by Kenshisandesu
    I want to know the restaurant of the delicious cheesecake of the US from you. Let's eat together if I go on a trip.
    Here's the Cheesecake Factory's website: http://www.cheesecakefactory.com/
    They have the best cheesecake in the world!
  2. by   Katnip
    Ah yeah. The cheesecake factory. There was one down the street from school. It's a good thing for my waistline that there won't be one close to work.
  3. by   mystc42
    Cheesecake is good anywhere, anytime =-) I ended up working night shift and getting sick too. To the point I had my gal bladder removed. So now I have to stay on a day shift, so it can fit with all my other schedules.
  4. by   mario_ragucci
    I am a machine man and enter the food vending machine area like old people enter casinos with loose change and dollars and I get the wrapped sandwiches that you heat up from behind the little door that opens after you put money into machine[intentional run on sentence]
  5. by   Tweety
    Kenshisandesu, Do you get to sleep at work? Is that what you mean? I hope so because 16:30 to 0900 is a very long night.

    I love the Cheesecake Factory! I love their raspberry creme....to die for. Plus they have an awesome menu!
  6. by   canoehead
    Great, I'm going to hold you guys responsible for the next 10 lbs I gain from ordering cheesecake. You call yourselves friends...sheesh.
  7. by   rnnurse2b
    a few of you mentioned that you got sick from working nights...what exactly do you mean??
  8. by   MandyInMS
    Ohhhh I love cheesecake too but I can't seem to eat anything 'heavy' working night shift...the few times I have I was worthless, so sleepy I could hardly keep my eyes open.I just eat small snacks & plenty of fluids...works better for me.
  9. by   I_Love_Donuts
    Ok...what I eat on night shift? Pizza, donuts, Burger King, KFC...and cheesecake!! I looooooooooooove cheesecake! Seriously, when I work nights I need to eat at least every 3 hours...forget the vegies, I need junk food in oder to be efficient...weird!
  10. by   dawngloves
    I used to go through a liter of Diet Coke when I did nights. Can't be healthy!
    If I got up early enough I would stop at Whole Foods and pick up shushi, fruit, chips and salsa. Nothing fatty or I would be sleepy!
  11. by   sanakruz
    UH HUH. I ate all noc when I worked nights. I did it for about 3 years. If I didnt eat I would fall asleep, and as I was the only licensed person that was not ok! The only time I gained any wt tho, was when I was pregnant! I would eat lots of friuit,cheese and crackers, cookies, left over chicken and casseroles. I worked with alot of folks from the Phollipines and they would always feed me lumpia and hollo-hollo!
  12. by   zudy
    Does anyone have a good recipie for cheesecake? I used to have a great one for choc chip cheesecake, it was the best I have ever had!
  13. by   sanakruz
    JOY OF COOKING has a recipe for Amaretto cheesecake that is out of this world.