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Last year - $25 gift card to local grocery store. This year - $20 check. What did you get?... Read More

  1. by   Rhi007
    The volunteer co ord gave out really nice fruit cake and down in ED one of the docs told me to get a giving set and a Ltr of NS then meet him in the fishbowl with an IV stand......quote' merry Christmas *puts cannula in* now if you don't slow down ill hang another 2ltrs ......I was running flat out for 3hrs last week finding husbands, shirts, getting equipment, running to the blood bank, being called every name under the sun, spat on with no time to fart let alone go to the dunny.....I hoovered some noodles and had my electrolyte levels checked before I could knock off at 6pm.....
  2. by   Jenni811
    On Xmas we got some cheesecake ordered up. So i guess we all had a slice of cheesecake on our so called "break" for our xmas gifts. It was actually really good because it wasn't made by the hospital. They had it sent from one of our local bakeries and had an asortment of flavors. Of course the chocolate was the best!!! (Duhhhh)
    For those that couldn't have cheesecake got a 5$ gift card to the hospital bakery to pick something else out.

    It hit the spot that day.
  3. by   nurseintx0511
    I came to work on the 26th and had an Xmas card signed by our management staff and a mini candy cane. The techs got full sized candy canes, we got mini candy canes. lol
  4. by   jadelpn
    Quote from PeepnBiscuitsRN
    A $10 gift card to Target- which on closer inspection was deducted from our paycheck. Well heck, if that's how they're going to do it, lets be realistic then, I hardly ever spend less that $40.00 of my own hard earned money at Target Boutique!
    WOW. Just WOW.
  5. by   edmia
    What? Employers give gifts?

    Nothing is what I got. Oh wait, there was a day when you could get coffee and a cookie handed to you by the CEO... But one day and a 2 hour time frame. Missed it
  6. by   edmia
    Quote from JBudd
    an email saying if you miss any of your shifts, even the ones you picked up extra during holiday week, you won't get paid your holiday pay.
    That's just awesome.
  7. by   1wellnessnurse
    I received a BLACK blanket with the hospital logo.
  8. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    I work private duty, and my gift was left at a client's house. I got a bowl of candy, with a spoon. I also got gift bag (candy, candles, and a few other things) from a client's family.
  9. by   CloudySue
    I work private duty too, also my gift was left at a client's house. However I never got mine and when I called to tell them I didn't receive mine, turned out they took it to a client that I've seen twice in the last three months, and I don't have this client on my calendar again until 1/31. Oh, well!
  10. by   Lynx25
    We got some storebought cupcakes, and a threat...

    "If the weather gets bad, you are required to stay overnight at the hospital. You will not be compensated for time spent sleeping at the hospital, if staying greater than 16 hours."

    I called our board of labor. Apparently that's legit. Whatever- if weather gets bad, my SO has a little bronco that he built for rock climbing, so it should be just FINE on the ice.
  11. by   pockunit
    We got to plant our own desktop terrariums, with everything we need included. Mine is about to bloom. I like it a lot. It's something that will last and it's a living thing that won't refuse meds, treatment, or ambulation.
  12. by   nuangel1
    a big fat nothing.plus got to work 12 hrs on xmas and 12 hrs the day after .no lunch either day because it was so busy i barely got bathroom break.yeah merry xmas.
  13. by   LTCangel
    We got a 25$ Walmart gift card and a t-shirt with the company logo. Also a free Christmas dinner but I work nights so I didn't come in for that. We also got lots of cards and homemade goodies from residents' families and a scarf from family. Last year all we got was the dinner so I was pleasantly surprised since I work LTC and I know money is always an issue. I am appreciative. I need a new watch!