What age were you when you went to nursing school? - page 23

Curious at what the average age is that people are in nursing school? I am doing my pre reqs now and will be 28 when I start! :lol2:... Read More

  1. by   WC Case manager
    I am 55 and just graduated with my BSN. I am going to work in the ER as a trauma nurse....can you imagine? The best thing about being older is having the wisdom from past years experiences.....makes some of the courses in school easier. I had to retrain my brain to "think" again, and it took some time, but I got through school. My brother has decided to go to nursing school and he is 53 years old.....so he will be older than me when he gets out.
  2. by   CareerThree
    Dear palee51,
    I have just successfully completed my first semester of clinicals. I'm a guy and I am 63. Tell your brother this can be done.

    I agree with you about the thinking. This endeavor has cleared a lot of cobb webs from my head.
  3. by   pegbord
    I will be age 48 when I graduate from BSN program and plan to continue immediately to masters program (in mental health), so will be the magic age of glorious 50 when all is completed ----- Now I think that calls for a big celebration!!!!

    The idea is to keep the mind stimulated and actively challenged throughout all of life!!
  4. by   Jenzee
    After finishing my pre reqs in between the births of my four wild ones I started Nursing school at the age of 30.
  5. by   opal6779
    I graduated last May at age 26 (6 months pregnant with my first baby then too!) :spin:
  6. by   slaterd
    So I'm not the luanatic I believed
    having started this adventure
    perhaps ill concieved
    but seeing that for many
    nursing school past 40 is well received
    I can only say that at 48
    I'm greatly relieved.

    Starting an accelerated BSN next week.
  7. by   ArwenEvenstar
    I was 18 years old when I started, and graduated at age 20 with my associate degree. Then went back for my BSN, and was 24 when I graduated with my BSN.
  8. by   blueheaven
    I was just a mere pup! Graduated from HS in May and started nursing school that fall. I was 18 years old.
  9. by   pegbord
    ahhhh, to be young again!
  10. by   3rdcareerRN
    Started prereqs at age 46; BSN at age 49.
    It is my third degree (one per career, every 18 years - LOL).

    Starting at the bottom as a newbie AGAIN is harder than I thought it would be. I am making the same $$ as you other newbies at age 22 -- no credit for my 30 years of experience in related careers...

    Not sure I should have done it.
  11. by   DEB52
    18 when I started nursing and 20 when I graduated
  12. by   RNMeg
    I'm starting nursing classes this fall at 23..I'll graduate at 26..that seems old
  13. by   XYnurse2B
    Seems I'm middle of the road at 30. I'll finish my ADN at 33. Plenty of time left for a long rewarding career!