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LTC?Skilled and dialysis
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nurseofalltrades has 2 years experience and specializes in LTC?Skilled and dialysis.

LPN in LTC/Skilled facility

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  1. nurseofalltrades

    Code Blue in LTC

    I have worked LTC for 5 years. This is how our codes are run.... 1st nurse (LPN orRN) on scene takes charge and starts delegating...."U cna go get crash cart" "U other LPN call 911" and so on. The initial charge nurse on scene checks for pulse/breath....if CPR is called for it is begun with or without an RN present. CPR is continued until EMS arrives. Simple
  2. nurseofalltrades

    Floating (sign of bad management?)

    I work in long term care/skilled facility and I have to float to all 3 units. I hate it very much but our staffing is horrible so I dont have a choice
  3. nurseofalltrades


    Well my best advice is to follow the rights...right patient, right time, right med, right dose and right route and document, document,document. Everyone makes mistakes but if you follow the mar closely that should help limit med errors. You dont want to be fired over that because that could haunt you when looking for another job....feel free to message me if you have any questions...I love to talk shop!
  4. nurseofalltrades


    Yes we have a patient who had hiccups for a very long time and was prescribed Thorazine and it worked quickly!
  5. nurseofalltrades

    Stupid things said by your non-nurse significant other

    Regardless of my husbands symptoms everything he has is "the gout"... If he has diarrhea he says "I think i have the gout" . No need trying to explain to him what that is ....he is a dork!
  6. nurseofalltrades

    No more mandatory overtime.....

    Our facility is (to put it mildly) screwed. We dont have enough staff to take care of the residents safely and I have been working anywhere from one to two 16 hour shifts a week in addition to my 12s which is burning me out rapidly. They supposedly hired 4 more LPNs but none of them have even started orientation yet. I work 6am to 6 pm or til 1030 pm and when I leave have a 40 minute drive home at to which at that point I am exhausted. It isnt safe...the facility is trying to get the nurses to sign a waiver that they can continue to mandate us willingly and dont have to give us 8 hours between shifts..uhh can you say illegal? Needless to say as much as I like my res and what I do I am currently in search of a new job.....thanks for letting me vent...SIGH
  7. nurseofalltrades

    FDA Panel Votes to Eliminate Vicodin and Percocet

    Our facility hasn't banned these meds per se but the pharmacy we deal with will not send the drug unless every time you order it you have a new signed order from the doc. They only send 30 pills at a time and we have patients who take darvocet routinely around the clock...the pills dont last long..My fear is the docs are gonna be buttheads and not sign the order because we bother them so often
  8. nurseofalltrades

    Continuum Pediatrics

    Has anyone ever heard of or worked for Continnuum Pediatrics? Any good things about them? Bad? Am really considering a position here and the pay is way better than I make taking care of 38 patients in a LTC/Skilled facility...HELP ME!!!!
  9. nurseofalltrades

    Unsafe Nurse-to-Patient Ratio

    Complaining and documenting staffing issues doesnt always work.I work in a LTC/skilled facility and currently have 38 patients to myself during a 6am to 6 pm shift. I have been doing med these med passes for 4 years and each one takes me at least 3 1/2 hours and then I am turning around and starting the next one. If I have any kind of incident during the day I am screwed because it puts me majorly behind. I am also responsible for treatments, charting, I&O, mood and behavior, MDS and feeding......What do you suggest to help me????:typing
  10. nurseofalltrades


    Why was the nurse getting all bijiggity over a BS of 70? I have a gentleman who is 20 or 24 every morning. 70 isnt that low.
  11. nurseofalltrades

    nurse to patient ratio

    I wonder sometimes why they let us work in these conditons. Do they realize how stressed out we are? I mean say I have my usual 38 pts(is my avg) and one falls and one is vomitting and one is combative..How easy would it be for me to make a mistake that could potentially kill someone?Scary isnt it? :chair:
  12. nurseofalltrades

    nurse to patient ratio

    I posted something similar to this a few weeks ago. I work 6am to 6pm and I too have anywhere from 35 to 40 residents to myself as do the other LPNs. Do we think it is safe? Absolutely not. Our management doesnt give a damn because the work manages to get done.We have been begging for more staff to no avail. It is very stressful!!!! And by the way, yes my residents kick, swing, bite, spit. It is just part of my day. The management is worried about filling beds. They dont care what type of resident fills it.
  13. nurseofalltrades

    patient to nurse ratio

    Thanks for all of the responses. I work 6am to 6pm shift and have the tremendous workload. In my area there aren't alot of job options.I hate where I am and am afraid that in time I am going to grow to hate nursing because of my work conditions. I recently applied for a nurse manager position in a personal care home nearby. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Today I worked the rehab floor and it was hell. Well it gets worse before it gets better right?
  14. nurseofalltrades

    patient to nurse ratio

    At my facility I have a 39:1 patient to nurse ratio. I am so burned out that I often cry on te way home from work. I am in charge of meds,txs,charting, taking orders off and praying like heck that no one falls, gets sick or heaven forbid calls off. We are very short staffed and management doesnt even try to hire . We lost 3 LPNS and hired 0! Is everyones ratio this crappy?*wine
  15. nurseofalltrades

    Low motility sperm

    Just wondered if anyone knew someone whose sperms were slow swimmers but they managed to father a child?
  16. nurseofalltrades

    New job in LTC and not feeling too sure about it

    Well Iwanna from a LTC LPN working there for 4 years so far...it doesnt get any easier. Just when you think you are running on schedule and all is well, something pops up or someone falls and puts u behind. It is a very stressful and demanding job and I am constantly on the move. U do what is best for you and your health. Dont worry about what others think. You spend your career taking care of everyone else. It sounds like it is time to take care of yourself.