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i have no idea where the er is getting these people from but i wish theyd send them back...lol they are sick..yes...but for goodness sakes! i cant raise the head of my bed (i can however use... Read More

  1. by   skwirm
    I had a patient who was a young man (ealry twenties) who had been in a knife fight which resulted in surgery and several nicely stapled lacerations on various parts of his upper body. This guy was very high maintenance from the start and he complained way too much. Trying to be the nice nurse that we all strive to be, I put up with his whining and complaining for several days. This young man also had several "interesting" friends visit him on a regular basis. Well it came time to remove his staples and after giving him some pain meds (to of course alleviate some discomfort of having staples removed ) I let him have a little time to himself before initaiting the removal process. About 20 minutes later I couldn't find this kid anywhere. He finally shows up and, low and behold, he just popped out to smoke some marijuana and get very high with one of his friends. He figured that the pot would ease his pain. Of course I told him it didn't necessarily work that way (after also explaining to him that we weren't fond of people smoking marijuana on hospital property) and proceeded to remove his staples. 132 staples later and this young man cried through the whole process. Although I felt slightly sorry for him his totally behaviour changed and he was a model patient until his discharge. Sometimes the stupidity of people can work in your favour
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    Posted by wolfox

    "When I'm queen of the hospital-only FOBs who have completed an infant care course and signed an agreement, or who have just had an 8 pound infant come out of their own tales and plan to breastfeed will be allowed to sleep overnight."

  3. by   JBudd
    We had a patient with a hip fracture that needed to be transferred to us for ortho surgery, but we literally had no inpatient beds, already holding 3 in the ER. His hospital was told we could take him the next day, surgeon said he would accept the pt the next day, etc. So, naturally he shows up at the back door at 2330 on a carpet in his son's pickup truck! We put him in a hallway bed, as ALL of the ER rooms were also full.........later that night he got put on a hospital bed (instead of an ER guerney) in one of the bays. Towards morning he was furious, too noisy! (well, yes, ERs do tend to be noisy), and that "cop radio" shouldn't even be in a hospital! Excuse me, this is an ER and we DO need the radio for the ambulances, "well it shouldn't be inside a hospital, it should be out in an annex somewhere." I told him this IS the annex to the hospital! He replied "I came down here to get a bed to sleep in" so I reminded him that he had been told there were no beds available.
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    Originally posted by thisnurse
    NOTHING pisses me off more than FLUFF MY PILLOW
    or even worse....FIX MY BED.

    ever have the patients that ask you to wipe them?
    we get them from time to time. i tell them no...wipe yourself
    I once walked by a room...where this diabetic (very rich man)....who was in for hyperbarbic tx for foot ulcer. No other problems...just the foot ulcer! He had a BM and transport was waiting with a w/c to take him for his tx. I looked in the room...and he was bending over the bed and telling her to wipe HIS BUTT . I entered the room...handed him the tissue...wet some towels for him to wash and dry his hands...while she sat down and waited for him!! I couldn't believe he had the nerve to try that...but it takes all kinds!
  5. by   santhony44
    Back in the early 80's when I was an LPN student, I had a patient assigned to me who was quite well-off and whose husband was a judge or some such. She had numerous doctors visit her daily and fawn over her. Well, I took care of her for a couple of days and worked my rear off catering to her, helping her with her makeup, doing foley care, etc. She was always pretty nice to me so I didn't mind it that much. Her doc finally decided to take her foley out after it had been left in far longer than needed so she would not have to be inconvenienced by going to the bathroom! Well, of course her bladder had no tone left and she couldn't pee at all. So, I came in to her room to tell her that her foley would need to be reinserted and that one of "us" (the LPN students) would probably reinsert it, since we were always on the lookout for procedures to do. She looked at me and said, "Oh, no, honey, I want a *real* nurse to do that!" I think I just stared at her for a moment. I wanted to ask, "And am I your personal maid??" I know that I went straight out and found my instructor and told her what was said. Well, my instructor said that was fine, she just would not assign any more students to the patient, period! I'm not sure how Mrs. Lah-de-dah did for the rest of her hospitalization, because I *know* the floor nurses and aides did not have the time to pamper her the way I had!

    In another instance, a few years later, I had finished my ADN and was working float in a large hospital. I was on a surgical floor and happened to be covering another nurse's patients while she was on her supper break. I was sitting at the desk charting when a young man came out of his dad's room, up to the desk, and stated that he needed a "bedpan specialist." (I said later that he must have seen BSN somewhere and thought it meant bedpan specialist nurse!). Anyway, his dad had just come to the floor that day from ICU, post-op, and was on bed rest for whatever reason. The man's wife had been staying with him and assisting as she could, but she and a couple of female members of the family had just gone down to the cafeteria (the man and his wife were very nice." I followed the son into the room- there were at least *three* strapping big sons standing around in there! And I was very pregnant at the time. I went to the bathroom and got the bedpan, came out and all the sons were standing there just watching me! I said (probably more like snarled, I was furious!) "Either help me or get out!" They got. Dad was obviously embarrassed, and really needed only minimal assistance.

    I don't miss hospital nursing one little bit! Susan\
  6. by   mattsmom81
    I have no problem assisting buttwipers who CAN'T. It's the buttwipers who CAN but just want to get out of it that piss me off.

    I cannot tolerate family and visitors who want us to cater to THEM when it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain we are shortstaffed and extremely busy.

    The requests for coffee bug the hell out of me. I direct them to the waiting room. They ask us to store food for family in our fridge. They ask us to store BREAST MILK for them in our fridge. Now....we aren't even allowed a fridge for US to store our lunches...so where do these people get off?????

    And what are women with infants doing hanging around our MRSA infested floor? Then they have the gaul to expect us to store their breast milk (and provide a private place for them to pump) and we have to fetch it for them on request too......GRRRR.

    I know, I'm old and burnt out....but people just have no manners today in the hospital, I swear....I NEVER encountered such 'entitled' patients, families, and visitors as I do these past 5 years or so.

    Gotta blame the media and the hospitals for portraying nurses as service workers.....
  7. by   Peeps Mcarthur

    I'm coming back here tomorrow and read every last one!!!

    This has taken the whole day and I have no more tears or snot left to secrete!

    I wish we could all see these on video..............LMAO!

    Thanks to everyone that took the time to post and to those that are undoubtedly going to post later.

    Really picked up my day, thanks.
  8. by   thisnurse
    my all time favorite PIA award goes to carl.

    ordered morphine q2...asks for it on the dot, calls you in his room every half hour or more....fix my bed....get me juice....change the channel...go get me coffee
    AND THEN SAYS.......
    honey ive been trying to reach my girlfriend all day...she doesnt answer...ill give you her number and you keep trying.
  9. by   zudy
    Well, I think one of my favorites was a young, obviously well-to-do couple that brought in their 8 month old boy for fever ( of course, had not given any tylenol) baby had a wet diaper, they didn't bring any with them, I got them one, and they wanted me to change the baby, and were quite irate!! I told them no way. but perhaps my very fav was the lady that brought her DOG to the ER becuase "He goes everywhere with me, and my doctor lets me do this" I told her to get the dog out. How stupid can you be? I get so tired of people that are functioning on two neurons that are held together by a spirocete!
  10. by   Brownms46
    Nooo...I like the PP mom...who was putting her pads in the bedside trash...and had the room stinking when I walked in. And her poor roommate had...had to endure the odor and being in the room with this nasty woman! I told her to get up...take her peri bottle in the bathroom with her( as the pad she had on was quite soiled......take her trash can...place the soiled pads in the provided brown bags...place them in the red bag lined containers...and clean her behind...EWW!!!"

    Hate to be the child she took home..Eeewwwww!
  11. by   live4today
    When I worked in Hawaii as a Traveling Nurse, this one Japanese male patient that I had refused to do ANYTHING for himself. Each morning, his female relatives would show up to bathe him, groom him, and make him comfortable. Great for the nurses assigned to him since we did not have to do any morning care for him, assist him with his toiletry needs, or feed him. Mind you, he was healthy, good looking, strongly built, and extremely wealthy. His nails were the best groomed nails I'd ever seen on a man, so it wasn't that he COULDN'T perform his morning care, it was "against his tradition to do so" according to one of the ladies at his bedside.

    I rotated to 12 hour nights shortly after his admission, and was assigned to him since I knew him quite well - Grrrrrrrrr... Anyway, after supper that one particular evening, he turned on his call light, I saw that he needed his nurse, so I went into his room to inquire as to what he needed. He said "Glass of water, please." I looked at his bedside to see a full fresh pitcher of ice water and cups on his bedside tray that were within easy reach of him, then asked "Do you not like the water that is there for you to drink?" He looked sternly at me before saying "There is none in the glass. I'd like for you to pour me a glass of water, please." I said "Sir, are your hands broke or are you afraid you'll spill the water if you try pouring it yourself? Are you feeling okay this evening?" He stared at me in surprise and said "I can pour the water just fine, but it's not my job to do so." I said "Nor is it my job to do so, either, sir, so if you are THAT thirsty, pour yourself some water and when you run dry, THEN I will see to it that you get more fresh water." I turned and left the room, and cracked up laughing at the nurses station with the other nurses who refused to cater to his every little whim. He also did not want to wipe his own butt after a 'BM'... can you believe that guy? I certainly never wiped his butt! The nerve of that man! :chuckle
  12. by   mattsmom81
    I read your story Renee...gotta say in today's community hospital you would likely be counseled for being 'culturally insensitive', and no doubt would get zero support for your behavior from the suits when the patient/family complained.

    Anyone else as sick to death of the suits' buzzwords as me? Culturally sensitive? Work smarter not harder? The customer theory? GRRRR.
  13. by   live4today
    Originally posted by mattsmom81
    I read your story Renee...gotta say in today's community hospital you would likely be counseled for being 'culturally insensitive', and no doubt would get zero support for your behavior from the suits when the patient/family complained.

    Anyone else as sick to death of the suits' buzzwords as me? Culturally sensitive? Work smarter not harder? The customer theory? GRRRR.
    Hi mattsmom, ...for THAT particular patient, it wasn't a culturally insensitive thing. We had tons of Japanese male patients that we cared for, and not ONE of them EVER demanded so much from a woman. The women who came in every morning to care for him even complained to the nurses about how demanding he was. His own sister complained about how spoiled her rich big brother was. We all knew that he was only being that way because he could "financially afford" the luxury of being catered to. Can't blame his behavior on culture. He was trippin' that's all, and EVERY staff member, and his female relatives knew it. We never caught slack for making that man pour his own water or wipe his own buttocks. If anything, his sister commended us on getting him to do more than hold his own newspaper while he read it. :chuckle