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OK , I'll start. Last night I had a post partum patient tell me "I keep passing out in my sleep" could someone please explain this one to me??????? Lets hear some of your strangest pt complaints.... Read More

  1. by   Flynurse
    Originally posted by saccharin
    im laughing so hard at all of these. my personal favorite is the one with the baby who suffers from chest pain.

    btw, im new. hi

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    Originally posted by Flynurse
    There is no cure, and you may go blind!
    No, Flynurse, you're thinking of something else.

    By the way---stop that!
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    Hey! It got you to smile!
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    Originally posted by saccharin
    im laughing so hard at all of these. my personal favorite is the one with the baby who suffers from chest pain.

    btw, im new. hi
    Welcome to the board, Saccharin!
  5. by   liberalrn
    These are a riot! I had a dad once bring in his 4 y/o--tylenol OD. True question: "How come he doesn't have a fever?"
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    Originally posted by Stargazer
    No, Flynurse, you're thinking of something else.
    Hey, its not my fault people can't stop mass debating around here! Including ME!
    Oh...I shouldn't have said that out loud!
  7. by   CHICKTOEAGLE guys are definetely certifiable. i'm about to pee my pants and have to swallow my laughter'cause hubby is asleep!!!!!I have one but the joke was on me.Was in my last year of training working in C.C.U. Pt was code. all the family...a large one were in the unit.Some were quite elderly and very upset. my instructer told me to stay with an elderly sister in the waiting room for comfort purposes. Sat down next to her..gave the usual BLAH BLAH put my arms around her shoulder and then noticed she was trembling. Got her a large glass of juice ...still trembling. finally, I sort of give her a pep talk and tell to try to calm down and STOP trembling!She looks at me, pauses, takes a deep breath and says calmly"I can't dear. I have PARKINSONS! :kiss :chuckle
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  8. by   Disablednurse
    Chick, that is too funny!!!!
  9. by   LaVorneRN
    My story is more of an experience with the elderly-
    I was a CNA helping and 87y.o. man out of the shower and into his P.J. bottoms. He was so sweet(before this) and his daughter happened to be an administrator. He put his arm around my shoulders so I could tie his pants(he had bee sting allergies and arms were swollen) he proceeded to grab my face and attempt to plant a big wet one on me. As I pulled away he pulled me closer stating, "I never kissed a colored woman before." I guess he thought he was a smooth mack daddy but I told him, "and you won't start today!"
    I pulled his swollen arms off of me and told him to get in bed as I turned to leave the bathroom. He got in bed and while I gathered the towels and stuff to leave the room he said,"uuhh. You won't tell my wife, will you?" I just looked at this old man in disbelief and left. I went in later when his wife came to visit and he looked terrified like the "other woman" just walked in. I didn't tell his wife or his daughter but I did report it to the charge and nsg supe. They had a hard time holding back the giggles. It was all good. He was harmless and I was not new to this kind of behavior from old white male patients, believe it or not. It bugged me a little in the beginning but it cracks me up when I hear myself tell it. I guess I'm too damn thorough with those showers!
  10. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    My very favorite pt complaint..........."NURSE, NURSE, HELP ME!" Thinking someone has fallen I go running down the hall and into the room and hear this..."HELP! I can't breathe!". My standard answer is, "If you can yell loud enough to be heard on all the other halls you are breathing just fine!" Geesh!
  11. by   mamabear
    This isn't a complaint per se, but it cracks me up to this day::chuckle
    I had just started working on an adult psych ICU and was given the task to assess a F.F. who'd been off his Haldol way too long. Everything was going along until I asked him if he used/abused alcohol or any illicit substances. He thought for a moment and replied: "no, but I'll give it some consideration".:roll
    This happened in 1986, and it still makes me laugh.
  12. by   MrsK1223
    These are sooooo entertaining....i've laughed out loud for real reading posts on this site. Nurses are hams!!!!
  13. by   Riseupandnurse
    I swear this actually happened. I was about six months out of school on a surgical floor. I had a patient's wife who got very upset at me because I accidentally let a gravity drip IV run dry. (I didn't lose the vein; caught it in time.) But letting the IV run out made her very suspicious of me, and when I hung the new bag she said her husband wasn't eating much and requested that I have a steak ground up to put into the IV. Our zone was on the ground floor, and when I refused, she ran out on the parking lot to report me to the doctor, who she'd seen out the window. The upshot; I was counseled to discover the reason I had upset her so much.