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As a nurse, and I guess a germaphobe at times, and just generally weird.....I have picked up on a few of my own rediculous behaviors that I guess I have managed to obtain through the years. 1. If... Read More

  1. by   Mona Mona
    Quote from elizabells
    When I first start drinking my am coffee, I whisper sweet nothings to it and tell it how much I love it. Hey, if I don't, it might stop tasting so good.
    I think this is cute.
  2. by   MacNurse
    Quote from control
    In Toronto I've seen Purel placed in strategic places for everyone to use. There was even a sign at the entrance telling everyone to use some before continuing further into the hospital.

    Good ideas to me!
    That became standard post-SARS. It's pretty much in every hospital in Ontario (at least that I"ve been to). I think it's a wonderful idea too!
  3. by   elizabells
    Quote from Mona Mona
    I think this is cute.
    I didn't even realize it until the 1st time my bf spent the night - I made coffee and he looked at me like I was insaaaaaaane...
  4. by   DusktilDawn
    Quote from MacNurse
    That became standard post-SARS. It's pretty much in every hospital in Ontario (at least that I"ve been to). I think it's a wonderful idea too!
    I also see this at my dentists office also, It is definately a wonderful idea for any area of practice that deals with people. In fact both hospital facilities in the city I live at in Ontario not only have the alcohol hand wash at their entrances but also continue to limit visitation since the SARS outbreak in '03.
  5. by   SusanJean
    Quote from Siouxz2
    Just did a rotation at a pediatrician's office this week and was absolutely horrified when the little girl with pinkeye picked up a toy camera and was putting it up to her eye. As soon as they left, I sprayed the h#ll out of it with lysol.

    I'm not completely off the deep end, though. My family's germs are A-OK with me. It's just the rest of the world, LOL.
    I have never, ever, let my kids play w/ the tempting toys that are out in the pediatrician's office. Never. They learned to not even ask. GROSS.
  6. by   talaxandra
    I have to rewrite the patient board at work so it's pretty.

    I wash my hands before and after I go to the toilet, if I'm at work (even if I haven't touched anything 'patienty' since I last washed my hands); when I'm done I wash my hands again (of course) and open the door with the paper that I wiped my hands with - because I don't trust that everyone else washes their hands.

    At work I run the clean utensils and crockery I eat from under boiling water before using it.

    Work shoes are the first thing off and the last thing on as I come through the door.

    No shoes upstairs.

    My work clothes live in a separate chest of drawers than my regular clothes - it a different room (though that's not on purpose).

    My regular clothes are sorted by clothing type (eg shirts) then by colour - black, grey, brown, ROYGBIV, pink, white. Everything has to face the same way.

    I have different kitchen sponges for different things - washing up, wiping counters, and wiping up the floor. They all get washed in the washing machine, along with the cleaning rags, in bleach and washing powder.

    My pantry's divided into different categories - top shelf is junk food (chocolate, lollies, sweet biscuits, savoury biscuits, savoury snacks); the next is cans (vegetables, fish and seafood, milk, fruit, in alphabetical order); condiments (tea and coffee to the left, herbs and spices, jams and spreads, and I cannot for the life of me remember what's on the far right - as soon as I go home I'm going to have to check!); then staples (baking products, lentils etc, dessicated coconuts etc, pasta, cereal). The bottom shelf is drinks (mixers, bottles of soft drink, cordial, pre-mixed alcohol and cider); the bottom of the pantry has bottled water and appliances, the wok etc.

    Thank you for helping me realise my inner weirdness!
  7. by   P_RN
    When traveling by car I have 2 handbags. (Coin purse and credit cards live in my pocket of course.) If I go into a restaurant or store I carry the first. If I go into a rest area I take the second instead. It has a roll of Scott toilet paper. Handiwipes, Purell or Dial liquid soap, comb, brush and small can of disinfectant. I learned years ago to squat instead of sit on the seat. If all the washroom has is a blower then I use the purell and handiwipe instead.
  8. by   TweetiePieRN
    Quote from talaxandra
    I wash my hands before and after I go to the toilet, if I'm at work (even if I haven't touched anything 'patienty' since I last washed my hands); when I'm done I wash my hands again (of course) and open the door with the paper that I wiped my hands with - because I don't trust that everyone else washes their hands.
    Ha, I do that same thing, and I flush the toilet with my shoe!!

    Also, when I was expecting my baby...I organized the clothes in the closet by age, then further ALPHABETICALLY!! Like onesies, pants, shirts, shorts, sweaters, tshirt.

    I realized another goofball thing I do. If I eat cereal like cheerios, trix (anything that has uniform sized items, many of them) I will only eat 5 at a time on my spoon!!

    Theres more to come as soon as I realize what other wierd stuff I do!
  9. by   talaxandra
    Reading that I've just realised another thing - I drink in swallow multiples of five. Oh dear, I think I need serious therapy. Well, at least I'm not alone!
  10. by   cicicross
    And I thought I was crazy for having to have my patient cards at work organized perfectly, with their name written (in black sharpie, of course) in the upper left corner and room number on the upper right. They all have to be perfectly spaced and if they are out of alignment I have to fix them even if I am so busy I can't eat lunch!
    I have a few things like this relating to work, and if I let myself think about germs too much I can get pretty OCD with the handwashing, but overall I don't consider myself a germophobe.
    Since I became a nurse though, I have realized that I no longer eat from anyone else's plate, even my husband and kids; the thought just grosses me out! And if food sits out for even a little while I won't eat it. The thought of what has been growing on that pizza that has been sitting in its box in the break room for 5 hours makes me nauseous, especially when I see co-workers eating it!
    OMG... I AM a nutcase!!!
  11. by   dthfytr
    I guess I'm a relic from the dark ages. I remember coming out of messy codes and comparing scrubs to see who could identify the most differant body fluids on one uniform! Then they started telling us we needed to use gloves. What nonsense we thought. Just another passing fad.

    I'm still alive, never caught any illnesses back in those dark ages, and practice universal precautions now. Maybe I'm taking this thread too seriously, but if you're afraid of germs why are you working in a building where they store all the sickest people? A descent auto mechanic can equal our pay.

    As the C&W song says; "never take life too seriously because you'll never get out of it alive."

    But I do admit that when I'm triaging patients I ask if they have clean underwear on and threaten to tell their moms if they dont.
  12. by   NeuroNP
    I agree with the person who said they rewrite the board. I used to do that when I was working in the ED. We had a competized patient board, but we wrote the assignments on a dry erase board (along with the schedule for the day) and I would re-write it neatly and update it throughout the day if no one else did (it NEEDED to be up to date :-)

    I worked with a nurse once who would strip in her garage and change into "clean clothes" before netering her home. Her scrubs NEVER entered the house, she did laundry in the garage.

    At the other end of the spectrum, I worked with a guy in the ER once who one day was eating a sandwich and laid it down on the countertop. DIRECTLY on the countertop! When someone said they couldn't believe he'd do that, he tossed it onto the Nurse's Station floor, picked it back up and took a big bite! "What?" he replied to the looks of horror, "I'm just building immunity."
  13. by   dee1kc
    [QUOTE=PamUK]My cats run all over the work surface in the kitchen and I only object if they get to my food before I do!
    I'm careful about my patients because they are ill, so there is a very good reason.

    but I used to let my cat eat crackers out of my mouth when I was a child...I don't do this any more, but I do kiss them on the mouth, and my kids let them sit on the table while we eat--and I have no more colds/flus than the average person. The other over-the-top part of this is that I am allergic to cats--I have more cats now than when I found out about the allergy--total of four!
    My pet peeve is watching the other women in the restroom leave without washing their hands--I feel like following them and telling them how disgusting it is...and I always get a dry papertowel to open the bathroom door on the way out!