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  1. Mona Mona

    Can we use calulators?

    I am in Michigan, and currently taking my pre-requisite "Math for Healthcare Professions". Basically, nursing math. Our instructor WANTS and STRESSES to us to learn how to use the calculator. He says that every semester in our 5 semester actual nursing program we will be tested on dosages, etc. So, I hope he's not a liar! We are using a TI 30X. Not a basic one, but not a scientific one either. I sure hope he's right! He's been teaching for a long time though, and works closely with the nursing program, so I am pretty sure he is. Still, even if I only get to use a "basic" calculator, it's still better than doing them by hand! Yikes! :uhoh21: The way he put it, is that in the real world, you get a calculator. They don't care HOW you do it, just do it fast, and RIGHT. You don't have time to sit and do it by hand with doctors, patients, family members yelling at you. His words, exactly. That's what he needs to teach us. Quickness and accuracy.
  2. Mona Mona

    left crying!

    Wow. I'm so sorry that happened to you.:icon_hug: I'll have to toughen up also before nursing school, if this is what they do to "break us." Just "be all you can be" and show her that you are the better person, and will not let her get to you. Good Luck!
  3. Mona Mona

    Last names on ID badges and retaliation by patients

    OMG! I also did that search....a lot of good paying that extra $5 for unlisted service does me! :angryfire Wow, this is scary to me. I guess to be pro-active, I will get a PO box and only use cell-phones by the time I am a nurse. That is a long way off though....maybe laws in my state will change by then??
  4. Mona Mona

    Those Who Know Everything!

    Oh man! I'm sure in a few years when I'm in the program I'll be on here sharing stories like these........:uhoh21: We do have know-it-alls in the pre-requisite classes also. Oy.
  5. Mona Mona

    Only 5 of 39 are ready?

    Well, that could be a whole other thread right there. College students NOT doing what they are supposed to be doing. My communiation teacher yesterday said she didn't even want to HEAR someone say that if they got a bad grade, she (teacher) should talk to their parents. She was like, "This is why I teach COLLEGE and not kindergarden. You're supposedly adults, well, most of you anyway...." :rotfl: :uhoh21:
  6. Mona Mona

    Only 5 of 39 are ready?

    I'm going to be sure to do WHATEVER they tell me to. My college has a 2.5-3 year wait list. I'm crossing my fingers for me to get in Winter 2007. You bet your booty that I'm not doing ANYTHING to get myself passed over! Yikes! :uhoh21:
  7. Mona Mona

    Only 5 of 39 are ready?

    Hey, that just shows that you are a serious, prepared and dedicated student. It can only serve you well in the future. In school, and your career. :)
  8. Mona Mona

    Overcoming faint feelings

    Do you think you feel more faint when you KNOW the person?? I am only a volunteer, and on my school's waiting list for the nursing program. I thought I would be grossed out a lot more than I am. I started volunteering to see if Nursing was something I even wanted to look IN to. I think for me, once I see that the person is in need, and depending on us for help, any squeamishness goes away. I'm there to help, make them better, and that's about it. I've been testing myself in little ways also. A few weeks ago, my brother's big toe got smashed to pieces and the nail came off, huge cuts, they almost had to amputate, the Dr. said! Yikes! I stayed there through the whole stitching procedure, washing, etc. I wasn't grossed out a bit, and I really thought I would be, as it was my brothers, whom I know and love, blood. I hope this makes sense, sorry to ramble. I hope clinicals will clear you of some of your faint-ness feelings BeesAngel! :icon_hug:
  9. Mona Mona

    It's all starting to feel very real

    Good for you! I wonder what will happen when I get in....hopefully something nice like that. :) I am #86 on our wait list, I just got the letter. My community college only accepts 40 students each fall and winter semester. Has already enrolled for Fall 05 and Winter 06. I'm hoping to get in on the Winter 07 semester. Good Luck with school!