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  1. Mona Mona

    What would you do?

    I, personally, am getting my ADN. Everyone's situation varies though. My ADN is still going to take about 4.5-5.5 years though. I have been on the waiting list since November 2004. I am taking my pre-requisite classes as I wait. I hope to get in Winter 2007. Then, it's 5 semesters of the actual Nursing Program. However, the community college that I am going to has a way better pass rate for their NCLEX than do the two 4-year BSN offering universities in my area. Not to mention it is a WHOLE lot cheaper! I'm married with bills and a mortgage--I need to work as soon as I can. :) I don't know if this helps you out at all....but for me, getting my ADN, then working part time and finishing up my BSN at one of the universities while gaining experience is the way that I am going. Good luck to you!
  2. Mona Mona

    Doctors who dont listen or dont care

    Oh my! All I cay say is maybe write up your night in a non-emotional way, and keep going up the chain of command until you find someone who will listen. I am only taking my pre-req's, not even in nursing school as of yet, but this horrifies me! And here I was thinking of moving to KY or Tennessee....I definitely have to not work at your hospital! EEEK!!!!
  3. Mona Mona

    *** A&P II Winter 2006 Club ***

    Hmmm. I am confused reading all of these posts. Maybe it's because I am getting my ADN at a Community College? But, I am taking just plain ole' Anatomy and Physiology, period. No "I" and "II". Here is my course description: Course Description: This course provides students with an intensive, in-depth introduction to the structure and function of all human body systems, with examples of both normal and disease conditions relevant to health professionals. The emphasis on basic physiological principles also provides students with a good base for more advanced courses. The laboratory provides dissections and experiments. The only pre-requisites were a C or better in high school Biology and Chemistry. I will be checking back here for help though! I am sure! And also the very helpful websites everyone has posted. :)
  4. Mona Mona

    Lets hear it for the good nurses!

    Wow, dorselm! I was going on the Accounting/Business track! And totally switched gears to go into the medical field.......You can PM me at any time you need to talk/vent/be scared. :) I just keep the faith, so to speak, take each day as it comes, and hope for the best. I have to remind myself that I volunteered all day, every Saturday for a reason to make SURE I wanted to go into nursing. Believe me, I was watching them like a hawk, to make sure it was something I could do! :rotfl: It's never been a "calling" for me, but, I do know I don't want office work anymore, want a steady job that I can move anywhere to and get licensed in, and decent pay. :)
  5. Mona Mona

    Lets hear it for the good nurses!

    Keep the stories coming! As a person on wait list for nursing school, it was getting discouraging reading all of the negative posts. This thread is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I hope one day, I can work with, and BE, one of these amazing and positive GREAT NURSES! :)
  6. Mona Mona


    Wow! I'm so sorry this happened! I have no good advice....because that is so shady and scary to me. I am only taking pre-requisites now, and not even in school yet....but these are the kinds of stories that bother me about nursing. Be all you can be, nice, etc., and things STILL go wrong. That is crazy. Can you call another meeting with her, and specifically ask about the incidents, and at least be able to respond to those incidents? So she has your side of things? And, say that you want to keep your job, so you are willing to work with her. If another incident happens, can she tell you RIGHT THEN, so you can share your side of the story? That is shady to tell someone 5 weeks later....or however much later. I would be worried if she doesn't even want to try to address these concerns with you. I mean, you are MORE than meeting her half way. I would be suspicious of ANY work place that would rather fire someone than even try to work with them, know what I mean? I hope it all works out for you. The only good thing I can think of is that if it's not meant to be, then it's not meant to be, and maybe this would just make you find a better place to work, where your patients skills are more appreciated, rather than which "clique" likes you or not, ya know? :icon_hug:
  7. Mona Mona

    Job Role in Dialysis Center...I also need advise

    Do you think you would like working nights? I am just taking my pre-requisites, not even in school yet, but from my past work experiences, do what your gut tells you. If you feel like you are a night owl, and can adjust to the night schedule, and love the money, do it! If your family is more important, take the other job, that seems less stressful. You will learn more in a big hospital (which I plan on doing for 1-3 years) but probably get more flexibility and understanding of your family issues from a smaller place (where I would like to work once I have kids...) Sorry, I may not be much help here. If all else fails, take out the good old pen and paper and do pros and cons of each job. Best of luck to you!
  8. Mona Mona

    Math question

    Hi, welcome to Allnurses.com. :) I am only required to take one math course for my ADN program, it's called Math for the Nursing Profession. It's basically all about ratios, drug dosage calculations, and how to find the right syringes, etc. I would go to amazon.com and look up "Drug Dosage Calculations" for books. I still have over 1 year on the waitlist, and I will be done with my math class in December. I will be buying some of those books to keep my skills sharp. I have a friend in the program already, and she says you only have 2 tries to take the test, each semester, and you must get a 90% or above. Good Luck! Each program is different in their requirements.........Look up what the courses are for your college, and see if you can buy the books now, and just keep reviewing a bit each week, so at least you'll be somewhat familiar with the text before you actually take the class.
  9. Wow. This thread is so enlightening.... I am taking pre-requisites for nursing right now, on the waitlist. I don't have kids yet either.... I would never expect someone to switch with me for that reason (kids) alone. I am an adult, and I know what I am going into (giving up accounting/office work for nursing/hospital work.) Yes, it will suck working some holidays, weekends, etc. However, I have a very understanding DH, and also, plan to take some time OFF when I have kids--and yes, I know not everyone can do this either. To each their own.....I don't care what floats your boat, as long as it doesn't sink mine. And DON'T say anything to me about kids, and me not having them, because believe me, I would love to, and just have not been blessed yet. That would really make me mad, and sad - to get it thrown in my face that I don't have kids. I just, in general, cannot believe some people's rudeness. Not even about this subject, but ANYWHERE. At the grocery store, gas station, movie theatres, etc. Some people are just rude, period. I have to just hope that it's not only "me" they are mean to, and just do the best I can.
  10. Mona Mona

    Did I do the right thing? (long)

    So, you just advised the LPN to go to the DON, and you didn't yourself? I think you did a good thing. I would have done the same in your situation. The LPN was having problems with a co-worker, and maybe should have talked to the other RN first, however, I don't think it's wrong what you advised her to do. I mean, she didn't get her FIRED or anything, just brought the problem to the attention of the DON. In ANY job if someone is not pulling their weight, that is wrong. Not just nursing, etc. The only thing I would want is that if a co-worker was having a problem with me, to bring it to my attention FIRST. However, we don't know if the LPN tried this some other time, or not, ya know? I hope the new RN will shape up soon. She's not helping ANYONE by not being a good worker.....
  11. Mona Mona

    Is a community college education a bad one?

    I volunteered at a hospital in my area for 4 months before I even applied to nursing school, just to "make sure" it's what I wanted. ALL OF THE people I came in contact with - floor nurses, nurse managers, patient care assistants, dept. secretaries, etc. said to go to our local CC, because you get a GREAT education there, and anywhere around here will hire you in a second as soon as you graduate from there. And they have a 98-99% pass rate for the NCLEX, if I remember correctly. The waitlist is 2.5 years long though! I am biding my time, hoping it will move along faster (as others drop out, etc...) and taking my pre-requisite classes. The actual program is 5 semesters, however, with all the prerequisite classes needed, add another 3-4 semesters on there, so it's "like" getting a 4-year degree, sometimes more. I hope to work for a large university hospital here when I graduate, and go back for my BSN. We'll see though. :) I love my CC. I took classes there off and on ever since high school, when I thought I was going into accounting. It's just a great institution, period. Well known in our area for being a great place to go to school. :)
  12. Mona Mona

    What punishment should this nurse get?

    So, Daytonite, did this nurse come back from her 7 day suspension? How is she doing? Did you get more information?
  13. Mona Mona

    Anyone start their career late in Life?

    Well, after obtaining her Occupational Therapy degree at 45, and being right about me going back to school for Nursing, my mom, at 46, has put herself on the waiting list for the same Nursing program as me. She'll probably be 50-51 when she actually gets in. :) It's never too late!
  14. Mona Mona

    Types of Nursing Career Specialties

    For now, it's an ADN. Because I don't have the money for more. :) I plan on working for a large University hospital here, and then will reimburse for tuition. Eventually, I would love a BSN, however, I don't even know if I would want to be a Nurse Manager. In my area, BSN's don't get paid much more either, maybe 25 cents more an hour?? Or so the nurses tell me. Where I volunteered they all thought I had a good plan. :)
  15. Mona Mona

    I guess I'm a florist now too....

    So, is it just up to you individually to decide what to do in a situation like this? I personally would have gone after her, and handed them back, and advised her to take care of that herself, as I am a care provider, and have other patients to attend to. Or, do some hospitals administration EXPECT you to provide that kind of service? Yikes!
  16. Mona Mona

    Pre-Nursing and prior education HELP

    Welcome to Allnurses! Good for you! I am also a second career person....coming from an accounting/business background. I am taking my pre-requisites and am on my Comm. College's wait list. I hope to get in Fall 2006 or Winter 2007. I think we are making a good choice. Every profession has it's ups and downs....I just can't see myself at a desk for the next 30 years! :uhoh21: See ya around Allnurses, Renee!

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