Warning: Healthy Bowels!

  1. I am still amazed at how often I get calls from family and friends to let me know thier Bowels are in prefect working order! My bf had gall bladder surgery last year and still reports the size, form and amount with each setting. Seriously, what is it about nurses and bowels??? People see a nurse and think BM?? I don't get it, I sometimes think it's funny, and sometimes wonder why I've been told this information. Please Somebody, Make It Stop before I Lose My Mind!!! Any ideas??
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  3. by   fuzzywuzzy
    And here I thought it was just old people who are obsessed with their bowels...
  4. by   rhondaa83
    I love bowel protocal (sp?) Love giving dulc's love giving soap suds enemas, love it all, and live for it! It is the reason I went into nursing :}
  5. by   PolaBar
    When my mom was a little girl, she lived next door to a doctor. Every time she'd be there to visit (I forget why she went), he would ask her if she had a bowel movement. She had no idea what that was, but responded yes. Thinking back, she wonders what would have happened if she said 'no'.

    Maybe some people just feel the need to know?
  6. by   HM2VikingRN
    One of the reasons I went into psych.....
  7. by   Wise Woman RN
    Working in acute rehab, we frequently get patients who haven't gone in upwards of two weeks!!! So we are always happy when the plumbing starts working again...
  8. by   HM2VikingRN
    Although some of the psych meds are rather constipating.....Our friends for the plumbing department are:

    psyllium powder

    Thankfully no enemas (yet...)
  9. by   hikernurse
    Sometimes they go into such great detail that all I can say is, "Wow, you are a lot more observant than I am"...
  10. by   SuesquatchRN
    The only one who drives me nuts with bowels is my husband. He's obsessed, he tells me that even the butt-blasting remedies from the nursing home don't keep him regular, and I'm really sorry that he never has a good dump but honestly, I'd just like it if he didn't bogart the bowl for an hour at a time and then get annoyed that I need to micturate.

    My dream is my own bathroom that he can't funk up.

    And I can't imagine how he does what he does to his drawers. How many ladies ever had skid marks?
  11. by   BelleKat
    If they are a repeat customer of this unasked for description I smile and gently tell them that I'm off duty while shaking my head. Be prepared for them to laugh at "duty". Sigh...:lol_hitti
  12. by   casi
    Smile sweetly and then discribe your own last bowel movement or lack of bowel movement (make it up to make it interesting) Maybe after a bit they'll get a clue.
  13. by   RNsRWe
    Apparently I am truly blessed: the only people who discuss their bowels with me are my patients. Not a single friend or family member does this! Frankly, if one of them did start in on it (beyond the real "I think I'm in trouble" kind of thing), I'm quite sure I'd change the subject. Fast.
  14. by   lpnstudentin2010
    I would never DREAM of just walking up to a nurse (other then if I was in the hospital and she had asked me to) and start telling them about my bm.

    Only people who get that description:

    Certian docs who ASK about it (one does want it in very great detail)
    when I am in the hospital and nurses ask