Volunteering as an RN?

  1. Anyone done it? (although I know most of you are laughing!)

    If you have done it, how did you go about finding a place to do it for?

    I need help getting some hours to keep my license active and I don't want to try for employment until after I take a refresher course (which would also count BTW).

    Thank you!:heartbeat
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  3. by   AnnieNHRN
    Maybe try camp nursing. There are still a lot of summer camps looking for nurses.
  4. by   2BSure
    OMG I would love to do a stint as a camp nurse.
  5. by   Be_Moore
    I've contemplated the Peace Corps. But that's a little more than just "volunteering" as you have to sign 27 month contracts.
  6. by   Itshamrtym

    Don't know if it will help you, but a nurse that I work with in the OR used to volunteer with the Red Cross. At the time she was a dental assistant. She worked @ a ARMY base and volunteered as a dental assistant. The RED CRoss paid for all of her training. I have thought of this myself, but not sure if RN's can volunteer as she did (with the soilders)... Good luck.... take care.
  7. by   Cassaundra
    Hospice organizations are required to have a number of hours filled by volunteers if they are not-for-profit and take Medicare. I did a little volunteer time while in school for one. They really like nurses to volunteer.
  8. by   rockytopRN2b
    Quote from Itshamrtym

    I have thought of this myself, but not sure if RN's can volunteer as she did (with the soilders)... Good luck.... take care.
    Our Red Cross (in a military town) accepts healthcare providers of all stripes (doctors, nurses, cna/techs, dental assistants) for volunteer opportunities at the Naval Hospital.
  9. by   shocker29
    I know that there are a lot of low-income/free medical clinics that depend on medical personnel (doctors, nurses, NP's, lab techs, etc.) to volunteer there time to stay alive. Is there a clinic like this in your area? I am sure that they would thank you endlessly for volunteering.
  10. by   Baloney Amputation
    I volunteered for a while as an LPN in a free clinic and really liked it. I wish my work schedule was such that I could get into it again. What I found the greatest about it was that the attitude was quite positive. The worst part was seeing patients who waited all week to get into the clinic for issues that needed much more immediate attention, but they couldn't afford paying for a doctor.
  11. by   KateRN1
    Hospice, Red Cross, homeless shelter, local food bank or soup kitchen, schools during "health fair," senior citizen's center, crisis pregnancy center, meals on wheels, flu shot clinics, WIC, welfare/state aid office, local college campus clinic, AIDS association or clinic, Planned Parenthood, vo-tech that teaches CNA program, long term care facility.
  12. by   Moogie
    If you're involved with a faith community and are interested in holistic care, you might want to look into parish nursing. The practice can vary from simply doing blood pressures on a regular basis to health care advocacy and education. I'd strongly advise taking a basic parish nurse preparation course to get you started. (BTW, you will receive CEU's for your participation in the course.) You can also talk to your faith community leader about parish nursing to get his/her input. If you're in a faith community in which there already is a parish nurse, talk with him/her about helping.

    Here's a link to an excellent resource: http://www.parishnurses.org/

    BTW, good luck with your refresher course! Several years ago, I did what you're doing now and, while it's not easy, it can be done!
  13. by   chenoaspirit
    A friend of mine volunteers at a free clinic. She loves it. She also sells candy and such to raise funds for them while she is at work (her paying job). I had thought about it, but honestly I dont have time. There is also a free pregnancy clinic here that I used to volunteer at, before becoming a nurse. We would perform pregnancy tests and give out resources. Volunteering give such a rewarding feeling.